A “Bad Economy?”: A Mind Program or an Opportunity to Expand?

One can hardly escape the overdose of news reminding us of just how “bad” the economy is. The gas prices were lowered as our minds were moved into the new alternate theme or chant of just how “bad” the economy is. Human beings adjust quite easily from one program to the next. Just a short while ago the high gas prices brought unity, common ground and common conversation to people from all walks of life.  If we had nothing else in common we could participate in a conversation regarding the severity of the gas prices and just that quickly the human mind shifted effortlessly into the new theme…the new upload.  We have transferred that same commitment to discussing the “bad economy”.

As humans we enjoy chit chatting about such circumstances despite our argument of dread for such experiences…never the less we enjoy discussing just how “bad” things are.   The feeling of helplessness always sets the stage or validates our need for a savior. This allows us to blame our dependency and false sense of security held for most of our lives; we can now blame its collapse on someone else. There are many arguments around these statements made, some may say yes but what about these poor people who need these jobs in order to put food on the table, in order to feed their families. The complexity of our individual journey plays a great role in the story by which we live life as individuals. The disabling effect of monitory limitation is only one small piece of the puzzle therefore we can feel compassion for those experiencing such circumstance. Very few emerge from such dark conditions and rise to wealth. We must once again recognize that money is a catalyst and sets the stage for the unfolding of a great many experiences in each of our lives. 

We bring a great many debts, ancestral imprints and acquired imprints into the outline or map of life. This of course determines the families we will be born to as this is most often the starting point from which our lives take root regardless of the direction one may be drawn to.

Money provides freedom on many levels; however the question is what “levels” of freedom can you as an individual encounter which is within the realm of non interference of those experiences essential to ones journey in this timeline. Remember that we are evolving our lives beyond the material plane…at least that’s the objective as we move through the human experience (spiritual beings having a human experience.) For quite some time now we have surrendered ourselves powerless to the provisions of money as we accept the idea that without money we cannot bring our dreams to life. Instead we dream about having lots of money in order to purchase the dream of freedom. If indeed the overall objective of human life is spiritual evolution then it would stand to reason that there are a great many transitions in the life of an individual from one lifetime to the next allowing each soul to gradually emerge from his/her state of limitation and spiritual memory loss.

There are a great many people with unbelievable monitory wealth yet remain quite distant from a more heightened state of magic in being more than mere flesh and blood. All of their physical needs are completely taken care of but yet there is tremendous limitation in other aspects…but yet this is the course of their journey. It’s all playing out exactly as it should. So the question is what is the distance that you have chosen to go in this life, for it is evident that all of your circumstances are tied into numerous stages of our individual spiritual evolution.

Although we can change our circumstances at anytime by changing our perception; many experience great challenges in doing so because of the interference being run by the inner programs. We are faced with literal interference or interception from these static programs; some carried over from one lifetime to the next others are acquired programs or ancestral imprints embedded in ones genetics. So the reconstruction of our perception in regards to wealth is heavily tied into a great many concepts and subconscious programs. Now it is possible to shift ones perception to acquire monitory wealth? This of course does not mean that one has been freed from the other levels of limitations to which one may be a spiritual slave.

The freedom that money would present, could present and does present quite often propels one into a zone of having it all as one is completely unlimited in what one can now own and accomplish. For some the experience eventually wears off and the inner hunger returns, one which money cannot purchase or cure; although it can provide the freedom to go in search of oneself without the burden of the provision of daily sustenance. Most wealthy people spend time finding ways to create more wealth and in the mean time, they age, they become diseased and they also die. In some cases money temporarily extends their life and slows down the aging process but it’s still a temporary process. It is still however the experience they choose and they too have experienced such levels of limitation to the fullest just like the rest of us although our limitations may have been the extreme of absolute poverty.

So the ideal experience of absolute wealth begins with spiritual wealth as one has then tapped into an infinite flow of the substance from which all springs forth. All things physical and non physical is supported by energy in one form or another. It is then important to examine the hype being offered by so many in terms of acquiring monitory wealth. We must examine all that is attached to the haves and the have not’s; the wealthy and the poverty stricken, we must recognize that although it’s simply a matter of perception, the perception of each individual is tied into something much deeper than mere disbelief in his/her own abilities. The law of cause and effect is strongly tied into our perceptions and our spiritual status, for every action there is a reaction.

More than likely you as an individual are unraveling from actions which may have resulted in reactions which now navigate your life as balance is sought. Tremendous difficulty come into play when we continue to repeat those same actions which continue to create streams of debt as we then pay dearly…sometimes with our life.  We can continue to fool ourselves about who we are or what we have been although a great many things are tied into our unconscious. For some there is a stirring that takes place propelling them to take the plunge into the inner sanctuary. It is that journey that begins the purification process. It is that journey that begins to establish an unlimited sense of freedom.

I can and have examined times in my life where my cash flow was null and void, circumstances which drove me into deeper levels of survival which then validated my acts of desperation. Although I was aware that such acts were temporary solutions it was all that I could see as a way out, I was unaware of the backlash and perhaps did not care to know that there would be a backlash from these actions. However these experiences would later serve as a canyon in rocketing me into surrendering as I eventually crashed and burned from operating from a desperate space. What I discovered was that my desperate acts only perpetuated more of the very thing that I was running from which was the economic drought in my life.

My desperate quest for money kept my mind programmed for scarcity and an ongoing fear of not having. I had to break the cycle. I had to go cold turkey; I had to walk the plank knowing that I would not fall despite being unable to see the invisible net below me. I realized that I had to go the process without accumulating more debt (spiritual debt let alone my debt to others). All the debts were tied in together. Deep down I knew that I was being deceived by my perception of money I recognized that my mind was programmed like most people to operate only on what I could be seen by the physical eyes. I like everyone else was taught that without money I was immobilized, that I could do nothing, that I could make nothing happen unless I could see the cash before me.

Once I surrendered to myself as source I had to commit to trusting the process, I had to decide that since I knew that my desire and my needs could be met regardless of the illusion of lack before me I surrendered to a knowing that my light bill would be taken care of somehow, my water would be taken care of, my rent would be taken care of; Notice that I said “taken care of”, I did not limit the resolution to “cash”. I had made up my mind to stay the course even if everything was pulled from underneath me. I had to…it was the only way that I was going to break this cycle of desperation. I knew that if I stepped back into my old patterns of desperation to solve any of these problems I would jumpstart the process all over again and I would be right back where I started from. I just had to do it! I had to allow the old programs by which I had been operating to be revised into forming a new model of reality, my reality, my perception.

My severe financial circumstances thrust me into a new angle of desperation. I was now desperate to see behind the wall of the physical world. I wanted to operate as a conscious conduit. I wanted to be in full alignment with the unlimited flow streaming from the realm of the invisible. Again I will go back to the question I posed earlier; what is the distance that you chose to go in this lifetime?

For it is the length of that distance that will determine your experiences, if all that you want is to be monetarily wealthy in this lifetime and you have achieved that then all of these actions in your life from the day you came out of your mother’s womb has ensured this outcome. Some may want to be wealthy in this lifetime yet try as they might it never happens…to you I would say be brave and examine the entire course of your life up until this moment, examine your relationships with all people and the experiences of those relationships, search for themes in your life by that I mean patterns of experiences which seem to present themselves over and over again although the faces and the situations may appear to be different.

Perhaps this pattern/s maybe the stumbling block to your limitations, perhaps once you acknowledge the pattern/s and seek to resolve these patterns which are more than likely tied into your personality, you may then be able to remove them from being the filter or the platform on which your life has been built.

Not everyone will go the same distance and that is an important factor to acknowledge as such an acknowledgment can alleviate the judgment or the expectations we hold for other people as well as for ourselves. What level of wealth are you seeking, is it purely monitory and if it is then what do you hope to accomplish with this wealth, what sort of dream to you which to build and what will you do once those monitory conditions have been met…what next; what if none of it makes you happy on a long term basis, remember that the concept of having money when you have none conjures up an imagination of a life of freedom so what will you do with that freedom and what do you define as freedom? It’s no secret that most people who have won the lottery are penniless within a very short time, or those with inheritances are at times emotionally destructive to themselves as well as others, some hoard their cash for fear of not having any, or some try to blow it all at times due to their own guilt of having it and feeling unworthy of it. For individuals succumbing to such experiences it is clear that there are other conditions of change which have not yet been met and so choices become limited to the unresolved status of those significant issues not solvable by money.

So exactly what do you plan to do with this monitory wealth which is only a minute aspect of the overall flow. To lean only towards money as the solution only supports more of our fractured concept of reality and our place in it. “If only I had a lot of money then everything would be perfect”; what do we mean by perfect, the entire process of your experiences are perfect as each experience is taking you one step closer to rediscovering yourself. Coming face to face with yourself is both terrifying and redeeming all at the same time. This is ultimately the experience that humanity has been running from yet running towards simultaneously. Money can greatly stimulate the cause and the cure, the poison and the antidote in more ways than one.

So yes it is perception and it is about changing your thoughts but we cannot ignore what your perception and your thoughts are tied into. We can hypnotize and hype ourselves into a different mindset but have we resolved the root cause, does it still leark in the catacombs of the subconscious waiting for the ideal moment to raise its head once again through your encounter with an individual or a set of circumstances which will be an indicator that nothing has changed; once the hypnosis wears off we are forced to face the unresolved.

The current programming being fed by the media of the severity of the economy; “we are in a bad economy”, this hypnotic chant is running rampant in the minds of those already operating in a mindset of monetary limitations. The concept of a “bad economy” simply reinforces it. The idea of a “bad economy” doesn’t provide a sense of security, of comfort as all of the worst possibilities run through our minds. The trickery here is that security never existed in the first place, all that had existed for the individual was a set of consistent conditions that seem to occur again and again without fail such as getting a paycheck, yet during those comfortable periods no one worries about the possibility of the company closing the door at anytime or being relieved of one’s duties at any given moment.

If you are not a signer on the bank account of any company/organization you are really quite trusting of their commitment or loyalty to you and your circumstances. When was the last time that your “boss” or the president of the organization you work for encouraged you to pursue your dream or to go out and start your own business. Now it is clear that not everyone is cut out to be business owners yet there is a way to partner with others allowing one to be independent without having to take on the bulk of the responsibility of running the show. I have heard the statement before that working for yourself does not provide security but neither does the company you work for or the government…it’s all smoke and mirrors, for somewhere in that illusion of security you have agreed to assist in holding someone else’s vision in place. We need each other to be part of our dream, our vision, our sandbox, our show how else could we see the full effects of that vision brought to life if there were no characters. What needs to be observed is the manner in which we treat or interact with each other. We can support each other’s dream but let’s not forget to create our own dream unless your dream is to support everyone else’s dream.

The media is a very successful mode of delivering the programming of fear. They continuously remind us of the number of foreclosures, and in the same breath you are encouraged to run out and grab someone else’s loss, they call it “distressed property”, just think about the mind set associated with the idea, why would you want to grass someone else’s distress, a lot of pain and tears are associated with that property. If you are going to purchase foreclosed property then I would suggest approaching your search from a transformed perception which will then release the property to you without the pain of the previous owners. You are also in acknowledgment of the fact that someone else had perhaps been forced to move forward into a whole new life. Otherwise if we do not reexamine our mindset prior to seeking homes under such conditions we become like those we have watched oh so many times on the TV during riots, fires or natural disasters running away with items due to someone else’s life altering circumstances with no thought or care for the shop keeper all that they care about is the fact that they have embarked on an opportunity to seize something for nothing. This shows the “survival program” in us all.

We are also presented with the number of companies filing for bankruptcy, the number of people losing their jobs…be very afraid, you could be next! There is endless effort being made in emphasizing the severity of the matter. Yet what they don’t mention is that there are a lot of people who are still wealthy and will perhaps be even wealthier at the conclusion of this “bad economy” theme currently being played. There are still people shopping and continuing to go on exotic vacations etc. All the people in power are still wealthy as many of them have stock in these large corporations that they claim to be filing bankruptcy. 

What better time for corporate giants to file for bankruptcy, what better time to reorganize themselves and reduce some of those debts including a reduction in the number of paychecks going out. The only people that lose in these conditions are the employees, the board and the owners have banked enough money to carry them into the next lifetime and back.

In reviewing Chicago Tribune’s announcement to file bankruptcy most people used this as another sign of just how “bad” things are instead of investigating it a bit further. What’s interesting is that Billionaire Sam Zell took over the Chicago Tribune as CEO almost exactly one year to the date prior to filing bankruptcy. He took over in December 2007 making the Tribune a private corporation and a year later in December 2008 he had the Tribune file for Bankruptcy.  Zell is an extremely savvy business man; he has been wealthy for quite a long time so he is fully aware of the conditions and the demands of the game. Now the question is would you be so willing to make many of the self serving calls that Zell made in this situation or perhaps in some of his other strategies used in acquiring his wealth? When Zell converted the Tribune to a Private corporation the employees became the owners of the corporation with that came the responsibility of having to make sacrifices to keep the company going and making it stronger at least that’s perhaps the speech they were given, but the question is to what degree were the company’s financial status shared with these new owners…the employees. According to an article posted in the Chicago Tribune on December 9th:

By Julie Johnsson and Mary Ellen Podmolik | Tribune reporters

December 9, 2008  

Sam Zell potentially stands to recoup some of his investment as troubled media giant Tribune Co. reorganizes under Chapter 11 protection.

But Tribune Co. employees are unlikely to see any gain from their brief stint as owners of their company through a transaction engineered by Zell that left the Chicago media firm saddled with $13 billion in debt, bankruptcy experts said.

Tribune Co., after United Airlines, is the second major Chicago company to seek bankruptcy protection this decade after forming an employee stock ownership plan.

In engineering a deal to take the media company private last year, Zell struck an agreement that left him poised to benefit richly if the complex transaction succeeded, while potentially hedging his losses if Tribune Co. wound up in bankruptcy.

For $315 million, entities affiliated with Zell bought a $225 million "subordinated promissory note" as well as warrants that would allow Zell to eventually buy 40 percent of Tribune Co. for as little as $500 million.

"He's a very smart guy and structured this to benefit him all the way," said Chicago compensation expert Don Delves.

The $225 million note means that Zell-controlled entities are a major unsecured creditor and, under bankruptcy law, will be compensated ahead of shareholders when a Delaware bankruptcy judge settles Tribune Co.'s debts, Monday's bankruptcy filings indicate.

Experts think the leveraged ESOP that gave Tribune Co. employees theoretical control of their company will likely be wiped out.


Just how much of this information was emphasized in using this Chicago Tribune crisis to support the “bad economy” programming. How much do you actually know about the circumstances behind the automotive bailout crisis or of Bank of America or Washington Mutual, who sits on the boards of these corporations, who are their owners and what’s their plan for your mind and your life force in fulfilling their plans?  At the end of the day they are all still wealthy despite the drastic depletion of their own life force, they don’t care about that just as long as they die rich.  They are dreamers who have fulfilled their dream of money, control and power and you made it all possible. They could not have had this experience without our agreements and acceptance to take the ride of limitation. They spend their days and nights implementing new strategies to keep what they have or to increase it.

Make no mistake that whatever debts they created in having this experience will certainly require balance if not in this life as we know it then in another point in time. So are you hear to experience wealth from a more balanced perspective, a more whole experience or are you hear to experience segments of wealth, maybe the richness of love without the money or the richness of wealth without the love or a secure job with all the trimming providing you with a content and comfortable life or perhaps the richness of poverty without the headaches of material possessions, or perhaps just the richness of acquiring knowledge without the burden of daily life…or perhaps it is possible to have it all. What are you willing to contend with, what are you willing to give up if anything. Could you consider transforming the old habitual personality that has confined you to your ego and judgment of others, could you free yourself to trust the unseen, could you let go of your illusion of security?

Although the concept of surrender is simple, letting go of old constructs and beliefs in navigating our lives is rather challenging. If we are not those things which we have structured as our identity then who are we. Changing one’s perception will only occur when we understand that we can only perceive of what we can accept as a possibility. If you do not believe in the possibility of the new life that you have chosen to create then you will only be able to create according to the limitation you have fenced around the possibility and anything else becomes lip service. Sometimes it’s best to allow your dream to unfold without disclosing your vision to others.

At times especially when we are somewhat doubtful of our ability to manifest a new dream we can sometimes encounter opposition from others which penetrate our minds as fear and disbelief. Perception is indeed the name of the game so examine your thought process and your beliefs about yourself, at which point you may determine the changes you wish to make and perhaps finally see yourself as the source of all that you dare to dream and have dreamed. Beyond your body you are your own source of power!



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