The Vibration of Acceptance

As the Goddess began speaking about acceptance, I realized that there is a very specific vibration associated with it.   At the beginning of the channel, the Goddess asked us to look at our lives through the eyes of acceptance.  It can really make a huge difference in your life if you can make this transition.

Acceptance is not saying you agree with what is happening in your life, acceptance is just saying that it is what it is.  So often we want to change certain things that are happening in our lives and think that if we accept them, we are saying it is okay.  That is not the case at all.  Certainly, perhaps there are times when acceptance is saying something is okay.  But there are also many times that acceptance is a way of transitioning barriers created when you are in a place of anger, frustration, depression, fear or some other emotion. 

Another perspective is that you move into surrender.  Indeed, that is the product of acceptance.  There may be times when people will surrender to a situation, yet they do not accept what is happening.  The foundation for this journey is that you are not alone.  You have first of all your alignment to your higher self and you also have many angels and light beings present in support of you.

Are you open to allowing acceptance into your life?    


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out with the intention that we have this opportunity to be together. I the Goddess am standing here with you as the blend of God and Goddess. I am the blend of masculine and feminine expressed as feminine.

Each one of you in your life are masculine and feminine expressed in whatever way you chose to express yourself in this lifetime. The balanced energy is very integral in this new phase that the world itself is shifting into. I would therefore invite you in all the experiences to ask for a balanced expression of whatever that may be.

Within the third dimensional reality it was all about the duality. You kept learning about bringing in the light so that it would balance the dark or having the dark energies so that it would balance too much light because of course nobody was supposed to have too much light within them.

In your everyday reality people also spoke about if you had too much lack within your life that it was balancing another lifetime in which there was too much abundance. When you have experiences in your everyday life there was always that sense that you had to do the opposite in order to balance the reality that was your life.

As you continue to live more and more fully within the fifth dimensional reality and higher, you will intrinsically step into your balance.

When you step into the space of your balance you are expressing your authentic self and if you ask “What is my authentic self?” it is that which is you in this lifetime expressing your divinity. Your I AM Presence or your God source is that part of you that lives on and on forever. You’ve had multitudes of lifetimes in which you’ve expressed that God source energy. Some of those lifetimes will bleed through into this one. Some of them will be as if they belonged to somebody else. Some of them have been out within the universe or even within the earth.

You in this current lifetime are focusing all of that energy and more into how you are expressing yourself. It is therefore important for you to take this moment and consider your life; whenever I say that people always have that list that comes to mind. What I would love for each of you to do is find that way in which you can accept yourself.

Accept that you are good enough. Accept that even in your imperfections you are perfectly the person that you should be and are in in this lifetime.

Already I can hear people saying, “No, no, this isn’t where I want to be. This isn’t what I want my life to look like. I want more in my life. I want to live in this other city. I want to have a relationship. I want children. I want a home”. When I encourage you to consider just acceptance within your life, I’m not asking you to give up any of your dreams. I am asking you to look at your life, to look at yourself from the place of love, from the place of compassion, from the expression of your divine energy as you in this life.

I feel some of you are restless as I say this, but I did want to consider it while you are here fully grounded as we begin this experience because I wanted you to feel what that is like for you in your everyday life. How much acceptance do you have? Are you happy? Are you content? Are you at peace?

Take a moment and let all of those experiences or expressions of acceptance simply flow through you and around you.

I then invite you to take a moment to breathe down inside of yourself. As you do so, allow your energy to move all the way down within you. You breathe into your heart, you go through your energy bodies and you send it down into the earth.

As your energy blends with the earth there’s a sense of it moving out in different directions so that it may anchor you.

I then invite you to breathe in again, breathing all that earth energy up within you and you send that column of light moving through your energy bodies. It goes out through the top of your head and it streams up until you find yourself aligning with your higher self.  Look around at what this place is for you.

Are there certain things within your higher self or that is no longer of interest to you? You have clutter like “I wanted to do this. I wanted to do that” and it’s all just sitting within this space? I invite you to have a sense of just bringing a breath of energy or a breath of light, ~whew~ let it clear out your higher self so that you may start with a clean slate.

I would encourage you to do that from time to time because in essence your higher self is that place where you practice some of the experiences that you have in your everyday life. It’s that place where you can experience with trial and error what some of your potentials may be. Do you do that consciously, not always? You do that when you’re in your meditative state or your sleep state? Indeed. This is why when you take the time to look around you may have a sense of things here that you hadn’t really thought about, but again, clear it out.

As you are ready to do so, follow that column of light. It continues on until it merges with your divinity, with your I AM Presence.

I invite you to consciously open up your awareness as you merge with your divinity. There are times in which people don’t have a particular sense of what this space is for them. It’s as if they’re looking at lives and energy but it’s disassociated, it’s not as if it is you. I would therefore invite you to have a sense of opening up your consciousness and asking to be shown or to let the energy become known to you of how this is your divinity or your I AM Presence.

There we go… I could feel for so many of you almost as if a door was opening up and you were realizing that you are more than just this lifetime.

Look around. Some of you may have a sense of specific life experiences. Some of you may have a sense of just color or light. Others of you may find yourself rising as if you are moving into an even higher dimension or level of consciousness.

Have the intention that you may know who you are as your divine essence. Because, the more that you know this immensity that is you the more strength you have behind you, the more potential you can experience. It’s not someone else that is amazing, it’s you. It’s not someone else that was able to accomplish all sorts of feats, it was you and opening to this perspective of who you are is exactly how you will experience what that is.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst all of you. I look out at all who are here. I reach out to embrace each one of you and as I do so it allows you to transition into the space of the All That Is.

As you feel your energies within the All That Is, look around because this is your place of creation. Perhaps you can connect with your Angels or your guides. Feel the essence of what this space is for you.

I’m feeling a sense that many of you would like to consciously call on one or more of your Angels or guides.

As you open up or send out that intention become aware of who may be around you. One of the magical aspects of the All That Is is that it doesn’t matter what number of people are here each one of you has your own space that is completely disconnected from everybody else.  So therefore, if you feel a presence coming into your space, it is your Angel or guide that is working with you perhaps for your entire lifetime or perhaps in this now moment.

We all feel such a deep respect for humanity. We know that it has not been easy for you. We know that your life has had challenge after challenge after challenge after challenge; we understand.

Even if you know, which the vast majority of you do, that you put forth an intention to have particular experiences in this lifetime, it doesn’t matter. There are certain times within your life that things may feel overwhelming or you just get flat-out angry or you just go into depression about your circumstances.

If you are in a space where everything that I’m speaking about is old energy for you then I invite you to experience this journey for whatever it may be for you. You may do whatever is your intention at this time. I do feel there are quite a number of you thou who would like to move beyond that place of frustration.

So, gather around you the support that you have. First of all, open up to look around and know that you are not alone. It makes me chuckle a little bit because I could see several of you rolling your eyes saying, “Oh yeah, we’ve heard that before”.

It is the universal truth that you are not alone! When we invite people to have these life experiences upon the earth, we do so with the intention that there is support for you on many different levels. Some of it may be in your physical reality. Some of it may be from the angelic realm. Some of it may be from the level of the Masters. But ultimately, in addition to all of that you have that continuous flow of your divinity that loves you unconditionally, that believes in you no matter what and that is the foundation for all of your life.

It was from within that space of your I AM Presence that you made decisions about this lifetime and as those decisions were being made you had these aspects of yourself that said, “Don’t worry I got your back. Don’t worry I’m going to bring this person into your life. Don’t worry I will always flow my unconditional love to you.” And with that I can really feel the emotion that everyone is feeling. So, here in the All That Is as you allow yourself to be completely immersed in these energies. Know the truth of which I speak.

There are some of you that I see expanding as you fill up with this energy and light and yet there are others that still say “No, didn’t happen to me, it’s not happening for me”. So for those that feel that disconnection from source, I’m surrounding you consciously in this now moment with the light of the All That Is, with the love of God and Goddess, with your own Angels and with your own awareness as your divinity. All of that flows in and around you as a continuous ebb and flow.

I will therefore say to you again, open and accept all that is here for you. There we go….and now for those that have felt that continue disconnection I now see them opening up and understanding or connecting to this amazing love and support that is here for you.

Now that you’ve set this space up, you know you have the support; you know you are directly linked with your divinity, look at your life.

Are you in a place of acceptance, which to me then leads to contentment, happiness, a sense of embracing all that is around you or are there certain things that keep you from accepting your life as it is?

As I spoke about at the beginning of this channel, accepting your life as it is in this now moment is not saying you don’t ever want it to change or that you don’t ever want to manifest things within your life.

The reality is that finding a place of acceptance within your life, allows you to create more fully exactly what you are seeking. So let’s look at acceptance in different ways. Consider your life and something that you would like to transform or that might be keeping you from accepting your life as it is. Ok. Ok.

So when you consider what that is what is it within you that is keeping you separated either from the experience or keeping you in a place of perhaps frustration, anger, depression, whatever it is about that situation that keeps you isolated and keeps you from accepting that it is a part of your life. Let that energy come up now, bring it up within you, bring it up from within your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, any part of you, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and clear that out.

So what was interesting to me is that there was a great deal that was cleared out and shifted but yet some of you reached out to grab it and pull it back into your life. So if there is something within your life that is keeping you from feeling acceptance;  why are you unwilling to let it go? What is it about this situation that is keeping it within your vibration that even when you let it go you pull it back in?

For some people I heard, “If I let this go and I’m a failure then my life is really ruined”. Another one I heard, “If I let this go I don’t know if I’m good enough to succeed”. Another one I heard, “If I let this go then I’m truly going to be alone the rest of my life”. Another one I heard, “If I let this go then who am I? What is my purpose in life?”

As you can see there are many things that are happening in your life that you may not necessarily like but there is something about it that is keeping you in the place in which you are right now. So if you are unable to let go of whatever the situation is then look beneath the surface and ask yourself that question with your guides and your divinity here with you, because you’re going to find out that first and foremost you are good enough; that secondly even if it does not go the way you want it to go, it’s okay. Thirdly if you are used to being in a situation with an individual or at a job or whatever it may be and you leave that for something different; be aware that you are supported. So if any of those or something totally different is what you need in this now moment then breathe it in. Allow your Angels to help you let it go and clear it out.

I can see so many of you that were holding tight beginning to relax and letting go of whatever it is. And as your Angels take it away, as they begin to clear out your energy allow yourself to be in the space ~whew~ that you let go. Let it clear everything. Let it clear out, forwards and backwards in any time space reality so that you may be who you are. As that this released more and more of your divinity comes inside of you.

As I ask you about acceptance within your life, can you accept certain situations or can you accept your life situation, how does that feel to you now? For the majority of you, I‘m feeling a great deal of peace starting to move through you.

If you allow acceptance within your life you are saying, “I accept that these certain circumstances are my reality in this now moment”. It may not be that you are saying, “I am totally happy and my life is perfect”, but acceptance is a way of clearing resistance, clearing old patterns, so that you can make a more conscious choice as you move forward. Feel what this is. Let it be tiny little impulses that you send into your awareness. Allow those tiny little impulses to grow bigger and bigger until you are filled up with your own divinity until you are filled up with the knowledge that you are so much more than the person in this lifetime.

I’m going to clear out all that you’ve been doing so that as if you were just waking up or starting, beginning fresh, look at your life and can you accept this now reality. Beautiful, there is a vibration that is associated with acceptance and the vibration of acceptance is associated with flow, in other words, movement, its associated with balance, its associated with self-love and self-worth. For those that say, “I’m going to continue to fight in my life. I have to fight to beat this disease or beat the system or beat whatever it may be; again, I flow love and energy, compassion and the vibration of acceptance.

You can still create change in your life and you will once you step away from the cause of the problems within your life, again problems is what you are calling it, not what I call it. My perspective is that each one of you are living your lives, having many different experiences and each of those experiences gives you potentials of different ways in which you may express yourself in life.

Be open to that flow; be conscious of what that is. Accept that you are who you are and if anyone else tries to tell you differently, then have the understanding that that is their perception of who you are. Your perception of who you are is the only one that really matters.

I’m smiling because I can hear several of you saying, if someone is critical of you or someone tries to pull you down that you begin to say to them, “I’m not accepting your reality for who I am. I accept only my own truth and my own belief within myself.” “I accept not only that I have certain characteristics that may be frustrating to me and others, I am that I am.” “I accept that I have so much more potential than I ever realized and I am now willing to step into that.” “I accept that I’m probably smarter than I ever thought I was, that I am more creative than I thought I was”, you may fill in the blanks of what’s your reality.

The more that you step into that vibration of acceptance it just flows in all aspects of your life. Feel what that is for you. It’s just such an energy of joy and bliss that is moving through here. As each one of you steps into this potential.

Allow yourself to feel what that is.

Throughout this experience the space of the All That Is has expanded to accommodate more and more individuals choosing to come in and have this experience. I therefore invite everyone who wishes to do so to come back in creating a circle bringing all of you together.

Within this circle you see coming up that hologram of the earth. You are very familiar with this hologram. You work with it all the time. Take a second to observe how so many of the transformations have had an effect upon the hologram. It too is changing as a result of all that you are doing. The hologram is always reflective of the now moment in which you link with it. Infuse within it your own perspective of self, your own perspective of acceptance, allowing joy, happiness, balance, within your life.

For those of you, who would like to do so, send into the hologram that energy for who you are as your divinity and as all of these vibrations begin to flow through the hologram itself begins to rotate and spin as these energies just feel it up. You then have a sense of releasing it. As you do so it goes down. It flows into the earth. There’s always the aspect that goes out to the universe to create that alignment with your universe and the omniverse. But as the hologram itself is moving through the layers, dimensions and the vibrations for the earth itself, it’s clearing out the collective consciousness of any of its old energy that no longer serves people. It moves down into the center of the earth. It links with the crystals, it links with the core and as it does so that vibration begins to move up through the earth itself.

It moves up through the surface, it comes up within the grass, the water, the trees; your own transition that you’ve created this evening comes up within you through your energy fields. It comes through your chakras; it clears out your emotions, your beliefs, your physical reality. And as it does so, allow yourself to bring all of your energy back into this moment. Just as you stream from your earthly up into the All That Is you bring all of that back down through your consciousness.

You’ve got that greater perception of your I AM Presence; you stop for a moment at your higher self looking around and you can see where you have very close to your everyday reality you’ve put the seeds and you’ve put the transition and you’ve placed that potential that you seek to manifest. It’s all around you in your physical reality, but more especially in your higher self, so that it retains that vibration of your divinity and then it flows into you as your physical body and your everyday reality adjust to all these transitions.

As it continues to anchor within you, feel the more balanced state of who you are. Feel the vibration and the energy of acceptance and then send it out. You can send it to specific people, you can send it to situations, you can send it to whatever it is that comes to your consciousness but as you do so, you are anchoring more and more of the transformation from this journey.

So beloved family, as you move through your day I invite you to open to the vibration of acceptance. I invite you to consider everything that may take place in your life from the perspective of acceptance or how can I get to acceptance. Because once again, acceptance is not saying that I will now stay the status quo. Acceptance is the vibration in which you remove those roadblocks that have kept you from moving forward.

As you become more comfortable with this you will find that things will transition in your life so much more quickly and easily.

As always I am with you and within you.




Toni 18th March 2017 2:02 am

R yes the eye of acceptance was where I began in ‘92 before the life I knew came down like a tarot tower in ‘93 and it's been a crazy journey of polarities ever since. I accepted I AM the creator of my reality in co-creation with All That Is.

I've noticed there’s no movement down here in the density of human land without polarity experience. It’s like the cute little power cells called batteries that create energy via a negative/positive flow round and round the circuit. I noticed one thing that stood out like dogs balls on the journey the highs always equaled the lows…aint no tree standing high if its roots be shallow. I'm callin it the polarity flip.

My I AM is definitely downloading into my physical cells. Its like my I AM no longer needs to base itself in Sirius, we’re shifting our base of operations to Earth density now we got the Go for grounding Heaven. At the moment I am more excited than at peace. Peace has no movement and is a phase I am shifting out of into positive gear. The quarreling humanities in negative could do with some peace tho I reckon.


Toni 18th March 2017 2:13 am

It’s kinda awesome feeling, being and seeing amazing within and without eh Ansaluia…When I feel like this, my physical cells & I AM are aligned to the golden spiral of ascension thru the dimensions I realize.

“Maya we stay the Golden path & live Love thank you Spirit.”

You know girl friend that vip seat’s still open if you ever decide you want to come play with us in density… Earth Game seats are in hot demand now. My shares have gone thru the roof... ;D

Thanks Shelley :thumbs:


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