The Process of Expansion

Life is about Expansion! So often we desire deliverance from our circumstances yet we fear change particularly when it shows up in an unexpected manner.  We yearn to experience our unlimited self yet what we wish to avoid is the journey towards this objective. It is a journey paved with uncertainties and uncomfortable conditions at times.

 We are up against the holodeck of our minds. It is easy to become lost in the labyrinth of our mind and at times not so easy to find our way out. This holodeck labyrinth presents us with believable scenarios based on our own fears. The ticket beyond this mind mixer is known as expansion. We must expand into grander aspects of ourselves. Expansion requires more than fragmented beliefs but instead requires increasing, inflating, developing, expanding into potentialities.

In every moment we are presented with smoke and mirrors of this human reality. We often feel stuck in a virtual prison but in fact we are stuck in our mind. Our minds are wired into the simulation of the earth program and until we as individuals are willing to grasp a greater understanding of this technology life will continue to seem like an unfair fight. We all come face to face with this paradox of illusion. An illusion kept alive by our commitment to those things we see as our deficiencies. We most often focus on what we perceive to be our "lack". Considering that reality is being observed into existence it is safe to say that our position of "lack" is continuously being observed into existence. It is the energy, the feelings and emotions that streams from our " point of focus" then crystallized into a material experience. 

Make no mistake that I at times wrestle with this magic wand we call a mind. But in every moment I pull myself back to an awareness of the game, its rules and the manner in which my choices are subtly being influenced.   Moments of clarity show up more easily than other times yet the key is to stay the course. Cut yourself some slack as there is really nothing or no one to be blamed. You are here to be part of this human game and your choices are to either play by the default rules by going along with the widely accepted protocols or to go rogue and see behind the smoke and mirrors. Should you choose to look behind the smoke and mirrors followed by looking behind the layers of smoke and mirrors in place, you are then completely responsible for yourself. There is no one to blame but instead, you have chosen to "know thy self". Be ready for what that entails.

The process toward "know thy self" may seem like a haunted house with things jumping out at you, but it is then up to you to determine just how real you will make it and what kinds of stories you will spin into existence.

For the past 10 years, I have made it a point to record all workshops and lectures for those who may come along some time down the road.  I cannot emphasize enough that there is much more information shared in these workshops beyond the clips on YouTube. It is up to you to determine its degree of importance in your current quest for expansion! 



kathykirk11@yah... 6th December 2017 2:46 pm

Your article came in perfect timing. I'm going through a passage that has no map, as I'm sure you're familiar with. I am grateful that you found words. When I woke up this morning I was confronted - again - with what to 'do' with the pain, where to focus? Do I listen to a chanting, watch Stranger Things, go to the grocery - or try to? So uncomfortable in body and mind. I breathe. I embrace the discomfort, welcome it. I stay the course. I am endeavoring to look beyond the smoke and mirrors and embrace that...whatever THAT is. It hasn't been there before. It's betrayed and abandoned me in the past. A liar. I trusted It before, but it failed. It didn't appear. It didn't 'save' me then. Can I Trust It now to be 'there' if I quiet the mind and focus in the deep silence? You need not respond. I just had to voice it to someone who could verbalize the passage. Thank you. <3

Toni 6th December 2017 6:30 pm

Welcoming pain is not embracing pain, KathyKirk. Only martyr's welcome pain...”who taught you that?...religion?” Embracing is feeling & if you were indeed feeling this pain you would be balling your eyes out & removing it from your body...deeper & deeper through the DNA layers. The mind of a welcoming martyr blocks do meds. It is your smoke & mirror.

When I first stepped into trusting myself, I next had to complete my karma, journeying through 1 lie after another. When we lie or hide truth from ourselves & others it becomes the frequency of our reality. One cannot create truth from others or higher self if we are not this frequency within.

When my body is in pain I speak to my cells & ask them to release it from within me, I no longer wish to keep it inside as I'm here to experience joy.

Change your story KathyKirk, if you truly want to change your pain, cos only you can... tho I have a sneaking suspicion you'd rather keep your story...the groove you've cut for yourself looks kinda offense.

Take care eh. :smitten:

sowhat 13th December 2017 12:13 pm

Hi Kathy, I hear ya! there are times when we fall into emotional conditions that feel a bit challenging to overcome such as the "pain" you mentioned. What I would say to you is to go beyond the blanket statement of feeling "pain" but actually get pen and paper and identify exactly what is in in your mind that defines or describes this pain. Otherwise its tough to release it. Its important that you ask yourself exactly what do I mean by "I am feeling this pain". Once you identify what it means to you then the opportunity is there to send it on its way. There is something that is evidently trying to get your attention, a belief and that belief wants to be transformed but at the same time it needs your acknowledgment so that you may let it go. I hope this helps, you may also connect with me further if you wish at my website Have the best day possible Kathy and I am delighted that my article brought you some balance :roll:


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