The Infiltration of Tragedy on The Collective: The Season, The Media and Your Emotional Response

There is an infiltration to the minds and to the emotions of collective consciousness. Globally this time of year is celebrated in various ways in many cultures. The fact is that there is a frequency of joy and happiness during this season. This is the expected frequency of the season. Despite personal feelings and emotional challenges…the season represents a joyous/happy frequency or vibration. When opposing frequencies which are exact opposite of joy and happiness are savagely injected into our reality during these times it scrambles the human mind. There is emotional confusion to the psyche. We are collectively scrambled. There is fear, sadness with shades of happiness as deep down we are naturally wired to engage in the joy of the season.

When children are harmed it impacts the emotional field more strongly especially when there are severe degrees of brutality.  We are traumatized in a way that we are unable to process.   People are left trying to figure out where to place their emotions. There is guilt for being happy while others mourn.

Reality does not operate on coincidences but rather a series of events resulting in each new outcome.  Because life is a grand game we must remember that life is viewed and played through the eyes of the character. Characters have damaged or virus ridden programs. Humans are capable of immeasurable levels of wickedness and goodness.  Because of this when we are chemically scrambled by certain substances such as pharmaceuticals or when we are emotionally shattered or perhaps when the brain has connective issues then any assortment of emotional responses and actions become possible. Human emotions are very fragile as we are dependent on electrochemical impulses to process and to experience the sensations of reality. In the game of our world minds are experimented on yielding the most significant results from the extremely fragile and vulnerable minds. The mind of the weak is a susceptive environment for establishing fragmenting programs.

In light of the resent tragedies the media will continue to repeatedly show pictures as tragic events are turned into a movie on moment to moment basis. We watch it over and over while our minds and emotions are taken over. Collectively we are integrated into the tragic experience.  Repeatedly inundating our minds with replays of any tragedy is the fastest and perhaps the simplest way to navigate the collective into a common bandwidth and from there collective inserts and programming can more efficiently be administered.  We won’t be the wiser as we will are automatically emotionally online (reality matrix feed) at the same time. It is the energy of the collective that is used to power reality in whatever shape it takes. So ideally in order to direct that power source to support the desired form or function of reality it is necessary that there is a convergence of the collective in an appropriate level of resonance or output.

While the mentally ill may walk the streets of all cities it is not them that seem to reign down tragedy. These mass killings are generally carried out by educated and according to the media, brilliant minds; honor roll and exceptional students but generally troubled minds. These are never the mentally ill living on the street.

The new year/cycle is coming and as always minds are prepped with tragedy as we are reminded in the media that the “nation mourns”. Most often this kind of collective jarring occurs right after the first of the year with tragic occurrences that rocks the world. Many were already making their way into 2013 shaken by personal tragedies and now the collective has also been imprinted. When trauma is trapped in the body and the mind this gives rise to a great many illnesses that may plague or ravage the body. How many people will be cancer ridden in the coming year, how many will develop heart problems because their hearts are broken. How many will become crippled by fear as we look to our leaders to protect us, how much more of our personal freedom will we surrender in light of these events. Although there is pain we must find a way to process this if not we will become consumed by it and should our bodies succumb to these imbalances we will not be the wiser about when it all started.

Remember that children are also beings who have come here with their own unique map and agreements etc., we must not lose sight of this as we shift into a space of compassion…not to be confused with pity.  These are tough moments but we must become aware of the journey we take, being aware of how 2013 is being shaped in our personal reality. This is the dance of the character. How we store these tragedies will shape and imprint us as individuals and as a collective. Change the shape of your current paradigm my changing your perception of the external playground. Have compassion but make your gift to the external world a shift in perception. Release the guilt and override opposing energies by authentically experiencing joy this season with family and friends as many will be unable to do so.


KellyRae 18th December 2012 9:57 am

Brilliantly stated. Thank you.

k 18th December 2012 1:41 pm

Great insight. Last summer a poster on this website wrote, that if it is not love it is an illusion and over the months since then I have tried to incorporate this idea into evaluating what I experience. Eckhert Tolle commented years ago that all is not what it seems to be. I think that the astral plane of the collective unconscious thoughts and emotions is able to create illusions that cause fear, grief and anger. As mentioned in this message, it seems elements of the astral plane lives off the energy these emotions create. The Theosophists and a message psoted by Gerrit tell us that eventually the astral plane will be eliminated ant the collective consciousness will be able to move on to the mental plane which is considered to be heaven. There is not evil in the mental plane. So, it is a matter of perspective, when we decide to not let the illusions of the astral plane effect us and we focus on what is pleasant, we take away the energy of our thoughts and emotions from the astral plane and in this way we do our part to bring the mental plane into this world

Marvil 18th December 2012 5:53 pm

Thank You Dear Sonya!
You just know how to speak short, clear and powerful!
No pink manna and mysterious gadgets, but pure and
simple data interpreted by an beautiful heart.
Many Blessings!


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