Celebrating the game!!

Although a number of you may no longer celebrate the season in the traditional, programmed sense there is still value/substance in its existence. The idea of Christmas is certainly a controversial one but at the same time it has a great many clues and codes. Since this is a plane of duality then it’s essential that we stretch our minds to examine both sides of the coin. It is also essential that we transmute much of the one sided programming about holidays like Christmas by widening our perception and extending our sight/vision.

The base energy of this season is about “giving”, it is about coming together, appreciating and embracing those who we lose sight of during our everyday survival program. It is about a celebration of the game itself, our descent into this illusion, it is a celebration of the scripts we have written for ourselves and the characters we play. It is a celebration of the conspirators, the tales spun, and the illusion of being controlled and the illusion of being the controller. It is the season for laughter in seeing the game for what it is, it is a celebration of the illusion of hate for one another and of our fear of each other (when we do get it). It is the season to remove our masks and laugh with each other before returning to the game; our characters, our identities. It is a time to celebrate not celebrating Christmas and Jesus and any other aspect of tales associated with this holiday.

If you have never read the article I wrote some time ago regarding Christmas then here is a brief summary/reminder: Despite the deception of these imposed rituals do examine closer and you will see so much more! The Christmas tree is shaped like a pyramid, and the bottom of the tree is lined with gifts, at the top of the tree we place a star; wow!! On the wheel of time as it is viewed we (this reality) are having the human experience at the bottom of this pyramid/ the hertz field/ the field of radio waves; we are ascending in consciousness up this pyramid to the apex also recognized as “point zero”; the void; no-time. This is what each of us strives to achieve, whether it is remembered or realized this is the journey! At the bottom of the pyramid of time/the electromagnetic spectrum, we are experiencing reality from the most limited and limiting point in time. Through meditation, desire and awareness we can consciously leap to this no- time space where we create without judgment, yet we exist there always. Our focus however is locked into this experience occurring at the bottom of this great pyramid. This is the slowest level on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Let us celebrate our courage to dive all the way down to this point in time to dance in the ocean of forgetfulness. Let us celebrate the glimpses that pop in and remind us that we are so much more! Let us celebrate our desired ascent in consciousness and our memory in basking in this space of unlimitedness. Let us celebrate the architect that you are, the artist that you are, the author that you are and the actor that you are. Let us celebrate a new moment of awareness in this grand game! Let us celebrate those who are immersed in sleep for they are both loving and enjoying their experience to the fullest! Let us celebrate loving the game and our conscious choice to change our perception in creating a new hologram for ourselves. Yes it’s a beautiful game; let us honor it by seeing it for what it is. So no matter what you may choose to do you are always playing the game, if you choose not to celebrate the illusion you are still in the game and if you choose to celebrate it you are still in the game. It does not matter how knowledgeable you think you are or how spiritually or racially superior you deem yourself to be, ha! You are still in the *#@*#&# game! The key is one’s awakening to a realization and a new perception about that which you have been part of from the beginning of the beginning. You are (a beautiful) creator who might no longer need the experience of being angry at the world or to be a victim but instead become self-aware of creating a new personal reality. With that said I celebrate the season and I am ever so grateful to be part of your experience and you part of mine! Just loving it…lights, cameras, action!




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Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett like many has been a seeker of more expansive knowledge since childhood. Her work is an embrace of science and spirituality as one in the same. 

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