Entering a New Matrix Cycle of 2011

As participants of this collective idea of reality we are now concluding another matrix cycle and entering the new cycle of 2011. Time is paradoxical for it is both an illusion of being an illusion and also an illusion of not being an illusion. What? Yes rather an interesting assessment. Either way we can all agree that we are experiencing some form of “time”. Time of course is the barometer for the wheel of cycles.

The matrix is the invisible system within which the experience is being played out. There are however many systems but we appear to be confined to one with specific boundaries for the mind and body. This is not to be viewed as an experience of victimization but instead one should strive to understand your place in it. We are all hanging out in this experience for a reason. Part of that reason is to ultimately realize your core choice for the experience as the creator of this experiential and experimental mechanism. So the ending of 2010 actually marks the entrance into a new set of cycles ending in 2019. These cycles actually run in series of 9s and resurge or crescendo in frequency at the ‘0’ point. This is discussed in The Cosmic Game in 3D, Mastering Reality; Mastering the Matrix of the Mind. The hype might be for 2012 but we have well been in this cyclic crescendo for some time.

What should be understood is that although these cycles mark the changing of the guards…literally and figuratively, as individuals we are each responsible for our own unique cycles. We are not bound by the cycles of the system aka the matrix. The mechanism of the system has to hold some sort of format in place in order to maintain the earth’s position in orbit, which further supports the life forms on the planet and the core experiences programmed into the cycling system. This includes all experiences ranging from our concept of god, to creation, to who we are in the larger scheme of existence. These cycles allow us the stage to play on. Although the calendar has been shifted around, as humans we are designed to be adaptable and so we adapt to any new insertion of cyclic changes. So although we may argue about the calendar being changed over time you too have adapted. The interconnectedness of everything simplifies the process of adaptability, it’s subtle. However deep down for some there is a tugging that comes from deep rooted memory of the core system design.

This moment in time offers the opportunity to extract those deep rooted memories of the core design of this game. There are some who will say that things were not supposed to happen this way or that it’s all gotten out of control or that this was a mistake; there are no mistakes. The entire experience had played out as it should and will continue to play out as it should. However it is up to the individual to decide when he or she chooses to step beyond the basic format of the game or the systems cycles. It is the individual who holds the key. We may say that it is the group but you cannot have a unified group unless individuals awaken to certain realizations. The individual must stand in his or her own strength. This kind of strength in one individual is equivalent to thousands or millions. Therefore when such minds are gathered they stand as individual power houses coming together. This is contrary to the notion of the group dependency. If each member in the group is weak then it will require a great many to measure up to the strength of one individual who already stands in his or her own power.

Is it about changing the world for everyone? No it is about changing your perception of the world for ‘yourself’. It is about your personal view of the world that changes the world you experience on a personal level. It is important to remember that your world is made up of all that you interact with, all that you see on the news, the people you encounter on a daily basis, the cashier at your local store, the places you frequent, the family members you interact with on a regular basis, your coworkers, your partners and all things that you interact with. This is what defines your world. So we must take a moment to examine our world, our personal world. Your experience of the world is based only on personal impact.

Do you have any idea of just how many possibilities are occurring in reality that you or I have absolutely no knowledge of? Well those things are not a part of what makes up our vision of the world. We tend to believe that we have a pretty good handle on the whole world but we don’t. What we experience of the world cannot even fit on a pin head. We are disillusioned with our concept or of our definition of what ‘the world’ is. The world as experienced is only your personal slice of it, despite your travels to many countries; you still have not experienced the entirety of all the possibilities that exists. We have not experienced what the world could be like for a great many. This is perhaps one of the most significant illusionary hurdles we must leap; the realization that the world has been defined for us by someone else through images, stories, concepts and planted beliefs. Anyone who says that no one else on the planet knows what they know or has discovered what they have is small in thought. The world exists in layers and what most of us interact with is a version of the world congruent with our own frequency or acceptable perception of reality.

The cycles provide the playing field. Through the cycles moments are captured and defined as time. We then have an allotted time to cycle through a series of certain experiences. Certain conditions are prevalent in each cycle allowing for certain emotional impact with essential occurrences. We however exist in a timeless existence and we are the ones making time. Celebrating the new matrix cycle when understood can have a profound impact on how the rest of the cycle plays out for you. To realize that you are not a victim of time but rather the creator of time, is completely different and will ignite a new approach. Remember that although January may begin with a chain of marketed and publicized events striking fear and immobilization; these are triggers and codes that can silently influence the manner in which the rest of the cycle plays out for you. Enter the cycle of 2011 perhaps with a new realization of your choice to be here and create new strategies for understanding your experiences. Examine those patterns and their associations over the many cycles that you have indulged them. Resolutions about losing weight or being a better person or getting out more or whatever those resolutions may be, the fact that you have apparently been doing the opposite should be examined. What do you associate those essential changes with? How have you been defining yourself when engaged in the role or character you have been playing? There are no regrets on what you have been or how you have lived it is imply what you were in that moment of the experience. Those were your cycles.

The new cycle should not define you but rather you should consciously define or fluidly create that which you wish from the heart. These cycles are simply extensions from one to the other. Don’t dread the New Year but rather view it as an opportunity to step up your game in rediscovering new strategies in creating the world you wish to experience. Remember that the world does not need saving as it is only responding to our perceptions and reflecting the imagination of the human mind. From distortion to clarity the job of the system or matrix is to allow the human experience to occur based on all the possibilities that we dream up. Every thought counts! Begin to change what your world looks like for you and not focus on changing what it looks like for someone else. We can impact greater change on external reality by changing our personal reality. Every moment is filled with opportunities and 2011 is simply another grand moment in the never ending cycles. You are the time keeper!



BlueAngel 30th December 2010 1:20 pm

Thank you for your brilliant and Crystaline Clarity...a beacon as we reorient at the end of 2010 and begin our new cycle!
Breathe out...then expand...


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