Cyclic Engineering: Going offline in the game

Have you looked in the mirror lately? Is there an age progression occurring? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? Chances are that you have accepted this as a natural process just as most everyone has. Have you for a moment thought that perhaps there is foul play at work or that there might possibly be an alternative to this deterioration other than the next likely option of death. What if the game is at your expense? This entire process is so accepted and defended. This is an amazing game of deception of immeasurable magnitude. There is a difference between deterioration and getting older.

To exist endlessly through the cycles of time is very different than the vibrational deterioration of the physical body. This physical deterioration process is a result of being on the grid or being online in this engineered time construct.  Look around you for models of the very system that holds your life in position on the grid; such things as Smart grid ties power sources in and around our homes and cities to one linkage point. This communication network then has similarities to the internet. It’s like establishing a portal of open communication which can then create interceptions and adjustments from key linkage points. These are mini replicas of the outer matrix which enfolds the smaller matrix we call reality.

Both these systems create links between our minds and our emotional field, much of which is done through these convenient technologies that are now largely a part of our daily lives. We are part of a wireless network specifically relating to the matrix of these “time” cycles; cycles are time related for they quantify space. We are all online, on network systems within the game. This is not a good or bad thing its simply part of the game. You may not choose to live beyond the general number of years and that’s ok but perhaps if given a choice one would prefer to experience life in a more youthful manner. Epigenetics research now confirms that it is our perception and beliefs that determine the changes which take place in the body; much of this information is now shared by Dr. Bruce Lipton. Although science may now incorporate this as a new found realization there are still boundaries placed on the outrageous possibilities that can emerge in the body based on an expansive perception. We must begin to stretch our imagination!

When we are unaware of the bigger picture it allows full submersion whereby having the fullest experience.  When we go to our place of employment we create our own game within the already designed game field of the employer. So it is in this game of cycles experienced as reality or life. We accept the cycling through of segments of time allotted for our lives; by whose design? That is the question.  Is there a core game designer for this particular game experience? Is this the ultimate god or creator that we somehow seek to connect with?  Our thoughts and beliefs seem to be automatically wired to support these base assertions. The idea of living outside of this grid of thought is unsettling for most followed by defensive responses such as; we can’t live forever, or that all things die because that’s the way it is.

There are a myriad of excuses executed by the mind regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs somehow the core programs about life and death ultimately win out as the overriding conclusion. To know that nothing dies for everything is made up of energy creates a level of comfort as we anticipate an unavoidable encounter with death. Even within the most spiritually advanced practices; those incorporating scientific discoveries; they too are overpowered by the imprisoning programs of life and death. We are programmed to accept that this is the only way. After all life as it is played out around us seem to support and to confirm that this is the only way.  No one wants to set themselves up for disappointment by going against the grain. But what if none of this is set in stone? Even those who consider themselves “awakened” seem to encounter the same pitfall. There is much talk about the illusion of time and of life yet in the same breath death becomes a welcomed transition. Validations such as mentioned previously are used to support this kind of thinking. Certainly reincarnation is viewed as an opportunity to recycle (read the book The Holographic Canvas). This adds comfort. Could there be deception in the reincarnation loop? What if our minds are simply caught in a space/position in time or perhaps no time that is simply a projection, held in place by programs relevant and essential to our confinement. Although consciousness has free reign the vehicle of consciousness is evidently subject to these projections within that realm of space time.

There seems to be some sort of block that does not allow most of us to entertain thoughts reaching outside of the boundaries of these collective beliefs. Like everything else your thoughts are frequency patterns and those frequency patterns generally remain within the realm of the (belief) frequency established in the core system. (I don’t want to live that long, what am I going to do with that much time, what would I even do, why would I want to outlive everyone I know). What limiting beliefs! Not for one moment can you imagine that this life as you have been living it is not the ultimate in possibilities. What if life as you evolve in awareness is reshaped, what if such an evolution shifts not only your consciousness but your physical body to a more expansive realm of time, what if as you penetrate these boundaries of time you meet others who have also crossed the bridge of linear time.

We have heard many stories about the Annunaki and other beings that have played a role in human evolution. There is much talk about genetic engineering. It is indeed evident that there are suppressed abilities and possibilities for this human body. In much of the history presented in reference to such beings a common thread has been the fact that they were able to live for 100,000s of years. Humans however were engineered to live much shorter life spans for reasons of population control perhaps or to ensure short knowledge spans. It is said that those who were direct descendants maintained the coding of these beings and were able to live longer lives (hence we have elite groups on the planet who view themselves as superior or who seek to maintain pure bloodlines). However there is one core ingredient that overrides even the highest level of engineering and that would be the consciousness that is the true owner of the vessel. It is also common practice to speak about the significance of the soul which is generally revered or approached from a place of mysticism.

The soul is a holographic record keeper that keeps track of the travels of consciousness or more specifically the journey of the lower vibration of itself (or self) as experienced and expressed through the body.   With that said we must understand that the body has been redirected to take orders from the subconscious mind and to only function by way of the programs in the subconscious. This automated self is designed to override anything that is not run through the subconscious mind. As part of the navigation process the body is networked into these cycles. A full-fledged robotic, automated system was now in place. The cycles would keep the body online based on the programs of this reality or realm. There are three different phases of being online (1) there is the general birth to death online program (2) there is being online but overriding the general program (3) option 2 can also be viewed as going offline- free flowing through, above and beyond the systems standard protocol. We can go offline from the limiting matrix program and go online with the core system where there are no limitations established by the system once certain levels of decoding have taken place within us. 

Technically 2012 represent a rebooting of the system, an evolution to the game. It is the end of a 104 thousand year theme and the beginning of an upgrade to the game of cycles. There is a tremendous amount of squabble over the correct dates; incorrect calendars. What we must keep in mind is that all calendars simply mark the cycles in this particular system. Calendars keep track of the linear time cycles by and through which the game functions. Jose Arguelles talks about the original calendar but that too is a game regulator. It might however assist in your move out of the familiar oppressive frequency of the Gregorian calendar but keep in mind that all calendars support the robotic self. Each day represents specific frequencies supporting the unique experiences we each have according to our individual reality program. Even prior to the creation of any known form of the calendar humans were still tied into some sort of calculative time construct for the cycling through of their daily lives. The calculation of time gradually became more significant in the counting down of years as it influenced and determined ones expiration from this dream. We are caught in a delusion about the body’s potential transformation or translation into various energy forms which comparative to shape shifting.

Much of the new age fluffy stuff stimulates a euphoric feeling, it keeps the lethargic program running so that most people seek only to be positive and to look to their guides and masters. It’s all part of the game. This is all great for those who are still enjoying this experience; no judgment. The game goes up many levels however. The kind of biotechnology and “Psychotronic” technology being birth in this age presents a realization of the vulnerability of one’s mind and ones vessel; the easy manipulation and engineering of the unaware human. This is not new. Humans are now mimicking the mysterious guests of the planet from so long ago. It is why we continue to worship external forces. It is why we debate whether there are neighbors in outer space or not, it is why everything is so unbelievable to us because the general program supports a restricted perception; it’s a limiting set of beliefs about what we are and what our capabilities are.

What we must also understand is that such beings were not the peak of magnificence in cosmic technology, they may have been more advanced than those they reengineered on the planet but it is clear that they were not as highly advanced as we have made them out to be. Although the Annunaki were able to live long life spans and had a fairly progressive level of technology it is clear that perhaps that their consciousness was not so highly evolved. These kinds of actions would be child play to more highly advanced beings. To create a universe is a completely transcended level of advancement. As humans we are challenged by our diluted memory and our nonexpansiveness of mind. We find it challenging to wrap our minds around the fact that there are beings capable of such technology; we call them god! What if you are one of those gods who has ingeniously created a way to experience what you have created without completely being submerged in your creation? Through an illusory act of separatism or division of self the process of experiencing this reality became possible and here you are in your game.

We debate and start wars over whose spiritual belief is right or wrong yet it is all our creation. We are so stuck on every belief we take in yet much of it limits us. What is your response to this article? Much can be learned about our limitations by examining our response to not only this article but of concepts that step beyond the limitations of our box. Who are you? That is the question and the response when clear will not be based on a definition of yourself handed to you by your minister, guru, ascended master or anyone or anything outside of yourself. What do you feel? What are my limitations in the things that I choose to know? Am I satisfied? you should never be satisfied; we should always be thirsty for more. What’s your focus; are you crying for validation because of the color of your skin or because of racial, spiritual or political programs? Do you measure your level of spirituality when you speak, do you evaluate just how spiritual someone is? What are your distractions?

For those whose livelihood dictates whether they can evolve or replace old beliefs perhaps it’s time to examine this. There are many in the so termed spiritual or consciousness movement whose income depends on remaining with limiting beliefs. Stepping too far outside the box doesn’t always sell as well. Pushing and selling fear is a money maker. Creating a fluffy comfy reality is also a money maker. There is an endless list of disempowering concepts that people crave and someone has to provide or support those demands. This should not be interpreted as a judgment of right or wrong for the game is all encompassing. This is an observation that might speak to someone who is now asking those questions of themselves. There might be great fear in knowing how ones financial transition will be occur should one step away from that which no longer serves you; know that the fear of being in lack is just that. There is a bridge to cross when we transition to new ground. Stepping upward in awareness will bear greater fruit stimulated by old experiences. The old experiences are the known and so there is security, however it served as a stepping stone to higher ground.

We are on a wheel of themes. These cycles present us with themes. This can be seen through astrology as we recognize the theme of each house. The following is a quote from Kelly Roper, Horoscope Group Editor

Ancient astrologers mapped out the heavens into 12 sectors or "houses". When you look at a birth chart, you'll see it's also divided into 12 sectors, one for each house. As the constellations and planets move across the heavens, they pass through individual houses, charging them with their energy. These surges, whether they turn out to have a positive or negative effect, are felt in our daily lives. The influence is strongest when a planet enters its "home base"; the house it rules.

These themes are frequency driven. From one house to the next the energies are cycling through the outcome. Being online with this greater smart grid can greatly influence the degree to which we expand our consciousness as a species or as an individual source of power. It is important to understand that these cycles technically do not limit us but our perception of their influence along with our commitment to adhering to the control of these cycles establishes illusionary boundaries. Such boundaries which we then convince ourselves that we cannot cross at least not without the navigation of the stars! 

Sacred geometry and the platonic solids represent the skeletal structure of the grater matrix within which the smaller matrix of our universe is housed. These are not the ultimate core structures of existence for there are no structures. Most scientific research and discovers are only investigating this greater matrix although we are inclined to believe that these discovers are core findings. We have not even starched the tip of the iceberg!

Is DNA really the port of communication beyond these time related cycles? Is DNA the code translator that opens up greater lines of communication beyond time and space once the signal is given that we are ready to be propelled beyond this level of the game? Is this what is called junk DNA; a network of communication ports! This maya called reality is held in place by a network of cycles, it is the only way to create the illusion of time. The following is a quote from the book Spiritual Genome written by Brad Bartholomew;

Firstly, it has been discovered by a group of Russian scientists, led by Drs. P. Gariaev & V .Poponin, that the DNA has a mysterious resonance. These scientists beamed laser light through a DNA sample, which caused a certain wave pattern to appear on a screen at the rear. However, when the physical DNA sample was removed from the experiment, another wave pattern appeared on the screen at the rear as if there was still a physical sample of DNA present. This same experiment was repeated several times and the same results obtained. They termed this experiment the DNA Phantom Effect. There is some resonating energy in the DNA that is outside of the conventional four dimensional ‘space-time’ scenario.

The Russian scientists also found that the 95% plus of human DNA that does not code for protein synthesis, so-called ‘junk DNA’, is actually structured like a language, and would therefore be capable of information storage. Indeed it is possible to capture the information patterns in the genes using laser light, and then transfer those information patterns from one genome to another, without the need for the cutting and splicing of chemical genes. By simply transmitting the data via laser light to a different genome they were able to convert a frog embryo into a salamander embryo. The Russian scientists came to the conclusion that the human chromosome acts as a solitonic-holographic computer.

Life is ultimately run by a cosmic computer with high level engineers and programmers on all levels. The human experience is just another running program, a virtual experience. Is there such an objective as beating the game or perhaps overriding the common human program? These are questions we must also ask, but we must also understand that our aim is never about escape but about transcending the lower frequency of the experience. This is a beautifully designed cosmic game and it is important to move into an understanding and appreciation for this magnificent creation.  The game wants us to discover all that it can be and where it can take us. Until we can stretch our minds beyond the standard protocols we will potentially remain on the hamster wheel of these cycles. Stepping outside the safe zone is not for everyone in this lifetime perhaps, but for those who see the bigger picture it can become the momentum to break protocol! You are exactly where you need to be in this moment and if you are reading this article it is indeed not by chance. Always find the code!

Kelly Roper, Horoscope Group Editor


spring 28th October 2011 2:15 pm

hahaha.......oh Sonia!! What a simply marvellous sharing of your fabulous mind! Awesome stuff! You articulate my own experience for me and for that I thank you. Oh boy would I LOVE to sit down and talk with you! Feel so excited by the razor-sharp insights that you have lavished upon us...quite quite extraordiary!! This article comforts the very bones of my being. WONDERFUL!!

Debra A 28th October 2011 2:50 pm

I have read and resonated with your articles about the cosmic game in the past as I did with this one. It is a formidable task to wrap one's heart, let alone head around your concepts. I'm sure many do not like to read what you have to say in that it can be disheartening to one's sense of well-being and purpose - even the most "spiritual". So then, how does one transcend ALL the BS or is this BS?

sowhat 28th October 2011 4:31 pm

Well I am grateful that you enjoyed the article. Yes its clear that there aren't tons of people rushing towards reading it that's for sure but that's the way it is. The articles can be a bit jolting for some and if it is jolting then one needs find out why. The game is both BS and not at the same time, just as its real and not, the great paradox. One of the keys to shifting is examining where we are at this moment with everything that defines our life experience. Ultimately we are making all of the choices and telling ourselves that we must involve ourselves in the things that we do or the people and situations we experience. Is there anything in your life that feels like BS to you...that would be the question. From there you can begin to decide what or who will go or stay.

VeilGoesDown 29th October 2011 4:58 am

I was bored the other day, so I figured I am going to play a little with IP address' Traceroute tools. Wow got some pretty cool results, but only when I started to trace different websites and "private" IP addresses.

Surprisingly (or not) they all can be traced back to one specific IP address (primary source), namely IP: located in United States, Wayzata 44°97'52" N 93°52'75" W.

I check maaany web sites, screenshot of each trace you can view in details at:

No matter what site on the Internet... it traces back to this IP address. Other sites that trace back to this IP:

- cnn
- facebook
- fbi
- galactic channelings
- google
- microsoft
- nasdaq
- vatican
- white house

Do the research yourself. Take any web site you can think of and run a trace... It all originates from that IP, that location. Maybe I just found the "center of the all there is..." :o

VeilGoesDown 29th October 2011 4:59 am

I don't think I have to explain out loud what are the implications of this discovery and how profoundly sick it is... right?

What's even more interesting is that google maps trace this IP address to a private mansion, not even a company building per say.
See at:

The IP address seems to belong to QWEST COMMUNICATION. Enough said I think, but i'd say it again - I do not appreciate any assh@ole to play with anyone's life as it takes place right now. I'd say Nuremberg Trials were very educational to most beings, obviously not to all.

For those with a really strong stomach I recommend researching each and every IP address that's between the source ( and "the site of your choosing". You are going to see the financial, gov and reality scam as big as this planet, all at your expense :)! So before you start typing... make sure you can swallow the results and if you are looking for the "devil's point of entry" there it is, hidden in plain view. Quite possible it is ju

Rag3Qu17 29th October 2011 11:13 am

Veil - I'll bet dollars to donuts you are from the Minnesota area, most likely the Twincities (or close to). I've confirmed what you found, however until I can get home and have access to my machine for more doxing I'm inclined to say is a "hub/link/router" which your IP address goes to first as it is the quickest route to access the server/webpage you are attempting access.

ben 29th October 2011 11:36 am


I have to correct you here, there is nothing sinister about that IP, or the fact that all your searches include it. The important information in a traceroute command is the final IP addresses, the first ones are related to where you are doing the search from.

Since you did all the searches from the same site (, the first step of each route will be how their server accesses the internet. That IP is their 'gateway' to the Internet. If you run the same searches from another website (such as or, or even direct from your own computer you will get different starting IPs. As you repeat searches from a specific site, you will always get the first one or two ips the same.

The best analogy for the way a 'traceroute'  works, is to imagine the small roads you take to get on to your local freeway. Those roads will likely be the same whether your destination is North, South, East or West. Someone going to the same place, but starting somewhere else will have a different set of local roads to travel on each time.

victor 29th October 2011 4:58 pm

Hi Sonia,

The article is brilliantly spot on.

"What if you are one of those gods who has ingeniously created a way to experience what you have created without completely being submerged in your creation?" ....
(Through an illusory act of separatism or division of self the process of experiencing this reality became possible and here you are in your game. ).....

This is where I am stuck for I am trying to solve this puzzle on the same level of the puzzle.Beyond the Game there is no movement just Silence and Stillness.
After reaching this point you fall back into the Game (like back to square 1) and your intellect is trying to make sense what is happening.
It just occured to me what has happened - to move out of the Game or to move up another level you move out of the Intellect and move into Heart where a different new set of parameters are put into play.

Suffice to say the game of Life is exquisitely wonderful to experience - the lower end is suffering while the other end is fullfillment.

Great article.


sowhat 29th October 2011 6:08 pm

You are on it Victor! Its great when others like yourself really see the game! Some find the material I write to be a bit jolting and you either love it because it resonates or you just stay away from it, but I am always excited when others really tune in to the deal, yes the road narrows but its so great when you do meet other along the way. Yes the lower end of the game is an ass kicker lol :-\\\\ Thanks for your great response!


Susana 31st October 2011 6:26 am

Part 1 - Dear Sonia, 

This is the first of your articles I have read, what a stunning perspective, I am very excited, thank you! You speak of many things I have been questioning myself, and knowings that have been trying to come through to me amidst the compelling illusions and noisily running programs! Hah! I am determined to discover more about this elaborate game, and somehow get to the outside of the parameters so that I can utilise that broader perspective. For what purpose? There are so many questions I have like that. If I had transcended the limits of the game, what would I still want to participate in? What would I want to create? I sooo want to stay alive, and have always believed that I might one day discover how to stop going along with the consensus ‘reality’ of so-called ‘inevitable’ degenerating and dying. What might I create with others who have also stepped outside these seemingly normal but fully constraining parameters?

Susana 31st October 2011 6:30 am

Part 2 - I think I have this split personality type thing going on; there is this core part of me that fully believes in so-called magic, miracles, things being able to happen much more quickly than is ‘normal’ around here, abilities such as teleportation, being able to create things without unnecessary laboriousness etc. etc., but then I come a cropper and am frequently dismayed when I find myself hauling myself through a quicksand-like set of experiences doing things the hard way yet again. It’s not that I’m lazy either, I’ve worked too long and too hard at many things, but have always thought it an unnecessary waste of energy, and have never really understood why it ‘had to be like this’. Now I think I’ve been trying to remember!

mudskipper 31st October 2011 1:21 pm

Good stuff Sonia, thank you.

Anyone read David Wilcock's book "The Source Field Investigations"? Genius, the DNA research is amazing.


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