Time Travel

What is time travel? Are we aware of the magnitude in which time travel is endlessly being experienced by humanity? It is clear that thought is the navigator and the ship by which we travel. We are nowhere yet everywhere in this grand game as we interact with infinite realms. Realms are states of consciousness born out of thought. The word consciousness is a derivative of the word conscience, which is defined by Webster’s dictionary as knowledge within, inner thoughts or feelings".

It is the center in which scientific wanders are (con science- with science) conceived. In order to understand the holographic nature of reality and the harmonics of time travel, we must define the word REAL. What we perceive as real is simply based on the realm or level in which the experience is being viewed. The word real and realm defines a specific space or place in time or no time, in other words it defines a state of consciousness, therefore all things are real according to the state of consciousness of the observer. It is perception.

Thought being the ultimate creative force, the electromagnetic juice of manifestations, traveling at super luminous speed, it positions us in realms comparable to the nature of the emotion and the intensity of the desire. Time is indeed relative, for it too is based on perception. One persons’ day may appear to go by faster or slower than another’s; all based on the perceived rate of movement emotionally or physically. A mind hard at work submerged in creativity or emotional strain, may find that the day has just flown by, others may find that it dragged. At times we collectively experience an unusually long day or a short day. A second or a minute can seem like a lifetime, especially in an anxious moment.

Everything about our reality such as places, people, things and attitudes only exist as a representation of our emotional agreement of observation. Such things that define this physical reality over time become recorded images within the human genetics, thereby simplifying the capability of the human brain to download familiar images for observation. (Buildings, vegetation, creatures, airplanes, cars, trucks and so on) Physical reality (Buildings, vegetation, creatures, airplanes, cars, trucks and so on) is made up of what is known as the five platonic solids: the tetrahedron, square, hexahedron, icosahedrons, octahedron and dodecahedron. These geometric designs are the base formula of all that can be seen with the naked eye. All things however exist in the now, in the moment, which places us no where yet everywhere simultaneously.

That which is being observed is the result of the transmitting process between human emotion, the brain and the optic nerve. We can then see that the non-physical, such as time; is most often experienced through the connection of emotion and brain wave activity. Time is then expandable and retractable according to perception. We are transmitters and receivers in creation. Everything is being energetically fed through the human form so that we may experience, record, transmit and receive in maintaining the cosmic arrangement of communication and balance. Breathing, thinking and emotional responses are the mechanisms through which the transmitting and receiving process occurs.

Traveling from one point to another is then an illusion, perceivable only through the interaction of two points of consciousness, which then produces the concept of time, space and distance. These two points of consciousness are the mirroring effect of the visible and the invisible. Thought represents the invisible. It is the forerunner of that which will become visible. Ultimately this understanding establishes that we are the past, simply the echo from another time; we are but a memory of a time, which has long past. Reality is then but a shadow. Many continue returning to this particular space in time due to an inability to progress beyond the border between this world and a less limiting reality.

This world as collectively accepted is being sustained by those who struggle to hold on to the past, encouraging an inescapable illusion. As we move through various levels of awakening we transcend to alternate realities, which support our levels of awareness. This is indeed time travel as these transitions occur within every thought that is being conceived within the mind. These alternate realities represent the infinite number of probabilities from which we make the choices that determine our every moment of experience. Thought is the river of unlimited potential. Consider this- through thought you can dream, travel, build things, live, love, laugh, cry- there is no limitation placed on the freedom of thought.

Those eagerly awaiting ascension are unaware that through these alternate realities, the multilevel process of ascension is being played out as we climb the staircase of ascension according to our individual stage of spiritual awakening. All religious concepts in one form or another hold an anticipation of this pending transition. The journey should be embraced not based on specific dates for the science of linear time is regulated on perception. Remember that we are always shifting realities in less than a blink of an eye. How many times have you misplaced something only moments after putting it away? Of course your first response is generally to believe that you are confused about where you left it; you can sometimes spend an hour or two or sometimes all day looking for it, then suddenly there it is; right in the very spot that you had looked a million times. Those are reality shifts. You have just experienced an obvious evidence of time travel!

The formula for time travel will become simplified to the human mind when the awareness of being nowhere yet everywhere; the concept of no time is understood. Time is a representation of separateness, providing the illusion of here and there; specific "points" established by mathematical calculations defining distance. It is no coincidence that as we grow we find ourselves meeting new people and most often expressing a similar spiritual language. It is the vibration of our thoughts that connects us to compatible frequencies, igniting and propelling vibratory shifts within our personal and collective realities. Those intensely passionate about the journey continuing the upward climb, will find that many met along the way will fade away from our lives. As we shift perception, we shift realities unfolding in a meeting of others in alignment with your journey within that moment. This however does not mean that everyone we meet will be embedded in an energy of joy and harmony. We will encounter an assortment of characters there to provide some of the emotional tools required by the soul to take you to the next level.

Very few will share your journey for long periods of time yet there are those whom you will meet again, further along on the journey as the road begins to narrow. As the understanding of Ascension unravels and the vibration of humanity has shifted, many beings that have transcended the clutches of lower consciousness will reveal them selves. However, it is currently not energetically relevant, as the vibration of this reality is much too low. Such higher vibration beings are able view our lives based on the level of consciousness in which they vibrate. There is much time spent looking up to the heavens, yet our upward climb should be towards an elevated shift in consciousness through a realization of the true location of power which is within.

So here we are on rewind, many unable to let go for fear of releasing our old belief systems and too afraid to encounter change. Those who have transcended this level of consciousness await the ascension of humanity as they have done. Most of us are presently unable to view these ascended realities; yet the progress of humanity is being observed from these realms. The veil that separates us is comparable to the division that is felt as we leave many behind in choosing to acquire more expansive knowledge for the advancement of our personal and collective journey. We will discover that those we love have suddenly become the past as our perception is shifted arousing a modification in consciousness. Most often geographic changes are initiated. In departing the old perceptions or realities, we leave behind trails of healing energy. A wave of enlightenment cradling new understanding is emitted into the field of collective consciousness affecting those in resonance with certain perceptions or reality.

An awakening is stirred as the message of ascension dances within these waves whispering "Remember! Remember! Remember!" through the wind, the trees, the water, the birds, the flowers, the mountains, the rain, the sun, and the moon. All of nature is loudly echoing the remembrance of these cosmic changes now occurring. Our predecessors have entered through the doorway of the Northern Star; Sirius and the Pleadian system. These realities hold a prominent position in much of the original construct of earth in seeding, structuring and governing; Sirius is known as The God star, the portal of Liberation. Humanity looks to these systems with a longing, yet unable to realize that these systems are simply representative of 4/5/6th dimensional consciousness. Humanities current understanding burros through the measuring of distance; creating a linear illusion of being light years away, requiring machines faster than the speed of light to transport us from one level of consciousness to another. To reiterate; time travel is the result of shifts in consciousness, for thought travels faster than the speed of light. WE TIME TRAVEL ALL OF THE TIME!

Our transition is eagerly awaited by these parent realities. Once we return to these sovereign levels of consciousness, the memory of the expansiveness of the journey will reemerge. The human brain will be reactivated and the human starship will be turned on and ready for flight. The autopilot system, by which human consciousness has been operating, will be dismantled and the original blueprint will be unveiled from within the DNA.

In 3rd density human consciousness follows a linear path, establishing a foundation of limitation. Linear time is held in place by the vibration of collective consciousness. These collective thought patterns are emitted like radio waves. According to a number of scientists- The Dancing Wu Li Masters. by Gary Zukav-

(8) " What is out there apparently depends, in a rigorous mathematical sense as well as a philosophical one, upon what we decide "in here". The new physics tells us that an observer cannot observe without altering what he sees. Observer and observed are interrelated in a real fundamental sense. The exact interrelation is not clear, but there is a growing body of evidence that the distinction between the "in here" and the "out there" is illusion. Access to the physical world is through experience. The common denominator of all experiences is the "I" that does the experiencing. In short, what we experience is not external reality but our interaction with it." We are involved in the infinite dance of energy.

Realms are accessible through the portals within the brain resulting from shifts in consciousness. As love becomes the prominent vibration in our being we will travel beyond the stars simply through conscious desire. Love is the energy; the formless substance from which all exists. It is the foundation and the backdrop of creation becoming all things imaginable without judgment or bias of all unfolding forms. Love is the energy of duality of light and dark, forming the playground for humanity. Realignment with this awareness will only be experienced, once the desire for spiritual freedom stimulates an embarking on a shift in consciousness. It is the dance that is born in the stillness of the moment, in the NOW without judgment.

We have embraced a rhythm of complexity in our attempt to move beyond this realm. In giving our power away to a million and one gurus we have become disempowered. Our ticket to the beyond is divinely interwoven in the redemption of sovereignty. We are free agents on a cosmic mission, a true reflection of the One mind. We are the puppet and the puppeteer. This is indeed a free will Universe, but we must first understand the multiple levels at which free will is established within the human dance. Sovereignty is an expression of the Unified self. A freedom that can only be experienced through the divine marriage of the TRIAD, the three levels of mind, for fear will no longer be the driving force as we unfold. The current programming of helplessness has created barriers in the brain, blocking conscious interaction with the center of power hidden within nano seconds of time. We loose sight of the NOW; the endless moments, which exists beyond our perception of a billionth of a second.

The collective principle of helplessness and disempowerment is evidenced by the impact of stress on the human form. Stress is the result of a lower vibration thought process resulting in chemical and hormonal imbalances in the body creating poisonous byproducts. This alters cellular oxygenation. Stress implies the presence of pressure, of weight, of volume. The body experiences an internal compression, much like the impact of the pressure experienced when a heavy object is placed on top of the body. Thoughts are measurable by vibration or frequency. It is the solidifying of thought in third density that creates the magnetic field of gravity. It is easy to forget that we are tied into this reality based on emotional output. Emotions determine the electromagnetic input and output within the human body and all surrounding energy fields. Emotions are wave patterns inextricably combined with thought. They form the skeletal structure of our belief system, which is reflective of the manner in which we live our lives. Emotional impulses determine the chemical/hormonal production within the ventricles of the brain.

Quantum physics reminds us that reality exists based solely on the observer. It is also clear that we observe based on an emotional process, which ultimately determines our level of saturation in the illusion. The outcome of the observation will be based on our belief system and all recorded acceptable patterns for reality existing in the brain. Deep levels of saturation greatly intercept brain wave activity. Fear being the mother of all adverse emotions, inhibits the full function of primary points within the brain such as the Pineal gland.

Excerpt from Sleeping Gods by Sonia Barrett



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