Redefining our Concepts of Computers, Science and Technology

Reality is indeed a virtual experience, it is the reason that we see with our brains and not with our eyes. Science is experiencing an evolution in perception just enough to begin to see more of what creation is and not what it isn't, for creation is any and everything. This process supports our gradual progression in re-encountering a vast array of potentials. Much of the human race has a fear of discovering that we are not what was once thought or what we have been told by our scientists or our religions. At this time it would serve us well to redefine our concepts of computers, science and technology. For what we are discovering is that the idea or concept termed reality is really supported by an advanced technological construct. In a number of my writings and lectures I have repeatedly discussed the definition of technology. This simply involves the shaping of energy into various patterns and forms of possibilities according to the imagination.

The formation of subatomic particles coming together to form our visual illusion of a third dimensional world is a scientific and technological process. Energy or substance or the stuff of life emerges as an intelligent networking system which very much so functions like a computer system. I have often said that in our world we are mimicking the design of grander systems. At the same time in our world a number of scientists are working on the man and machine merger but what I see is a more organic alternate process involving the human body. Such external technologies will serve their purpose but what is to be realized is the possibility of the activation of inner technology and regenerating the body from the inside out. The body is also a replication of this more intricate system. It is the reason why we are so challenged by our bodies. It is because we do not understand them. We do not understand that they are capable of so much more so instead we fall victim to the limitations that have been presented to us; those limitations that have been programmed into our minds. It is up to the individual to discover what he/she is and to strive to reach endless possibilities.

In my recent lecture Going Beyond the Boundaries of Destiny and Fate, concepts were without a doubt way outside the box. My realization is that reality is wild and intricate yet simple. What I am also aware of is our fear of leaving our comfort zones. To always strive for and to stretch with intention to reach the next level of potential, is a natural process, but it's very difficult to stretch when the ceiling you have created is only an inch or two above your head. For some a ceiling provides a level of comfort; a level of protection from intruders and for a small minority there is no ceiling. Having your ceiling disappear provides unlimited latitude; we can stretch without ever reaching the top.

Constructing this short article somehow seemed necessary for I do realize that I am expanding into levels of awareness that will continue to seem outrageous but I am completely ready for the outrageous. To go beyond the limitations of the level one human experience is to begin to step beyond our boundaries of time, space and distance. As author Gary Zukav stated in his book The Dancing WuLi Masters

“Subatomic phenomena, in general are inaccessible to all but those with access to elaborate (and expensive) facilities. Even at the most expensive and elaborate facilities, however we can see only the effects of subatomic phenomena. The subatomic realm is beyond the limits of sensory perception. It is also beyond the limits of rational understanding. Of course we have rational theories about it, but “rational” has been stretched to include what formerly was nonsense, or, at best, paradox.”

An important word here is “rational” for as Gary Zukav points out that the rational has been stretched to include what was formerly considered nonsense or a paradox. This is of importance for in order to step into the world of possibilities (the subatomic realm) one must be able to see beyond the neatly tied together conclusions. There is nothing to fear for we are already all that we attempt to escape, those things that we cling to and everything in between hence the great paradox. We are in constant search for ourselves deciding what we are and what we cannot be. The existence of any and all concepts of reality is a phenomenon driven by the technology of the mind and consciousness. Both levels of intelligence have cohesively designed the technology of these vehicles known as our bodies in conjunction with the spirit. To allow ourselves to change our perception filters will greatly allow us to operate these body on a level that will exceed the illusionary boundaries of our “matter” fixed restrictions based on the laws of physical reality.

As we expand the road may seem to narrow but that is only for a little while for down the road are others already functioning in the world of the unlimited. We have a choice to cross over to that alternate possibility or we may choose to stay exactly where we are. Either way you can’t lose. You will simply be playing either the game of the limited or the game of the unlimited. You choose!


zorro 21st February 2011 9:16 am

Amazing, isn't it? So much attention on technology and all the marvelous possibilities that can be attained by its manipulation. But it is still all "playing on the surface". Things are what they. They are predictable and can be manipulated to create certain affects. Thankfully, particle physics shows us other possibilities.

We are poised as a species to make a quantum leap into a new awareness. As Bob Dylan says in his song "Everything is broken". How wonderful! Maybe we will have no other choice but to finally make the leap into a wholeness where we not just "see", but actually "perceive" right down to the very particle level. The question is, "To what do particles respond"? How are we creators in relation to them? What energies influence them? What will we do with this? This is where our "destiny" is taking us.

shapeshifter 21st February 2011 12:06 pm

The bottom line is that expanded awareness expands our options and experiences.

Extra sensory perception is the blueprint for all advanced technology.


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