Honoring Who You Are

To own who you are in every moment and to honor your truth without fear of ridicule is an extremely freeing experience. This can be accomplished without imposing our truth on others unless invited to share. Honoring ones truth is also about realizing that it is not necessary to debate or to defend your position. Debating, defending and sharing are very different experiences. If there is fear in owning ones truth we should then seek to understand what it is that is feared or speculated about the potential outcome. To be who you are is not about bravery it is simply about being who you are; you are a reflection of your understanding.

Operating from a perspective of needing to save the world and taking it on as your personal mission is really about your need to experience what it would be like to be a superhero. The stage is always set and the characters are always there to support all experiences. Saving the world/people is a common sentiment most often experienced at some point in our awakening. Most often this is a result of the excitement felt as we grow into a more profound memory of who we are. Awakening from that space of thinking can propel us back to our inner connection as we shift away from the energy expelled externalizing. To observer the game while participating in it can establish opportunities although viewed as challenges they can become opportunities. We then no longer live from a mindset of endless challenges but rather from the perspective of opportunities and growth. How do you test the boundaries or the freedom of what is known unless there are simulations? To honor ones truth is to test the very brim of time and space (despite its nonexistence).

So remember that classifying your actions as bravery has nothing to do with simply honoring who you are. Throughout history great leaders have stepped into positions despite the apparent danger but they we simply being who they were. If your perception is about doing battle or being an advocate understand the energy in which you stand as this is a warring planet. Everything in this context of reality is about opposition and opponents. However to stand in representation of your awareness can move mountains without engaging in battles. Battles are about the opposing forces of right and wrong as defined by the human program. Operating from a space of resonance shifts one from a space of judgment for ultimately everyone is only responding according to what resonates. We are responding according to the vibration of one’s consciousness; the vibration of one’s awareness or awake-ness. Just be!


Nada 26th July 2011 7:05 pm



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Sonia Barrett like many has been a seeker of more expansive knowledge since childhood. Her work is an embrace of science and spirituality as one in the same. 

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