Importance of Oxygen in Vibratory Shifts

This collective existence known as the Earth realm is sustained by a world which exists on the other side of what may be scientifically viewed as a subatomic center, the original creator realm, separated in a manner comparable to the black hole, white hole phenomena. It is the sustaining force behind this holographic/virtual world in which we hold our perceivable existence. We exist simply as a reflection of the realm beyond.

Reality as collectively perceived is sustained by the on going flow of harmonic transmissions projected from the original creator world, travelling throughout the cosmos, wrapped in its destiny of enfoldment unto the planet and all surrounding life force. The structure of this hologram is sustained by these transmissions, for all things in the physical are representative of a frequency, a configuration of energy forming specific patterns in time. All that we see around us, and all that we are, is an intricate collection of information, transmitting and receiving throughout all life via the process of the manifested experience. All life inhales and exhales in the process of transmitting and receiving. To inhale is to receive and to exhale is to transmit. In this process of inhaling and exhaling, both actions meet at the center known as the core, mirroring the process that occurs at the subatomic center.

As humanity stands in position, waiting anxiously for planetary/ cosmic transcendence, the dance of confusion and old programming continue to intercept the harmonic flow of this great change. This transition requires humanities' rediscovery of their sovereignty, which will in turn reactivate cellular memory within the biogenetic ship known as the human body. While most of humanity remains engulfed in religious fairytales, and disempowerment, we must strive to reclaim the knowledge of the cosmic dance encoded within our being, for indeed we are the great mystery school that will become accessible when sovereignty is sought and reclaimed. We need not seek outside of ourselves once we have embraced the understanding that we exist within the dance of Energy, the particle, wave dance. We ultimately exist in the space of mind, a projection solidified through the science of the imagination, (image-in-action) holographic in design, (a hollow -graphic projection; a graphic structure supported from within by Energy through the pathway of Emotion). Such an acceptance must far exceed intellectual knowing, for the flame of desire must burn deeply within our being in order to redirect the body into a harmonic alignment for reactivation.

It is a documented and accepted fact that the human brain functions in a minute capacity, yet the control panels for this cosmic ship in which we each reside, is located within the brain. The human dilemma of both drama and trauma are reflective in the physical and the emotional health of most beings on the planet. The importance of oxygen to the human form far transcends the perception of its limited purpose in sustaining the physical body. The stimulation of varying levels of brain wave activity is dependent on a flood of oxygen to the brain. Shallow breathing currently exists as a plague within our reality. This in turn minimizes the flow of oxygen throughout the entire physical form, impacting on the physical and emotional health of all beings, as dis-ease is being experienced on a mass level. It is important that we maintain a conscious memory that the body is a transmitter and receiver, a configuration of the electromagnetic spectrum, color, light and sound. The complex configuration of the electromagnetic harmonics, transcending from the subatomic levels of the cosmos are encoded within the atomic structure of oxygen molecules. As we inhale and exhale we have the ability to absorb levels of transmissions that will take us beyond this time and space.

Oxygen carries the electrical charge needed to sustain the cells natural function. There are numerous levels of transmissions accessible according to the magnitude of brainwave frequency. Activating more elevated levels of brainwave frequencies above the hertz/radio field, will require an expansive flow of oxygen throughout the brain. The cells are fully encoded with the harmonics of creation accessible by uncovering the multiple layers of this cellular encoding. Human emotion is a determining factor in the level of oxygen that is maintained within the body. Emotional output impacting trauma on the body will cause a depletion of oxygen in the cellular level. The cells begin to suffocate from the lack of oxygen while drowning in the fluid which has settled around the cells along with trapped blood protein leaking out of the bloodstream.

The current explosive awareness of the benefits of oxygen is no coincidence. Humanity has peaked in its evolution according to specific reoccurring experiences and patterns. The dance of vibratory transcendence in our cosmos requires a tremendous shift in the vibration of planetary awareness. It is therefore essential that we begin to awaken in our understanding and in our memory of the sovereign design of the human body. It is a self contained vessel that will be reactivated as we begin to properly engage the breath through deep breathing. Oxygen is the transporter of Chi/ energy/ electromagnetic charge to every cell and tissue in the body. This depletion of oxygen is reflective of the shallow intake of breath as we breathe. Deep breathing requires an intake of breath from the core, the central point located above the navel. Shallow breathing disallows us connection with the core. All the vital organs are within this area of the body. When we connect with the core we are moving sexual energy up the spine, up and around the energy centers, the charkas. We are raising the Kundalini, igniting the fire of life throughout the form and reactivating all the compartments within the brain. Oxygen is indeed the great portal activator. For it transports the chi, the electromagnetic juice necessary for time travel. This current time and space, this illusion, this virtual world, is supported by our inability to access full brain activation.

Almost all things in our reality are designed to limit the intake of oxygen to the human body, thereby limiting the flow of oxygen to the brain. As oxygen is increased to the body through deep breathing we begin to feel the entire body tingle, the head will pulsate with a feeling of expansion as we are in the midst of shifting brainwave frequencies. It is important that we consciously determine our objective in our pursuit of knowledge. Are we aiming at temporary solutions, quick fixes or shallow comfort. If we are indeed in search of ever expanding knowledge, we must embrace the pursuit of sovereignty, which requires the release of all dependent attachments of people, places and things. For such dependency requires a tremendous relinquishment of chi/energy/oxygen which sustains the emotional output embedded in and around the attachment. There are numerous breathing techniques being taught at this time, when sovereignty is the objective, the energy of the desire is established and echoes through all time and space allowing us to encounter teachers/instructors that will assist us in our quest for a holistic expansion. Remember that a sovereign being does not desire or encourage the worship of others. A holistic expansion encompasses spirit, mind and body stimulating and producing the chemicals and hormones needed to create an electromagnetic shift.

Through specific techniques known as Lymph logy the oxygenation distribution to the body is reactivated. The Lymphatic system is the cleansing system of the body and operates by draining "the stagnant pond, and pull out all the "excess blood protein" and water , along with the dead cells and poisons from the spaces around the cells" as stated by Dr .Samuel West. Through the Electrical stimulation of Oxygen the power centers are turned on and the cells become energetically charged through out the entire body. Through adverse human emotions, diet and shallow breathing the sodium-potassium pumps within the cells are shut off, thereby decreasing the oxygen supply to the cells, resulting in trapped blood protein. Every cell in the body is an electrical generator dependent on oxygen in order to maintain its natural function of converting glucose into energy.

It is clear that the lack of oxygen to the body results in pain, disease and eventually death. Within the atomic structure of our being are protons, neutrons and electrons, all electrical. The human body is therefore an electrical structure which derives its electrical charge through the flow of oxygen which unites spirit, mind and body. As we breath deeply, we stand in position to consciously inhale the cosmic harmonic blending of the electromagnetic spectrum of color, light and sound. These transmissions are intricately woven within the atomic structure of Oxygen.


Barry 2nd April 2010 10:36 pm

Wow - what can I say but this is so simple and so important. It is what we all say to each other over and over again. Just breath.

We know how important it is and how grounding.

I must admit I have a goal to do what you say. That is to breath deep.

It is so helpful that you have stated this simple truth in such a profound way. The intellectalization of this need be dramatized to get the point across.

We are comfortable breathing shallow. That just won't cut it if we want to up our vibration.

We have some work to do and that is a simple chore to add to our every daily activity. To Breath Deep. How Simple.

Thank you so much for dramatizing this point.


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