Subtle Running Programs of Self-Imprisonment - Part 2

Government, Religion & Education: The Keepers of The Matrix

Reality – a result of the vibration of collective and individual consciousness

To understand that such systems are instrumental in holding the game in place is to understand the necessity of those roles they play. These systems are running programs. They act as pilots of the survival program. We are reminded that the game is about survival…or so we are lead to believe. Planetary life reflects the adage of “survival of the fittest”. What is to be contemplated is that this virtual life is about the experiencing of everything. The survival program seems to induce evolution upon us as a species and as individuals. The entire cosmic experience is about possibilities.

How those possibilities unfold is however unique to the individual. We are wired for different kinds of experiences according to our bloodline, ancestral line and the requirements of the journey. Life is being experienced not by random acts but by a series of conditions that are aligned in order to achieve the mission of the journey. For some the journey is about awakening to the cosmic game from a level requiring no go betweens but instead complete ownership of one’s self as creator, others will require a go between along with fantastic stories causing distractions from owning personal power, another’s journey might involve being completely submerged in the earthly experience with no desire to be awakened on an level.

Although 2012 is viewed as bringing a complete consciousness overhaul, there are different interpretations of what that overhaul entails. It is important to remain open to the fact there are a number of misinterpretations of ancient history along the lines of planetary evolution. It is essential that we consider the possibility of an evolutionary leap from times past that was really about a vibrational leap. This of course still entails a shift in consciousness. This kind of potential shift more than likely would involve a pocket or handful of people not necessarily bound together as a singular group mind. This kind of leap more than likely is undocumented or misinterpreted as the common human perception generally leans towards planetary destruction and inhalation of the human race. Such a leap would appear to be a shift into an invisible space just a shade above this (assuming we are sharing a common view of reality) reality. It is then invisible to participants of a lower vibrating consciousness or reality. The point is that reality exists in vibrational layers. It would also be a natural progression for the individual just as we journey from one country to the next or from one town to the next. Why; because the individual has been progressively moving through the necessary changes and shifts beyond the automated programs and cycles. We are only seeing what we are immediately focused on. Standing in this space of awareness further opens our minds and brings latitude to our perception in stepping beyond group or collective limitations. This is not about expelling energy in figuring out whether we are shifting into the fifth or sixth dimension. This is about fluidly progressing as we become more of who we really are. Such concepts are safety nets for us because as human beings the idea of wandering into the unknown is terrifying. Although we might not be familiar with the fifth or sixth dimension there is a sense of comfort in having the name of a location in mind. We are seeking security and assuredness.

The science or design of the playground of consciousness cannot be limited to finite paradigms. Consciousness constructs reality according to awareness and the awakeness of the individual or of the collective. Individuals operating in a more expansive state of awareness have the opportunity to move between worlds. Does this sound farfetched? It is not farfetched when viewed as profound science. We are experiencing the shape shifting of energy. What limit us are our perceptual boundaries.

"The Explicate Order, weakest of all energy systems, resonates out of and is an expression of an internal infinitely more powerful order of energy called the Implicate order. It is the precursor of the Explicate, the internal dreamlike vision or the ideal presentation of that which is to become manifest as a physical object. The Implicate order implies within it all physical universes. However, it resonates from an energy field which is yet greater, the realm of pure potential. It is pure potential because nothing is implied within it; implications form in the implicate order and then express themselves in the explicate order. Bohm goes on to postulate a final state of internal infinite [zero point] energy which he calls the realm of insight intelligence. The creative internal process springs from this realm. Energy is generated there, gathers its pure potential, and implies within its eventual expression as the explicate order." Will Keepin, David Bohm, Noetic Science Journal

Scientists like David Bohm give rise to the possibility of these closely layered realms. In the above quote he speaks of the realm of pure potential; “It is pure potential because nothing is implied within it” he goes on further to say that “implications form in the implicate order and then express themselves in the explicate order”. This becomes significant when we consider that all forms of reality are observer based and shows itself according to the perception or the consciousness of the participant. We become engaged with a version of reality relevant to our own progression. It is here that we can see how and why “implications form in the implicate order and then express themselves in the explicate order”

To further address the idea of these invisible realms is to understand the wave particle phenomenon. We are referencing Non-locality where a wave is sharing the same Non space as a particle so in other words a wave doesn’t suddenly become a particle it already is. This defines the interconnectedness of all life, one not separate from the other. However what establishes this sense of distinction is the manner in which the observer impacts the field. Reality is embedded in a multi highway of realms in the same manner as the particle wave function. However our allegiance is singularly directed allowing the illusion of a single realm of existence. We are operating on multiple streams despite the apparent single experience.

In establishing relevance for these systems in place it is significant to view them as spokes in a wheel. They maintain movement in a particular way according to the needs of the participants of the experience. They work along the lines of order and control on levels requiring these protocols. Without properly examining the process we are left confused about the apparent state of the world along with the personal challenges we face. We question the necessity of these experiences and hope for an ending to this conflict filled reality.

The mind is endless, limited only by the guided and guarded experience in this concept of reality. Is the mind actually an aspect of space although a hologram with signatures specific to the individual? Although the potential exists for expansive perception and thoughts a collective agreement remains in place, certifying a synchronized concept of reality. This limits latitude in the collective human experience unless regulated by the progression of stages in place known as evolution. The mind then operates in a regulated manner resulting in a narrow perception base. Therefore all systems of restrictions are part of the protocols specific to the kind of collective experience being addressed here.

Reality is then synonymous to the wave particle movement. All things physical including our bodies exist as a result of this wave particle dance. This wave particle performance is responding to mind, perceptions, and thoughts and collectively they are the sum total of the vibration of our consciousness. We are then greeted by reality according to this calculation; the frequency output of collective consciousness or individualized consciousness. The state of the world is a result of this formula.

There is a feedback loop in action as we are both transmitters and receivers. There is an exchange of information that is being carried out across a vast network. Neurons firing beliefs and probabilities once they get the green light.

The brain operates off of electrical signals in the form of an image. Sensory stimuli are processed in the brain as a stream of electrical impulses created by neurons firing. Neurons are a group of cells specializing in specific functions such as the assembly of blood, organs, glands, bone etc. The body is comprised of billions of cells, which categorically form the entire organism; however the brain includes billions of neurons, which begin “firing” messages upon stimuli of the five senses. These messages are in the form of hormones, chemicals and electrical impulses.” (Excerpt from The Holographic Canvas by Sonia Barrett)

The fact that neurons fire even before the evidence of a selected choice does not mean that there is no free will. It would imply that a conclusive choice or thought emerges from the abyss or the core of probabilities before a conscious thought is formed. The choice was known in waver form and beyond. The choice was simply one existing in the stream of probabilities and potentials.

In the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) they have been able to conclude through research that the influence of human consciousness on a global level generates less than random results. These experiments were conducted to determine the effects of major global events on collective consciousness. The experiments involved such event as: after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in September 1997 as well as the events of 9/11. This is similar to the rapid dispersion of signals (information) throughout the brain when neuron fire. Further comparison was made stating that “the rapid dispersion of such a signal mimics the spread of ideas and behaviors in social networks; a sufficiently provocative idea can spread very swiftly through a population.”

What this statement confirms is the collective agreement held in place regarding the current model of reality. We can each act as a neuron firing with new insights and new models of reality. The diversity and complexity of how we exist collectively or individually in creating our own reality can be perplexing. However as we establish the model of reality ideal for us there will be base concepts of commonality with other players. Perhaps all the players or characters are really you! With that said it stands to reason that each of us should focus on internal changes and in widening our perception as this will open doors to the untapped field of potentials. To speculate from a perception of impossibility will only ensure a reality limited by ones perceptions. Is it possible that in an alternate reality we are each living the life we dream of? It’s quite possible for if indeed reality is all smoke and mirrors and that wave and particle are one in the same waiting to embark on the next potential based on the observer then self-progression is the key! Not group or Borg like philosophies unless one particularly chooses that experience. We should also keep in mind that in a hologram any part of that hologram contains the whole. So as individuals we represent various potentials of the whole; we are the whole; as this is a holographic experience.

Reshaping ones reality requires experiencing new ideas, thoughts and beliefs. The brain compiles all new information emerging from new experiences and form new thoughts. This in turn creates new interference patterns as new content is added to the library of the brain. Widening ones perception allows new experiences and probabilities which present a fluctuation in interference patterns, a necessity in creating new models of reality. We are then establishing our own personal evolution.

GOVERNMENT, RELIGION, CORPORATIONS & EDUCATION; KEEPERS OF THE MATRIX, these systems keep us focused on external solutions. Most all our restrictive programs arrive via these systems. Social coding and value systems are established under these organizations. In turn the stories we create, our beliefs and the manner in which we define ourselves are generated from these systems. (For those living outside of modern day civilization they are still part of the collective consciousness network and so there are base limiting concepts that we share as a collective.) These systems in place are organized organisms having a life of their own fueled by the emotions and minds of people. What is important to remember is the core design of the system which supports evolution according to regulated cycles. 2012 is seen as a period initiating an upsurge in collective consciousness. This is based on a cyclic timer.

The fact is that we are each responsible for our own personal progression not necessarily based on time frames as orchestrated by the astrological schedule for evolution. To release blame or anger with the systems in place is to certify ones understanding that those are tools of the automated reality. They serve their purpose for not all of humanity is clamoring for profound introspection and deep cosmic insight. The system is therefore responding to the majority of collective consciousness. Very few become invisible to this automated system but those that have may very well walk among us with an awareness of those who are on their way to crossing that threshold. These are beings crossing over not from an understanding of fear or of escape but in an appreciation of every moment in the human experience. There is no longer a polarized view of reality as good or bad but instead they embrace a realization of the smoke and mirror of the human experience. There is then a true readiness to experience a more unlimited reality! Every moment is truly a rich experience as we move about in an ocean of unlimited potentials. This journey continues to take us into forever for that’s what we already are…Forever!


greggwerks 31st January 2012 3:47 pm

Incredibly profound Sonia, Wow! Thank you for that.

onafriday 1st February 2012 12:59 am

This becomes significant when we consider that all forms of reality are observer based and shows itself according to the perception or the consciousness of the participant.

And now I apply this:

The name of my "elementary" school was "Centre" (the name has since been changed, which leaves me wondering WHY). My perception of that which existed in it's own right and did not require my observance of it, in order to exist - was literal and matter of fact. It wasn't an opinion or a perspective. The word, "centre" (variant spelling, "center") has a meaning and that meaning is NOT my own personal creation of it. Because "Centre" was my experience, I naturally seek to understand the personal meaning in it, that I was ever there to begin with.

Again, I apply it: The "centre" or "center" of my self - is a Child. It can continue, endlessly: What is the element of my child self?

Well, I grew up by the Mystic River. Maybe my element is Mystery (Mystery = My StOry).

I'm already at my "destiny" (destiny = destination). Now, I wait - in God's Circus town.

themaster 2nd February 2012 10:47 pm

I'm gonna go on record and say.. you'll really "brought it" nice :thumbs:


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