The Cycles of Linear Time

Life in this realm operates on a pre-implanted program of cycles by which the human experience is carried out.


From birth to the age of 11 or 12 the imagination is the guiding force of this cycle. A child is unlimited in his/her thinking, unencumbered by fear. Limitation is practically an unknown word until an "adult" has introduced it.


This cycle involves much opposition to disempowerment or control being enforced by outside forces. In previous times the stage of discovery generally began at the age of 13 and would continue through age 18 or 19, but the development of our children has changed and is continuing to change; development is now occurring at a more rapid speed. The teenage years are filled with self-discovery, braking boundaries and embarking on independence. This period is a combination of cycles 1 and 2.


This third (3rd) cycle encompasses many expectations outlined in the social codes of expectation. One generally enters this stage at the age of 18 or 19, some sooner, depending on environment and circumstances. This cycle is particularly complex because many will fill their entire lifetime struggling to achieve the following chart of expectations:

1. Survival

2. Career

3. A partner/mate

4. Family- wife/husband and children

5. Material possessions

6. Choosing a spiritual belief

7. Money

8. Becoming an Adult

9. Adequate life insurance

10. Good Health Insurance

11. Retirement Fund

These are not necessarily approached in this sequence. Typically by the age of 40 many of these expectations have been met or one has come to an acceptance of never achieving all or some of the above experiences. It is at this phase of life (age 40) that most become disappointed with the result of their life thus far. Why? Because the social codes indicate that there is very little productive time left in the human life cycle. "You are running out of time". The brain has been programmed to abandon the feeling of youthfulness and to enter the program of "aging".


The unspoken codes further suggest that between the ages of 55-60, you will have soaked up all you can from the above experiences. Now What. For many there seem to be very little purpose left at this stage of the game. Why: because they have allowed the codes of social consciousness to whisper in their ear. Directing them every step of the way. Social Consciousness has kept them in line ensuring their return to the game. Now you await the grim reaper, "death":

(a) Its time to experience getting old.

(b) Failing health

(c) Contemplate your previous choices and their impact on your life

What could you have done differently/ what will you do differently the next time/what can you do differently right NOW-

1. The next time around raise your curiosity or you can start right now.

2. Contemplate life

3. Use your imagination

4. Take chances

5. Dig deep for answers

6. Discover what makes you happy

7. Choose to participate only in the experiences that will bring you joy

8. Most of all allow others the right to their experiences without your judgment (this will free you from much drama and unhappy experiences)


Cycle five will be determined by the level of awareness or awakening achieved between cycles 1 and 4. One will either transition through the gates of death for the opportunity to re-enter the game or to acquire greater understanding for a later transcendence from the human linear consciousness, or one may transcend into the next level of super consciousness. From the above list #8 " Most of all allow others the right to their experiences without your judgment (this will free you from much drama and unhappy experiences)" Achieving and embracing this understanding opens the door of non-limitedness and allows one to enter higher states of awareness. List 1-7 will allow a greater awareness of which you are, your expansiveness and your infinite embrace with all life.

Remember that age does not exist and the cycles are only an illusion, an illusion that has been essential in allowing you to experience the human dance. You can change the course of your life at anytime. Simply let go of the cycles, step forward in your curiosity focusing only on your path and allowing others to do the same. Live in the NOW without the echoing of the past and the impending fear of the future; without allowing them to determine your next moment. Embrace the NOW for all that it has to offer and ride the wave to Super consciousness.




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