The Goddess of Creation's Message on Today Eclipse

Today the entire world will experience a Total Solar Eclipse in a very different way!  One need not be physically in the line of the eclipse to enjoy the energy and the benefit. I, therefore, invite you to create an intention that you may tap into these energies. 

Several things of note with this eclipse. This is about love and bringing greater love into the world.  This eclipse will also cut through the entire world, cutting old patterns, clearing the collective consciousness, shifting the matrix around the earth.  This is in Leo and the 8th month which creates a greater link: as above, so below, the past to the future with greater clarity, your divinity and your human self, the universal love, the earthly love.  

We also welcome back into the Earth Avalon. With this return, we integrate the balanced feminine, magic, our expanded selves, our innate ability to accept we are more than just this life.  

A Meditation for Transformation

Find a quiet place where you may center and become calm.
Breathe deeply into your heart, filling it up with your consciousness and intention.
Breathe down into the earth creating an open alignment with Gaia, the elemental, the devas and all that is grounded.
Allow for this to flow upward within you. 
Reach from your heart, flowing upwards to your higher self and divinity.
Have the intention that your breath and consciousness knows exactly what it needs to do! 

As you allow your energies to be fully connected with the earth and your soul; open to the light of the central sun. This is the spirit of the universe and holds great potential. Feel the warmth as it flows within and around you.

From there - open to the energy and flow of the eclipse.  
Tap into the power, the strength.  
Release anything, on any level, in any dimension conscious or unconscious that has held you back from being all that you can be.
Utilize this power to release all. 
Once cleared, you are now in your own sparkline energy of your divinity.
Amplify an acceptance of love: Love within you, within the earth, for all mankind, for all the animals, trees and nature. 

Be in this flow. 
Accept new potential.
Become your authentic self. 

As the eclipse is completed, breathe once more into your heart.  
Accept a new beginning.  
Allow change to come within you.
BE your authentic, balanced, God Self!! 




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Shelly Dressel

Shelly first began channeling in 1995 as means of seeking a deeper connection to her own divinity as well as to that of the angels, guides and teachers who surround her. She is now known world wide and works one on one with people from many countries.


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