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"Time- it forms a loop creating an illusion of being the only potential reality and of being the only timeline. The movement of energy is based on potentials and potentials are mapped on scattered points forming other timelines. Potentials are experienced based on choice. We choose according to the vibration of our consciousness or awareness. This timeline which we appear to share collectively is "the past" relative to future potential timelines. We are someone else’s past. We tend to forget”

Reality is a virtual playground existing in a space called "mind" created by "thought waves".  This game is one of polarity, all things being good or bad, positive or negative, light or dark etc, an ongoing consciousness of judgment. The program of judgment intercepts the potential for deeper insight into the unknown; the realm of the subatomic. The judgment of people, places and things creates distraction and destruction in every moment while draining our life force. We are worshippers of external reality as very little time is spent inward. All of reality is as real as your mind and your imagination will accept it to be. You are the observer in a sea of potentials. Humanity shares a collective reality based on a common acceptance of the stored in the brain. However we also exist in private realities supported by our beliefs. Such beliefs determine the choices that we make and will either create an expansiveness of mind and imagination or like many we can suffocate in limitation.

Rediscovering our Center of Balance is about returning home, returning within to the true kingdom from which we descended into this time line. We descended into a linear reality in order to create the unknown and to experience those creations. We are however being ruled by that which we have created, as we struggle to re-member the original design and the intention of the game.  

This site is intended to stimulate the imagination and reengage our spirits as we climb beyond what we have long observed as physical reality. We are that which we seek; WE ARE THE ONE, WHO HAVE NOW BECOME THE ILLUSION OF THE MANY dancing throughout all time and space. This is a time of RE-MEMBERING!



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Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett like many has been a seeker of more expansive knowledge since childhood. Her work is an embrace of science and spirituality as one in the same. 

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