Operating Outside of the System's Protocol

During the past several weeks I have stepped into levels of understanding about the nature of creation, taking me even further outside the normal protocols of reality as experienced by collective consciousness. Such interception has a profound effect on every action in one’s life even the most mundane of everyday actions. This is all relative of course as we all experience a shift in our reality as we are impacted by the minutest change.   

This becomes interesting as others will express to you that they understand what you mean or what you are experiencing yet you know that they don’t. How can that be determined? For myself I determine the possibility that such a person truly understand my current position simply by an observation of their action, by their language, their belief system and their thought process. This does not mean however that their experience is disqualified or of less value than mine but it simply means that we are on two different wavelength of experience.

The content of upcoming lectures clearly expresses the direction of information unfolding within me at this time. Many continue to wonder how it is that I am able to access this information and my response is generally the same, “I do not have a lid on what the potentials are, I am not afraid to see what it is that we are or how we were designed”. Now I do know that a number of people will be quick to say that they too do not have a lid on creation nor are they afraid to discover what it is that we are but their actions and their responses tell me otherwise. While I may not be from this neck of the woods in terms of Earth as we know it to be I am here just like you and I know what my objectives are at this time in the game and that would be to continue to spread out into forever but from an ever expanding consciousness instead of a sleeper.  

The issue is that humans are afraid of being disqualified from being what they think they are, but what I am showing is that yes consciousness is the ultimate force in charge but these bodies and this experience is a construct ran by cycles which operate like computer programs. Our universe is a system of program streams written to provide a specific kind of outcome or experience. However this can all be overridden if we will allow ourselves to truly examine the truth of what we currently are and what we continue to be unless we awaken. The engineering of this reality construct and programs are relentless and are cleverly written so no matter how you attempt to transcend them they loop you into yet another simulation.

Now let me engage you further in the new realizations that have come about in my consciousness.  Humans fear the thought of being insignificant or not special so concepts outside of our comfort zone of indoctrinations are quickly tossed aside for more comforting concepts. However it is the discovery of the kinds of information that we shy away from that actually hold the key. Throughout all historical texts pertaining to spirituality or human existence it is noted that very few will find the door at any one time in any given cycle of evolution. This conclusion becomes more evident each day as people scramble to hold on the old beliefs inserted into their minds and within the overall human program by more aware forces both on the planet and outside of our planet’s terrain.  I

t is necessary to recognize that all that we create in the name of technology is mirrored from the engineering of our own construct as physical beings. We are also mirroring the design formula of the universal system and all inclusive systems known as planets; galaxies, solar systems etc. The entire procession operates based on cycles to which we are tied. These cycles are on a timer which creates a domino effect of cycles from beyond zero point right through to this third dimension. However these cycles are program streams no different than a computer program. We naturally want immediately imagine that this spiral of cycles descending from beyond zero point is the totality of all creation; it is not! It is simply a separate program stream directly related to a specified reality with its own unique protocols. That program stream is coded based on a “what if” blueprint for a human being! Not every experience in core consciousness involves the model of a human being or the human experience. Therefore humans are generated from a specific set of programs. Who generates these programs? Well this is where system lords/engineers come into play or system architects. These are simply aspects of core consciousness operating at various levels of the descending program stream. They operate based on the original imagination of the “what if” consciousness; the processing of potentials and possibilities endlessly exploring itself.

Remember that all that exist are concepts.  The idea of a ruling God is derived from these engineers/architects. They however maintain their position while incorporating aspects of their consciousness into this experience we call the third dimension. These are the life forms on the planet we call human beings; the you and the me along with all forms of life on the planet including the planet itself!

In steps our obsession with Ascended Masters and guides. They are all programs coded into the general experience of the planet. Not only are they a program construct but they were incorporated during a certain cyclic shift in human evolution as watchers/guardians and regulators of reality as perceived by humans. Once humans made their way onto the planet operating from a diminished mindset in these physical bodies some thought it essential to position certain archetypes into the game experience. So we were wired/programmed with the savior/lord and master/god program which we hold dearly to at this time. This is perhaps the most limiting program designed for a human being. Next came the death program to which humans are wired.

Although these bodies are robotic and designed with a deeply rooted set of programs they can be overridden however the programming is so deeply rooted that one looks forward to an expiration at the end of a determined cycle. With the aid of much of these programmed inserts to which humans look for guidance in the past 15-20 years humans have been more strongly encouraged to look forward to the afterlife. A sudden surge of near death experiences were wired into the experience no different than the countless themes that have come and gone in these cyclic processions. Humans are more confident than ever that they should go towards the light. What is the light? This is another space of existence that one’s consciousness is ushered into. There was a surge of books and experiences by those having near death experiences and going towards the light, this allowed them to return and encourage others that it’s ok…it feels really good…go ahead and “expire”.

Well once again in this shrewd game with all of its trickery and twists and turns humans do not exist long enough in their bodies to override a certain set of programs which have their own expiration dates if only we could hang on long enough to acquire enough memory/knowledge. It is why you must “expire” so soon for this disallows you to discover more of what you can be. I will not bombard this article with the science to support my conclusions but I hope to share that aspect in upcoming lectures.

There are some that will disqualify what I am presenting and that is ok…you see the system counts on the fact that the majority will disregard this truth but I am providing it none the less for those who will recognize what it is that I am sharing; those who will find a resonance. Again you may ask how do I know these things, I will tell you this much I have not acquired this knowledge from channeling any external forces but rather from a place within me that maintains an aware existence in all potentials and in all pockets of that which exists and that which does not exist. I am technically no different than anyone. This is what I share with you and perhaps it is your time to move about in a more profound manner.

This kind of unfolding knowledge which I have touched on is not doubt shifting my life to OPERATING OUTSIDE OF THE SYSTEM’S PROTOCOL. This is challenging as things crumble around you yet you cannot reach for the same solutions for those solutions are only associated with who you were prior to this heightened level of understanding. So what do you do when your world seems to fall apart around you, well this is where you begin to reflect on the new knowledge and hold stead fast to knowing that you are becoming even more of a magician. You begin to recognize that you are entering a new field of thought and with that occurring a new reality must be created, new people, new concepts a new life. Is there fear? Yes because you are wondering into uncharted territory and it does not matter how many times you may have experienced a shift they are all different and where you end up will hopefully be different than the old patterns you left behind.

Although you will continue to observe the outer world the emotional impact of these disasters and survival displays and the general motion of the world is seen, felt and experienced differently. You do not pray for peace and you do not pray for unity but instead you see a reality/people that/who do not need to be saved but rather to be given compassion if that is felt and honor them for their bravery in being part of such an experience. We all graduate from many levels of experiences but we simply do not all discover the door at the same time. This is simply the nature of the game. I know that there are many preaching about humanity moving collectively towards a brighter day…well again this is all based on perception so there will be collective shifts into various constructs and concepts of existence and none will be the wiser as to their advancements or setbacks. Yes that’s the nature of the game, wherever you lay your hat is truly your home so why would you question anything. What I have learned is that you keep moving…moving in unlimited awareness, no limiting belief systems, no ritualistic practices that keep you trapped for years without you adding dimension to those practices.

I do hope that I was able to bring a bit more clarity to the direction of information that I will be presenting as I gain even more insight into an even more profound level of awareness yet to come.


ninaferrell 5th April 2010 7:39 am

Absolutely amazing. We are dreaming a dream which we are afraid to see as a dream. Thank you.

ninaferrell 5th April 2010 7:40 am

Something more - channeling is a path to finding out that there is no one to channel....

k 5th April 2010 10:38 am

Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas, His father's kingdom lays out before us, but few are able to see it. I often wonder if the world will change 2012, or if the perception of some of the people will change and they will see the heaven on earth, but others will continue their journey toward the Light, remaining in the illusion of the program.

Satya 7th April 2010 12:48 am

I absolutely agree with what you say. I would even say...it is already happening!


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