It is our Perception of Time that Binds us to our Static view of the Physical

Why speak with such authority about the nature of time followed by contradictions about one’s mortality.  This is a common way of thinking among many including our scientists. We live under primitive concepts and beliefs although we are making evolutionary leaps in technology and in our understanding of consciousness. The concept of time is a core component if we are to penetrate the world of matter by mastership of this science. In each of us the subject of health plays a significant role in reducing the density of the body in order to align and to travel with the expanding consciousness. However health must be addressed from perspectives beyond our oral intake of food. What we consume is ultimately not the deciding factor but rather the density of one’s beliefs, perceptions and the model of reality constructed. 

Our engrained perception of time and mortality limits the cycles of these physical bodies. The body expires most often from the density of though forms, beliefs and perceptions interpreted as ill health or disease. There is also ancestral and bloodline density.   Aging by deterioration is evidence of our view of time. To age doesn’t have to mean decay but rather a less dense body cycling through the experience of the physical world with the ability to move in and out of this concept of time. This is the magic of ascending in understanding and in memory. Investing energy worrying about meeting timelines for ascension and for 2012 becomes just another matrix for the journey is fluid. We travel and meet our journey according to our own expansiveness. 2012 marks the ending of a great cosmic matrix cycle as it relates to this collective space.

There is indeed an impact on the consciousness of the planet as a new wave emerges bringing a new cycle of programs for the evolving planet. These cycles present us with a model of time for without the concept of time there could be no cycles. There is much that should be observed and questioned here. These cycles are simply a navigation system designed to changes the direction of the game much like a multiple disk player. After each song is played it moves to the next song until it completes a full cycle. You may hit reset play the same songs again or new songs which will also run through a cycle. However this emerging cycle does present an opportunity for a deeper awareness to emerge among the masses. This high voltage coming through can be used as a conduit. After all the new song being played is about an evolution in consciousness. Contrary to popular belief this is something that will occur on various levels for each being.

Must we be regulated by these cycles? This is a question that no one really asks at least not outwardly. To ask questions that are completely outside the scope of popularity by scientists as well as the general populace is to shake your own self out of this deep sleep. Common questions don’t do the trick it’s the outrageous questions that zap you beyond the comfort zone of this cosmic game. This cosmic game might not necessarily be quite what we think it is…it almost never is!


skye 26th August 2011 10:15 am

Wow! Cool! Your words open the new levels of comprehension. It is time to think and feel boldly. Thank You for speaking these words outloud!

RebelintheLight 26th August 2011 12:42 pm

Another timely, beautiful, informative message from a Light-filled Spirit. Much Apprection and Blessings!

Ron Laswell 26th August 2011 7:27 pm

Exactly! This whole fervor about 2012 is inadvertently focusing people upon the calendar. In the fullness of the moment - just BE!


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