The Marketing of Reality & The Universal Corporation

The strategic marketing of reality serves as the model from which marketing concepts, network marketing, the stock market, sales strategies and our corporate, government and political structure is derived. As is often said “as above so below” this applies in all facets of movement on the physical plane. Reality as collectively perceived is marketed to our psyche, and projected through neural simulation.  

The Hierarchical Structure - Many Levels of Creators

There is no doubt a hierarchical system in place. A few of these levels are the gravitationally bound humans, the transforming human, beings unrestricted by the physics of the third dimension, overseers of humanity in the third dimension, masters of time, creators of worlds/galaxies, those beyond the confines of thought or definition.

It is important to keep in mind that there is a progressive structure in place operating in layers above this familiar concept of reality I am referring to that of the gravitationally bound human. Each descending level is governed by the preceding level yet all levels are ultimately impacting the other.  

We have bought into a concept and signed a contract with the experience. Religious and spiritual organizations are the best at marketing and recruiting new buyers; new customers. If we are able to examine reality as projected or as accepted we can begin to see a dynamic corporatized system.

Corporation - Definition: “As to define a corporation in business language, it is body with its own lawful characters distinct from its stockholders or owners. Due to this instance, the law provides it with its own legal rights and responsibilities. A corporation then has the right to charge and be charged in court. It may retain properties and assets separate from its members. It may also recruit employees who can help in operating the business. More so, a corporation may engage in contracts and agreements with other entities. And, it may set and implement its own by-laws that will regulate and control its internal dealings.”

In this reference I am not speaking of the lower level 3D corporate structure driven by commerce. However commerce serves as a tool of control as we are navigated through this timeshare marketing experience.  Our experience on earth as we know earth to be is very much like buying timeshare in a virtual world. The marketing of reality is as relentless as McDonalds marketing strategies. McDonalds realizes that in order to keep their current customers and continue to recruit new ones they can never take a break from running commercials. It is important that McDonalds logo remains an imprint in all its new and old cult members/customers.

All organizations are held together by the same model; a hierarchical system which of course spells out rank, importance, seniority, power status, or authority. Our position on the game board of earth’s (earth as more commonly experienced) reality is taking place based on this hierarchical system, however illusionary. The focus point of the marketing of reality from its limiting approach, serves to ensure the sale of externalizing concepts to participants.

It is clear that in all structures (as woven into our psyche) someone at the top must always rule those at the bottom or those on the next level down. So is it coincidence that we operate our world in this manner; it’s been driven home into our minds, our cells and our DNA that someone must always rule. Such a structure defines the corporatizing concept, from slaves to the slave owner and above the owner is the marketing team, the go betweens and above them is the generator of the idea or concept builder. 

This idea has been driven home so strongly that we are completely convinced that we cannot rule ourselves. At this stage of the game self rulership is not for everyone yet on a profound level of existence we have given permission for this experience. This article is about an examination of the game experience from those angles where we have been shut out or from which we have shut ourselves out. There is no doubt a multileveled game at work. To understand it from its scientific movements by exploring its illusory subatomic components and beyond; is to see only the technology of the fabrication of existence/reality etc.

In other words to view it only from the level of the mechanical movement of energy will alter or limit more in depth insight into that which moves the wheel. Yes we know that it is consciousness but there is still a degree of clarity that is untapped in regards to consciousness. We are consciousness systems this is still not the core essence of who were are. The mechanism of consciousness serves to allow the nothingness to investigate all that it could potentially be otherwise nothingness need not discover itself. It could not play with itself. It is the sound of one hand clapping. (This was discussed in the three part workshop Hacking the Mind and Breaking Reality Codes) Again will we ever get to the core of who we are? The only time that we do is when we are “nothing”. So the intricate layering of existence in its corporate game format and its hierarchical systems work in unison with the unending big bang and the contracting and releasing process which turns the wheel of possibilities in that which we call our universe and beyond that; all computerized systems within systems.

In any game there must be an objective, the origin of that objective has to be initiated by a creator. Those concepts are born from the mind of the imaginer. The creator of the game knows much more about the possibilities and potentials of the game although not yet experienced so the best way to bring the game to life is to incorporate players. Players are positioned according to the extent of their knowledge of the game, some watch and learn, some monitor the game, and some incorporate strategies to establish more complexity or challenges in the game. As players become engrossed in the game their focus becomes locked into maneuvering through their position in the game. Although they may have started out with an awareness that the overall objective is to ascend to levels of full awareness of the game, whereby establishing him/herself as a game creator; a conscious game creator; this is soon forgotten.  We must keep in mind that full awareness of the game in this context is simply the achievement of mastery over matter. This is something that we do not emphasize as we are programmed to accept that it is only for those we regard as chosen or powerful beings. Not so! To master death is to master matter. It is the reason for this quietly kept secret for we would join the ranks of great cosmic magicians. This biblical reference from the book of Corinthians is significant “The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. We all know that there is much coded information in the bible. Another important reference “Ye are gods” Psalm 82:6. Players are distracted Alchemists.

So here we can begin to see the manner in which the configuration of the game becomes a giant corporate structure. As the game branched off into the imagined and the unimagined forming various levels each level developed its own uniqueness although still a component of the overall game. The game became a winding staircase of levels of achievements spiraling upwards; a staircase of unfolding knowledge leading to the originator of the game. These concepts can be seen in all organizational structures. It is the reason competition is such an essential component in our experience. Competition drives us to the prize whatever the prize maybe to us in that moment. These ball games, teams and fans are a great example of our delight in the game experience. An entire team is owned by someone, but each owned player has agreed to this, they have signed a contract for the payoff, for the promised or agreed on compensation, or the player has the option of being an independent player, making his/her own choices still yet limited by boundaries.

The overall game experience forms the invisible corporation, structured uniquely to fulfill an agenda; from the gaseous laws of this environment to these physical bodies designed suitably for the agenda. The system however branches off into subdivisions to accommodate the various stages of progression of the expanding reality; the players/characters/employees/rulers and subjects within it. All throughout history stories are recorded or passed down of various enlightened beings coming at the end and at the beginning of new cycles. So what’s going on here…well were they just making this up? No, as I pointed out previously there is a system in place, there are stages to this game with subdivisions and beings/players positioned in these various stages as part of the navigation system of the game. The planets and various star systems in place are all part of a rotation mechanism which supports the agenda of the larger game; after all these systems are created by creators who are on the level of being aware creators.

Such components as angels, guides, archangels are part of the management simulation program routed through the nervous system. They are in place to support the awakening or hypnotized/sleeping player making his/her way through the game or up the ladder of knowledge. There is a point of play where they are no longer an essential component, but you decide when they are no longer necessary to your game experience. We begin to realize that we have been a franchise of the greater model of reality; the hologram from which we have built our own holographic franchise. A franchise is recognized by its logos, symbols, practices and modeled concept. What is franchising

Franchising is the practice of using another firm's successful business model. The word 'franchise' is of anglo-french derivation - from franc- meaning free, and is used both as a noun and as a (transitive) verb.[1][2]

For the franchisor, the franchise is an alternative to building 'chain stores' to distribute goods and avoid investment and liability over a chain. The franchisor's success is the success of the franchisees. The franchisee is said to have a greater incentive than a direct employee because he or she has a direct stake in the business.

However, it must be noted that, except in the US, and now in China (2007) where there are explicit Federal (and in the US, State) laws covering franchise, most of the world recognizes 'franchise' but rarely makes legal provisions for it. Only France and Brazil have significant Disclosure laws but Brazil regulates franchises more closely.

Where there is no specific law, franchise is considered a distribution system, whose laws apply, with the trademark (of the franchise system) covered by specific covenants. 

Once we become aware of this course of movement we begin stirring to understand more about our storylines and the imbalances in ones experience. Imbalance in no way implies that your experiences are right or wrong, good or bad but simply questioned experiences by you. Understanding that the management program is written into our neural system or nervous system more easily explains why we readily fall in line with the search for a savor or some sort of managing force. Now for many it is very hard to imagine a perception no longer based on a management team after all this acceptance is as essential as breathing air for most of us. A side effect of the management simulation/ program is the subservience and surrender to the relinquishment of power. Yet our need for support and rescue is understandable. Between the complexities and the challenges endured in human experience, combined with our lack of memory; one is forced to embrace the anticipated rescue implied by the management simulation/ program.

In an excerpt from my book The Holographic Canvas “The power of ever expanding knowledge is profound as it generates spiritual fire in the human brain, stimulating the production of dormant chemicals within the limbic system. The Limbic system-also known to the Taoist as crystal palace- includes: the Pineal gland, Hypothalamus, Pituitary and the Thalamus. This area of the brain plays a key role in storage of memories of our life experiences and also maintains chemical balance. As we reunite with this understanding we will begin to release the programming associated with aging as the brain is introduced to a continuous resurgence of energy. Knowledge of such magnitude will take us beyond the sustenance required by a mortal existence. Time and space, as known; becomes almost obsolete as we discover the infiniteness of mind”, this clearly examines the mechanisms responsible for accessing other states of consciousness or better yet the board room or various levels of stored knowledge fundamental in returning to full awareness of the game. In an interview with Frank Joseph, Author of Opening the Ark of the Covenant he talked about the effect of the electrical discharge from the Ark on the hippocampus in the brain. His research indicated that the impact on the hippocampus from the negative ions from the Ark (the sacred stone/crystal within the Ark) allowed altered states of consciousness. In these altered states of consciousness the individual had the experience of being in the presence of godly beings. Of course this was seen as an enlightening experience for the individual. The beings seen and the experience had directly correlate and reflect the deity worshipped in the individual’s spiritual practice. Notice that we all must be part of a ritual of worship; you must belong to a “fate”; you must have a belief system in place, generally you are born into one although you may convert to another later on in your life. What is also interesting to note is that although one may not actively practice, when one is asked about their religious club the response might be things like “well I was raised catholic” or “well I am catholic” or “I was raised Christian” or a number of other responses. My point is not to criticize but to point out the spiritual categorization that we are conditioned into.

So getting back to the altered states experienced under the influence of the Ark, because our desire is so strong to be next to god or to experience these encoded concepts of what god is, very little questioning is asked by most. This kind of altered experience then supports ones religious belief. Worship of course becomes even more heightened towards those beings as one has experienced proof of your god’s existence. Let’s examine the modern equivalence. This can be seen with the rise of channeling as the audience is magnetized towards the experience of communicating with one who is evidently occupying an altered state; another realm let’s say.  Again I am not judging the experience as all experiences are valid otherwise we would not have them.

Another interesting experience with the Ark was that any nation possessing the Ark (the stone/crystal) historically has experienced a Golden Age as progress and an enlightened sense of being flourished over the land in every way imaginable. However a side effect of having the Ark removed was a debilitating collapse of that nation. They were more severely crippled than before they had the Ark. Individuals in possession of the Ark experienced much the same thing or an increase in thirst for power. Technology like this is without a doubt a real setup in the game. Although according to Frank Joseph research has not yet pinned down the creator of the Ark.

The developing or at least the concept of this un-datable mechanism no doubt descended from higher levels of the game. The power of the Ark is still woven into our world today. The stage one human in this limiting leg of the game; the worker is responding as required in this level of the system. Just as long as the worker/player continues to hang on to promises of a promotion to higher enlightenment in heaven ones franchise/hologram will continue to model the limiting franchise purchased. But the journey to enlightenment is a game and sometimes the overdose of seriousness becomes the pitfall as views become one dimensional. It’s the peripheral vision that is powerful, it’s the shadows caught out the corner of the eye…now there is magic there for much of what is caught by direct visual experience is limiting and preprogrammed. Remember that our contact with the physical world is based on our library of familiarities and acceptability’s in the brain and those familiarities are supported by our belief systems and perceptions.

The business of reality when summed up is equivalent to the business model of our world. In the business of reality the commercial mode of exchange is spiritual currency. We are spending our energy; our life force as allotted in the illusion of a finite existence. We operate from an illusory space of spending time; time is the means of calculating or measuring spiritual currency; your life force or so we are lead to believe in the game. In our world of commerce currency is based on instruments designated/agreed on as the mode of exchange. The science of currency/commerce ideally requires such instruments of exchange to be backed by a natural/tangible substance such as gold or silver.   When we allow ourselves to see beyond the accepted norm we will see clues are all around us.

When we speak about god (and this includes those who consider themselves aware) we do so with a sense of externalization; acknowledged as a force outside and separate from us. I have witnessed this despite religious/spiritual beliefs. This is a programming/conditioning that is deeply embedded in most everyone. We want to meet god and do his will, this is what is said by many, but whose will and which god? The fact is that there is a god/creator for this and all other worlds. So our desire to connect with a force seen as separate is not completely without merit. These are highly aware beings! This realization is significant in becoming aware of the human potential to rise or to return to such levels of being a “conscious creator”. This is what is possible for each of us! If we are at all serious about a deep stimulation of memory we must be willing to examine our spiritual belief systems beyond the euphoric comfort zone. A franchise owner can someday choose to create his/her own company completely unrelated to the franchise previous owned. However the skills learned from operating the franchise has prepared one to build a magnificent empire; a world of unique ideas inspired by the highs and lows of the previous experiences. In ones new world/empire one will incorporate workers/characters/ franchisees/players/ a team of upper and lower management to fulfill that which has been imagined and so the cycle repeats itself as we hit the agenda point of the game/corporation/business.

Technology is the medium of conversion of substance (energy let’s say) into formation. It is the mechanism of creating on all levels. Technology redefines itself according to the level or realm of creative capability. All creators operate through inner technology regardless of one’s level of awareness. There are some base principles in manifesting ideas and concepts from the depth of the imagination. Even in creating one’s own enslavement.  So the levels of technology understood in our realm are a stepping stone to more advanced levels of a greater technology in use by beings who have governed this enterprise of earth. We hear of corporate take over’s and we have also heard many stories of the scuffle for the control of earth by external forces. Is it any different? No. It takes me back to my article Who is in charge of the Humans?

Our entire universe is a giant enterprise ran by a multileveled hierarchical governing systems. As I have said in other articles this entire process is a virtual program. At heightened levels the technology changes to functions and possibilities generated by inner technology of advanced gods/administrators/board members. We can also identify them as high ranking cosmic scientists. Now let’s put things in perspective comparatively in observation of our scientific community on this level of the game, can you see the parallel…as above so below. We are attempting to remember and to replicate the very system that we have been playing in or perhaps appear to be trapped in, (in terms of being trapped this depends on your perspective of course). On this level of the game it’s as if we are building a time machine from scrap metal or from materials accessible on this realm, however on other levels their technology requires no materials to be gathered only the actions of mere thought. Such beings are the forces that we pay homage to the forces that we worship. To put things further  in perspective, let’s compares our position to a third world country or fourth world country measured against a first world system. 

Let us keep in mind that every country is a business, every city, every town all ran and owned by governing systems. Although at the core of  it all the people are generally the rightful owners, the people most often give away their rights to others who they believe to be more capable of making decisions on their behalf and almost always the people (the real owners) are made the workers. The entire world is a giant corporation with a handful of ruling forces who answer to these hierarchical systems previously mentioned. This becomes significant in viewing the deceptions imposed in the area of spirituality. Spirituality is corporatized and only a select few are deemed privy to selected levels of knowledge. When we sell out or when we bargain with our personal evolution that which we have bargained with or sold out to holds all the cards. It might be quite a few life times before one wises up to the boundaries and the manipulation written into the contract signed. But as always I must say that time is an illusion so nothing has been lost, no one is running out of time, this is all part of the mechanism that keeps the wheel turning and the universal corporation going.

The beauty lies in the awakening to the agenda and in remembering profound levels of capabilities and possibilities in human expansion. When we can recognize the boundaries and the limitations gated around our perceptions only then will the veil thin away into none existence at least in this realm of the game experience, when we are no longer afraid to live a life without the mindset of subservience only then are we ready to assume the power that lies within us waiting ever so patiently to be unleashed. This kind of power is for everyone but at different stages of expansion. Therefore it is not for everyone to experience complete disclosure or awakening on the level of the experience just as we are all on different levels of awareness. Evolution is personal and we must realize that who you are and your desire for deep evolution is not contingent on the whole world shifting.

However your personal transformation will create a world within which you can and will continue your progression. You don’t have to beg the world to change, just you, you are the only one that needs to change; change your perception and your relationship with the world will change. This vast business you operate in will adjust, adapt and reform according to your new perception of reality. The universal hierarchy at every level has its own dilemmas that it must contend with so perhaps in realizing this we can set aside our ideology of perfection.  All beings are in constant evolution; this game is about endlessly creating and with creating comes endless progression. Perhaps we should redefine the idea of creating as all potentials exist in the ocean of possibilities. We cast images or bring into form models of all such potentials and possibilities. With such awareness it is clear that we endlessly rediscover the fullness of who and what we are in those moments where we pulse into nothingness, no particle, no wave just abundant nothingness and when the pulse reappears we return to the game.  This article is meant to stimulate more thought and if otherwise interpreted then it has still stimulated more thought. In the end the shape of your reality is truly in your hands! 


Indigo Butterfly 19th July 2010 11:37 am


I just wanted to say that you are totally brilliant and this metaphoric representation of spirituality is extremely enlightening. For me, it brings right to the forefront the most important question of all (IMHO), which one my most favorite songs (second after their beautiful "Meet Me Halfway" song) asks in most heartrending way:

Sending all my love.....

peacekat 19th July 2010 4:50 pm

Dear Sonia,

Just wanted you to know how excited i got while reading this article !!! i heard myself punctuate along the way with "yeah!" "bravo!" and "yo go!" (amongst others) as i felt my body's electro-magnetics come alive in a new harmonic, resonating to its own DNA (Divine Natural Attributes) are adjusting once again to the impulses of fearlessness awakened thru this message. With these words you have offered a "reasonable" model of formation that both calms the "left-brain" need for "rational" and untethers the "right-brain" desire for unlimited expression.
This is the first connection i have had with your offerings, but i can surely say that i will be checking in for more....
With deep appreciation for your insight...

Peace to All....and ....Namaste

Melanie 20th July 2010 3:17 am

Thanks for putting up Black Eyed of my favourite songs too.

I love Sonia's work that really busts out of the straightjacket.


kay 20th July 2010 8:06 am

Your articles always kick it up a notch. Thank you, Sonia

sowhat 20th July 2010 9:25 am

I am delighted to know that a number of you find resonance with this article. So far no one is beating me up about it lol, but there is still time. I am truly happy that many of you have been able to receive it in the light intended. Thank you for being part of my experience!


octavia30 22nd July 2010 9:26 am

I have enjoyed this web site for some time but only after reading this have I felt the desire to comment. Sonia, you have validated and clairified so many thoughts that have been abstractly floating around in my brain. I wish I could express my thoughts as masterfully as you! The article came to me at the perfect time in my life, thank you!

debrac 22nd July 2010 2:06 pm

Thank you Sonia for putting one of my roadblocks in a context I can make sense of! It is so refreshing to read words that express what I feel, namely the unease I experience when I find myself trusting of/dependent on a person "in the know" before the bubble bursts . I will now commence to read all your previous work. blessings, debra

altair1 23rd July 2010 10:45 am

Maybe its as simple as going within, and contacting spirit. Living by the Golden Rule, and bringing spirit into the world. Like a fountain springing to life. This could transform, and break up hierarchal structures of control.

shauna 26th July 2010 5:42 pm

What an interesting point of view! Fantastic! Thanks so much for all of that! How does it get any better than that? Nobody is bound by any rules, structures or 'laws'. It's a free choice universe.


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