The Ascension of the Soul

Uncovering the history and potential direction of human life is one filled with confusion, deception, limitation and manipulation due to loss of memory. Humans are buried in a thought process of limitation regarding human potentials and the nature of our origin. Despite current realization that we have created both our collective reality and our individual reality it is not realized that what we continue to conceptualize are thought forms derived from someone else’s idea or dream of this matrix or third dimensional experience. We have been severely distanced from this truth as the deception of our sovereignty is supported by the ongoing dissemination of programs essential to the sustenance of this enslaving reality/consciousness.

In reviewing what has been discussed thus far on the concept of ascension we can further add that first the soul ascends then the body. As mentioned previously much of the understanding of ascension has been locked into limiting and mystical concepts. Has this misunderstanding been deliberate and if so why. Words have played an important role in the progression of life on earth. The origin of words can greatly assist in reclaiming the original meaning associated with the terminology, spiritual concepts, beliefs and ritualistic practices. It is not always possible to operate from the root origin of a word so we must process words through our nonphysical self.

The “soul” is a word or a concept holding similar understandings in most all cultures, religious and spiritual practices. We most often speak of the “soul’s” journey or purpose. For the most part it is common belief that the soul keeps record of our travels throughout the human experience. With that being understood it would stand to reason that as we move beyond the limiting programs of the third dimension we begin to shed all blinding aspects of this matrix. As we become self-realized the purpose of the soul is no longer relevant, at least not from the old limiting perception. The soul operates in multiple levels and becomes grander and unlimited as we progress in awareness.  The soul as experienced in the third dimension is an essential mechanism of the reincarnation wheel. It creates a schedule of events with specific emotional outcome as part of the processing of karmic cycles, establishing balance. The soul establishes boundaries or direction in ensuring guidance for an unrealized soul (the soul is discussed in more detail further on in this article). Karma and the reincarnation wheel are essential components in maintaining continued participation in a non-sovereign life. The science of cause and effect, supported by spiritual innocence gave rise to a planet of beings who have become slaves to this ongoing matrix. Lack of memory brought about innocence and established us as easy targets ripe for manipulation and control.

The layers of deception and memory loss are vast beyond imagination and are held in place with little resistance by human beings as the fables imparted by self imposed gods and rulers as well as the concept of gods and rulers are so strongly engrained.  This heavily engrained history has been “served up” to us in an assortment, based on culture; race, religion and spiritual history now existing within us as trusted beliefs. These beliefs form our life. We have however been controlled by those appointing themselves as gods, rulers and guardians over humanity. Although there was free will the level at which these agreements were made is so extensive that new layers of deception continue to be overlaid. We must understand that the concepts or blueprint by which the human experience has operated is itself within a system which is part of a number of other systems as previously stated, and are interrelated one within the other. It is difficult to wrap our heads around the in depth meaning of technology as this construct being described is technological.

Many of these entities in certain time periods were technology savvy, but what is technology. What we consider to be technology is but a minimal conceptualization of a much greater concept of energy modification and sculpting. In other words I am referring to those who were less limited in their ability to step outside of the box, operating at a more attuned level of advancement in cosmic science. Such high levels of technology involve the very concept by which our bodies, reality and all of physicality have been designed. The word TECH-NOLOGY is derived from; tech; tech comes from the Greek word techne and techne comes from the word art ; art comes from the Latin word ars; According to Brainy Encyclopedia “The word "art" comes from the Latin word ars, which, loosely translated, means "arrangement" or "to arrange", though in many dictionaries you will simply find it tautologically translated as "art".”; and logos- which means “talking” or “communicating”.

So the word TECHNOLOGY represents the arrangement of energy communicated through form as well as color, light and sound. To take it a step further TECHNOLOGY represents and is the interchangeable language of energy. The ancients understood this as they were attuned with the galactic and cosmic models by which our world was designed. They understood that the “mind” through imagination (image-in-action) (energy as image) was the creative force in the backdrop of all that was and all that would be created.

Over the past 20 years or so a new movement called the new age movement began to dominate and stimulate our thinking. With it came a stronger recognition of crystals, stones and a new realization of nature. For some this realization began long before it became a fad. However it was essential to bring about a movement that would impact more of collective consciousness on the planet. This was of course in preparation for these days that are up on us and those to come. We were being introduced to technology, cosmic technology but it had to be introduced to us ritualistically along with a bit of fluff and fantasy as we like children enjoy fantasy and mysticism. The new age movement has had both an imprisoning effect as well as a freeing effect. Because of our nature as creatures of habit we adapt to being trained quite easily. We are accustomed to being guided with structures and maps created for us to follow. Understand that this is not based on judgment but on an observation of a process. The new age movement brought about the possibility of discovering more about who we are.

This movement or cycle operated in a dualistic manner. The opportunity to see beyond the veil now existed and the opportunity to remain in a more expansive concept of the existing fantasy or matrix was also an option. Again due to innocence caused by an over processing of programs and layers of deception and agreements many remain unaware of these choices. The difficulty is that both choices very closely resemble one another. Many opted for the more expansive matrix. This of course provided the excitement of unlimited channeling from Ascended Masters, communication with angels and guides. The egos of many of these channels became caught up in the prestige and adoration of being part of these romanticized hierarchal counsels. They felt special in being elected by them to lead humanity and deliver messages of guidance to individuals who would now become dependent on having their lives guided by those recognized as “superior beings”, the saviors of humanity.  

Am I implying that such forces do not exist? They most certainly do exist! What humanity is largely unaware of is the history of these beings, their present position in terms of their own evolution and their true impact on the growth of the human race! Many of these so termed ascended masters did not ascend at least not in the true sense of ascension. Many continue to exist in the surrounding plains and from there they interact with humanity. For most this interaction validates their existence as they too are stuck. Validation goes both ways as many experiencing such channeling as the recipient or the vessel experience a validation of their own existence. Many of these ‘ascended masters’ are unable to move to more expansive realms for a number of reasons. They too are suffering the effects of the system programs prior to transitioning from this realm. Consciousness shifts made by humanity will affect their own movement or existence. As each of us awakens on deeper levels we initiate a severing of the programs that bind. The possibility of exiting this soul/karmic/reincarnation cycle becomes more strongly embedded as a possibility and is circulated through the morphegenic field...

In more current times with the suffering and struggles experienced by humanity we were ripe for any sign of freedom. Many willingly gravitated towards the dazzling lights of the new age movement.  This movement continues to unfold in stages impacting all aspects of religion, cultism and spiritual seekers. With much of the financial deficiency experienced by many new agers the idea of experiencing the freedom of money became a major bate. Most had gone through a subconscious programming of feeling undeserving of financial freedom and were thrilled to be freed from this concept. This freedom would become a pacifier and a distraction as what seemed like an opportunity to move forward simply became another program.  One that would create the illusion of a grander life but instead they would continue their spiritual enslavement in the matrix.  More notably in the present unfolding stages of the new age there are a number of books, speakers, workshops, videos etc., which has given focus to acquiring material possessions and money. However there are many understandings which are not explained or understood… the price of this illusion. This distraction will come at a cost, the cost of one’s true spiritual freedom. Time and time again there are books written which become programming devices as a large percentage of new age consciousness/ participants are locked into a ritualistic and imprisoning method of their approach to the unfolding of themselves. Fluidity in growth is stagnated yet they are left with the illusion of expansion. All things offer us the opportunity of choices. There are always two sides from which the energy of all things are being supported. These books, speakers, techniques and concepts all offer an aspect of both freedom and enslavement. We enslave ourselves when we do not expand on the information given. When we do not stretch our curiosity beyond already structured ideas one becomes confined to motionless concepts. Concepts and ideas require the stimulation of the emotion of curiosity. It is our nature to willingly surrender to being programmed especially in association with those things which form the base of human direction; religion, spiritual guidance, culture, entertainment, social identity, education and the formation of our livelihood.  How do we bypass the illusion; by surrendering to your inner guidance, becoming spiritually sovereign by trusting the creator that you are.

On entering the planet it is both automatic and expected that our parents along with the systems within our society, expose us to all base programs; including the simplest of programs Mother Goose stories, Aesop fables, nursery rhymes, Greek Mythology, Medieval tales, mystical tales of history, biblical tales, parables, to name a few. In other cultures across the globe similar stories are passed down expressing the same concepts configured to suit each culture. I wish the readers to understand that I am in no way condemning these stories; they have been tools mainly in the form of symbolism and have been rather enjoyable and stimulating to our imagination. However many of these symbols have been turned upside down in their meaning and have become enslaving to many as they have been embraced from a literal sense supporting an external approach. These base programs fluctuate according to the timeline within which we are having our human experience. In other words as souls enter each timeline such as a period or year 1920, 2008, 2020 etc they will on a cellular level absorb the history of all preceding civilizations. Through this automatic process the three aspects of mind; mental, physical and spiritual are gradually, predominantly ran by these codes/programs. We have been prepped to easily succumb to most all programs associated with our environment. Please be reminded that it is the misinterpretations of these symbols which have been instilled in us with shades of the original meaning integrated into the deception for example the Bible. As we build our lives from these formulas or programs each soul/individual will have his or her unique reaction or response to these accumulated programs.

Choices made will be stimulated by these individual responses which will play a major role in the cause and effect process in our lives. This action and reaction/ cause and effect principle will then determine our entrapment to this karmic wheel concept. The ongoing accumulation of lower vibrating effects or reactions unfolding from actions related to all incidents or interaction with external reality including ourselves, will determine the record held by that aspect of the soul. The soul then recognizes the need to orchestrate a process of balance to these adverse reactions which it seeks to establish through experiences which will be customized in each lifetime/timeline. To understand the process is to begin a journey moving upward and beyond the old paradigm of the soul in order to reestablish our ascent. These were simply a structure of concepts established by the soul in meeting the conditions by which the third dimension now functions. The soul establishes parameters or direction in ensuring guidance for an unrealized soul. The temporary role of this aspect of the soul is forgotten and will continue to keep each soul tied to the cycle of the reincarnation wheel. We have grown dependent on the level at which the soul has held its function. It has been our only dependable connection to memory on returning to the physical realm. The soul does not necessarily reactivate memory in the sense of restoring conscious memory of our travels but is done through essential experiences to be had in a lifetime ensuring the gradual clearing away of the accumulation of imbalances. This in turn allows the veils to be lifted and we begin to see beyond the limitations of the third dimension. In meeting the needs of the third dimensional experience the soul stores the emotions of all pain, anguish, regret, guilt and unfulfilled lives. Emotions are translated electrochemically and the vibration of these emotions is stored in the soul as unfinished, unresolved lives.

In life these emotions cause great difficulty in the individual’s ability to move forward while involved in the experience. This result in a stall or halt to our growth process and the body prepares to die. Until the anticipated death process takes place our lives are spent in the survival mode, nurturing the traumas, disappointment and unfinished business trapped in the subconscious mind. We respond to situations, relationships as well as ourselves based on these ongoing stored emotions in the subconscious. Adverse reactions are compounded. This is a recipe that will undoubtedly ensure ones return on the karma/reincarnation wheel. The concept of past lives is all tied into this process as past, present and future exist simultaneously. This is all based on shifts in the vibration of our consciousness unconfined to a one dimensional view of time and the position of these points in time. The concept of death is approached with a one dimensional view and continues through into the afterlife and in most cases is held by the soul into the next incarnation.

Because of the virtual nature of reality supported by the brain and the optic center (“the eyes are the windows to the soul”), entering different concepts of time is based on shifts in consciousness as the deeper mind or spiritual mind transmits the thought or vibration of the consciousness through the ventricles in the brain which further transmits light signals through the spinal fluid. The cells are then bathed by the spinal fluid.  The distribution of the message pertaining to the shift in vibration of consciousness of the individual is transmitted throughout the entire form.  The simultaneous nature of past, present and futures is then based on our perception. In our current unconscious mode of operation we are situated in time based on our perception as a result of the expansiveness of our awareness. This will of course determine the vibration of our consciousness and our position or location on the wheel of time.  In perceiving one’s life as a process of birth and death related only to the picture of reality held in thought all other moments of flip flopping around in the windows of past, present and future is not realized. Our perception is then locked into the holograms/virtual projections of our bodies and of reality as held in focus through our vision of a non-fluid reality.

Through limiting concepts and perception the expansiveness of the soul has not been tapped into.  The map of astrology is synchronistically tied into the journey of the “soul” based on the limitations which have been placed on the view of the soul. The soul’s configuration for its return on the time cycle is mapped based on cosmic and planetary sequences. What we are not told or reminded of is the spiritual stage of maturity in which we shift from this constricted mode of existence which has been supported by this limited memory of the souls mission to ascend into the expansiveness our Christ consciousness. This limited expression of soul and astrology are components of this matrix or system. The system is designed with specificities to ensure the continued existence of the human experience. A number of unfolding souls are under the impression that the system will disappear altogether but as I have said before it will not as it is held firmly in the minds of many. It is familiar ground especially for those who have not yet began to awaken to a deeper level of curiosity. Reality is based on what we can perceive as a possibility. To understand the concept of a matrix or a system as a designated construct intended to function on specific concepts, will greatly aid in ones awakening. This will in turn stimulate a shift in consciousness beyond the limitations of this third dimensional field. These human experiences although necessary in the fulfillment of the game, need not be repeated endlessly. The planet is over crowded with souls trapped in the cycle of forgetfulness, returning again and again.

Many will remain stuck for some time as beliefs are centered on limitations deeply embedded in their cellular memory. For some the old concept of the journey of the soul has come to an end. Their awakening has risen above the illusion of such limitations. They are being stirred to move forward into a different time in consciousness but they do not yet remember the temporal contract of the soul. Once realized they will move in and out of this time for a while. In this gradual transition many circumstances that have been difficult will then be freed to be resolved outside of this third dimensional consciousness. There has been difficulty in the resolution of many circumstances as we were holding steadfast to the journey of the soul which may no longer serve the unfolding of the next leg of one’s journey. Many will say that they are moving into the 4th and 5th dimension but unless we can become unlimited and sovereign in our ascent our consciousness will potentially remain trapped in illusions and deceptions of such expansion. The old aspect of the soul has been fully functional for the third dimension and once the awareness is born in the individual that concept of the soul will simply be reintegrated into our elevated consciousness. THE SOUL IS NOT LOST OR DISCARDED but is simply elevated or converges with the more expansive aspect of consciousness or Christ consciousness; fluidity in movement through time and space...the conscious movement of energy.

The limitations that we have placed upon ourselves are based on the fact that our consciousness has been interwoven in this matrix/system. This interwoven process ensures the commonality of the basic laws of this reality to mass consciousness. The laws of physics are accepted and understood instituting limitations and restrictions blocking our attempts to surpass these laws through thought. The possibilities of these natural abilities are now a fantasy as we have operated in the manner set forth by these designated concepts within the system. This structured aspect of the soul is tied into the laws of physics as it was designed as a navigation system for the journey into the third dimension. We however have the potential to return to the freedom of our imagination in moving beyond this reality as held in place by our own minds and addiction to our creations.

What is this system or matrix? It is a spherical field of energy/frequency patterns encoded with specifications for its existence. These energy patterns are linked to collective consciousness. The earth although a system in itself, is not the imprisoning system but is enveloped by this spherical field. This field acts as a locked gate and has been designed to continue its existence just as long as collective consciousness continues to operate based on these laws that are the system itself. This system is in full awareness of the vibration of the general consciousness on the planet through uploads and downloads which take place on an ongoing basis. This is technology supported by electromagnetic fields, energy patterns of which consciousness and the physical world exists; a matter of color, light and sound waves. There are system lords, conscious creators and game masters. Some impact on our lives through our subscription to ascended masters, channels and guides. We are the result of someone else’s dream or imagination, meaning our entrance into the game as it has been played out. We are fulfilling a fantasy. We are here representing an aspect of that consciousness which needed to have the experience of the game but unable to enter its creation as full consciousness or awareness. The system would collapse as the imagination (image-in-action) from which the reality was created would be lost in the game and unable to support or remember its design. We have all experienced that level of forgetfulness. However on a more expansive level we exist on all levels of time maintaining our connection through the brain though unconscious of this process.

These systems are regulated from and exist within much larger systems, the main frame of which is the consciousness that supports the universe. Universes are created from a level of consciousness at the subatomic realm and overtime it expands as a field of intelligence coded with a particular concept of the life forms and potential experiences that will be accommodated within it for continued observation of itself. As we re-engage this memory we begin our return to being conscious creators of worlds not yet dreamt. We are the substance and the embodiment of all that we seek to discover. We are creation itself unlimited and eternally unfolding.


skye 14th January 2016 11:03 am

Gee, Sonia. This is great! You were able to articulate something that has been in my mind for a few years, but you said it perfectly! Thanks for putting this out here in the collective!

karayana 15th January 2016 4:25 am

Thank you Sonia! Two days a go I published a blog post trying to put across into words something I knew in my heart, that we are held within this set of limiting beliefs that have formed a system that we struggle to get out of, and it was pointing towards health, but also to life in general. You have articulated what I feel perfectly, and added to it!
Before today I had not read anything of yours. I will now be exploring further. I had asked for more understanding on my feeling....and then I find you.

Again, thank you, from the heart.

Kirsten Ivatts.

sowhat 15th January 2016 11:57 am

Thank you, so glad to hear the feedback. Although this was written back in 2008, since then I have evolved the information even more. What sparked me to look at my book again, The Holographic Canvas which I have not looked at in a while...well I recently watched the mini series Childhood's End on Syfy and there was so much similarity in the script with things that I have written over the years that I decided to review my book again. Do watch that mini series if you have an opportunity to, they are delivering a message no doubt. Luckily I had been writing about our attachment to ascended masters, gods and this woo woo craving for utopia for a long time way before Hollywood produced these scripts. It is interesting how very few on Spirit Library have read this article perhaps because it doesn't ring of woo woo, new age info, however we do gravitate to what we need. Thank you for thinking outside the box because that is what t takes to penetrate these heavily laid collective programs. (By the way this article is Chapter 21 in my book The Holographic Canvas, the fusing of Mind and Matter) Wishing everyone incredible adventures! Sonia

anthoniporter 15th January 2016 5:45 pm

thanks for your intuitive insight, sonia. i'm a lifelong fan of your articles. there's this question bugging my mind for years. does spiritual ascension have anything, i mean ANYTHING, To do with accumulating dynastic wealth and race, like most of these masonic, business empire billionaires.? most of whom are jewish(sorry, if it sounds anti semitic). is there really any elixir or philosopher stone or grand aim in this life to strive or improve our minds for? cos it kinda sounds like a fabled illusion.

sowhat 18th January 2016 3:31 pm

I don't believe that race or money has anything to do with deep awakening which ultimately becomes the propulsion which shifts the individual into more expansive levels of consciousness. There are agreements and experiences with much tied to bloodlines and ancestral history and programs. Money is a concept that acts as a catalyst supported by imposed social and collective programs which impact our experiences and choices. We have been programmed to see money as this external thing that is scarce and attainable in increments based on prescribed criteria; social categories and guidelines. It becomes something outside of our self which we are programmed to strive for as opposed to understanding the science behind human need, desire, wants and attainability. Race is also a topical divider by categories infused with limiting beliefs and deceptive history. But we must remember that all such behavior/ experiences are all part of the human experience, breaking the spell will take you beyond this simulation of reality. . We are wired into a specific reality simulation. There is more. Sonia


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