Spiritual Exhaustion

Is there ever a moment when there is truly nothing left to give. Most everyone has experienced that moment of spiritual exhaustion. It’s that feeling of having tried repeatedly yet things seem to take two steps forward and three steps back. The idea of being positive becomes even more exasperating especially when others enforce this idea in an attempt to be encouraging. It is the journey through the valley and into the dark night. What is perhaps perplexing is the certainty held in believing that one has exceeded a reoccurrence of that experience. One is left speechless, exhausted, a little ticked off and thinking what the *%#@.

It is a very interesting place to be as there is no desire to utilize anything that you know or have learned or thought that you understood. This is indeed spiritual exhaustion for you have been trying and doing and learning and falling and getting up and dusting yourself off. Perhaps this time you don’t quite know how to get back up or if you even care about getting back up. Ah the journey! 

So how do you recover from this tiresome trek?  How do you create momentum and reignite passion in moving forward.  Examine the synchronicities in one’s life along with the disappointments which have created great opportunities in one’s life; such as a relocation/move or new friends, a new career or job, love, a deeper awareness of yourself perhaps even an exploration of your inner demons. These gifting experiences can be a great reminder and can also shed light on those dimly lit moments. Every disappointment holds purpose. Every set back might actually propel you forward. Our perceptions get the best of us. When things don’t unfold as planned or perceived we are strangled by the uncertainty of the outcome. Sometimes sharing your feelings with others might actually add fuel to the fire and you may come away feeling even more frustrated.

Most often we are aware of the response that may come from the individual we elect to share our current dilemma. It’s best not to open yourself up to what you do not wish to hear and should you do so knowing the outcome then what is said to you is exactly what you needed to hear despite your displeasure. Listen closely to what is being said for there are answers coded in what has been said.  The appropriate character with just the right personality steps forward to assist by translating data that is already in you, information that you cannot readily see or access at the moment. Everything, every situation, everyone including your environment is providing you with the data necessary to be decoded for change.

So every certainty and every uncertainty is establishing a pathway that is aligned with our desires and perceptions. How many times have you been disappointed about the timing of things but it turns out that when things did unfold it was perfect timing. There are also challenges in knowing when to push against the grain and when not to. When there is discomfort in any action and fear its best to stop and examine the core of such feelings. If there is satisfaction in doing nothing then follow that feeling for your head will encourage you to respond based on fear but your heart will direct you to the patch that is necessary for growth. One might say that you followed your heart in matters of love and you were severely hurt well that was the experience needed. Deep down there are certain truths which we are aware of in regards to the people that we become involved with but we take the journey anyway. What we come away with are necessary experiences.

Spiritual exhaustion is generally centered on patterns; relentless patterns in our lives. We continue to come full circle back to the same old experiences again and again. When this happens one can view it as an opportunity to avoid all previous choices associated with the patterns. Begin breaking the cycle of investing in the same old choices otherwise patterns get caught in a loop that will continuously return to you. This is a powerful method of recovery. It is evident that all previous choices have created a specific path of outcomes which simply repeat. When this happens those solutions are short lived and they dead end and bounce back.

This process emphasizes the necessity in breaking limiting habits. A habit is a pattern. Spiritually progressive beings seem to have their lives rattled into intense changes…why is that. When one sets out on a journey of inner discovery it is challenging to explore great depths when one is encumbered by old programs, beliefs and perceptions. This clearing then becomes necessary in order to see the path. Not everyone greets this seemingly forced change with ease; some will struggle to hold on to the old. In doing so we limit the momentum for progression as our eyes and minds become more fixed on what might appear to be a struggle for survival.

What is meant by “spiritual” most especially in this context? It is not the spirit that is exhausted but rather the struggle to remain in alignment with the spirit. We are emotionally overcome with the frequency or energy of the physical world no differently than an addiction. We are up against an addiction to the vibration of physicality. The physical world is an addictive experience when in a physical body for any length of time. We are chemically addicted to the experience being processed through the five senses or more. This is a struggle between the visible and the invisible realm as we belong to both. The visible is however a byproduct of the invisible. We are overcome by the density of the physical and that density is replicated in the body as a result of our thought process, stored and trapped emotions, beliefs and unresolved matters as we travel through this virtual game of time and space.

Spiritual exhaustion is then a result of this relentless redemption of a more expansive existence or a more expansive self.  How we elect to interpret our experiences makes all the difference in where we go from here. It makes all the difference in determining just how long one will remain in spiritual exhaustion for if the gift of change being presented is not embraced the challenges may appear even greater. Reality is a game of perceptions. How does one determine that which begs to be changed? The circumstances being presented is the vehicle of opportunity for change. More specifically if this is a familiar pattern then the choices previously used to resolve this matter must be examined for those choices no longer serve you. Should one elect the same old choices out of fear or desperation the loop will not break but will move along a path much like a race track until it makes its way back to where it started.

What we fear most is losing control or of one’s world crumbling. Losing control is a gift for it is the automated self that has been controlling things all along. It controls based on learned experiences and learned resolutions. It makes choices based on its programming for survival. When that kind of control is lost and fear is absent we can more clearly see the truth of the smoke and mirrors that we fight to hold on to. We can hear and feel our more expansive self from which solutions will come. What might seem to be the worst possible outcome could be the best possible outcome for ones opinion of the best outcome is most often built on the survival program. It all works.

Every situation has something in it for us; there is always a gift to be retrieved. All of life is synchronistic; each moment aligns with the next to meet the conditions of your journey. What are the conditions of your journey? Is it to continue the same experiences until you expire? Is it to fight against change? Is it to be limited in your perceptions and beliefs? Is it to go the unlimited extra mile? If it is indeed to go the unlimited extra mile then stepping outside of the box is a prerequisite to freeing our minds and bodies. The illusionary boundaries of time will be made clear for all of our actions and addictions are tied into our perception or programming of time. It is why we coddle the physical in fear of running out of time. It is why the survival program works so well for we fear nonexistence; this is a core program in all human beings. This program can also be a gift in propelling us to discover more about who we are and our potential to exceed time as we have embraced it be.

Spiritual exhaustion can be a great gift at this moment for it is a grand opportunity to release, change and become less dense. It is an opportunity for tremendous vibrational shifts. While experiencing this process simply allow one ’s self to feel, express and allow emotions to play out, don’t fight them with positive thinking. Let them emerge so that you can see exactly what is at the root of your belief system; it’s an opportunity to see the inner saboteurs of one’s life. These are the emotions we fight against in attempting to remain positive as we do battle with doubt. Positivity must come freely unencumbered by doubt. Doubt is also a gift. Unveiling the master within is the gift of the journey and only you can bring forth what you already are. It’s the great work and so when we ask the question of how we can change the world we must take it to heart that the world is only being experienced by each of us according to the conditions of our journey. It always comes back to the individual. Ultimately spiritual exhaustion is about the unveiling of the master within it is the key to experiencing the world on new levels of perception. Find the gift!


laughlight 24th August 2011 2:06 pm

Beautifully said! thank you for this post...so true, so perfect. Namaste

RebelintheLight 24th August 2011 9:45 pm

I have been a long-time visitor to Spirit Library. After reading your message today I decided to join to express my immeasurable gratitude to you for stating so eloquently that which has been my experience since the start of this week. I am so thankful to you for assisting me to shift my perception to a higher perspective and to see the beauty embedded in the Truth of my present circumstances. Love, Light, and Infinite Abundant Blessings to you and All who read this! My heart is glowing. <3

lifeofwellbeing 26th August 2011 10:33 am

Beautiful and timely contribution, there is so much lose of control at present, so many effected. I work in health care and I seeing issues in a magnitude never seen before. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.

tulips4dolphins 26th August 2011 11:24 pm

wow. thanks! i always relate/love your posts. keep them coming, please. you always seem to articulate (so well) that which i know, but do not write out!....
peace & joyful blessings, suzan


Mercedestarz 28th August 2011 5:14 pm

Thank you, "Spiritual Exhaustion" it is a gift full of opportunities....
:thumbs: :thumbs:


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