When Nothing Seems To Be Working

There are those moments that many of us have faced when everything seems to freeze and nothing seems to be working. This can be such a powerless feeling especially when you have experienced the flow of movement. What then. You run around in your head hoping to find some resolve, a glimpse of a solution. This is where we can easily become desperate.

We are suddenly being pulled from all of the things that we feel that we must do to keep our hologram running. On a daily basis we have a routine of actions that we perform in support of our reality. Whether you are in business or working for someone else there is always a sense of commitment to a set of conditions we have established to run our reality. Because of this when those moments of utter “none movement” occurs we are thrown completely off course as there is now much uncertainty of the stability of one’s reality. We fear a collapse of our reality. The question is “what defines your world”. Exactly what are the conditions by which reality exists for you? We are so involved in running our reality and ensuring its existence according to the model held in one’s mind  so much so that we do not see the illusion of our beliefs. We are unaware of the story we have told ourselves about why we must operate the way we do or of the outcome should we do otherwise.

What I find fascinating is to observe myself in action when I am completely submerged in my story; the story that presents conditions and restrictions about the operation of my reality; It is also fascinating to observer others in their own themes for we each have a theme by which we run our show. Here are a few themes and mechanics used in playing out these themes:

Focus-Relationship Issues

These are people who operate reality based on a stream of relationship issues. Not that we all do not experience the challenges of relationships. The difference is that some are completely focused on “why can’t I have a good relationship”, “why can’t I find someone who appreciates me”, “why can’t I find the perfect mate”, “why can’t I find a mate”, “I am a good person why can’t I find someone who appreciates me”. Another offshoot of this is the theory held by some women that because of their success they cannot find a man that is not intimidated by their success. Upholding such concepts only serves to ensure that you will not encounter the appropriate mate. We must examine the truth about what we think of ourselves. The relationship conditions encountered are simply showing up to support the story you have told yourself of what you are, who you are and what your deficiencies are and also what you are deserving of. There is also fear; the question is fear of what. There are also men who feel the same way about their success. They have a fear of being taken advantage of and so in this kind of theme this is what they attract. Reoccurring patterns define a theme. Themes however present us with an opportunity to learn, expand and make different choices.

Focus-Stability In Working And Paying Bills

This is an interesting one as I have observed those whose main focal point is to stay focused on maintaining a secure job and paying all their bills. That’s it! There is no peripheral vision or chance taking.  There entire experience is about working and paying the bills. Understand that game players like this are unable to relate or understand those who operate outside of this kind of stable zone.

Focus-Obsessive Spiritual Disorder

There are those whose main objective is to save the world from itself. They believe that the world needs to conform to their way of thinking. Such individuals band together with others like themselves in supporting this theme. They become radars for disorder so that they can fulfill their theme. They actually become the projector of disharmony or none peace as they perceive it to be in order to fulfill their theme of saving the world. The search for peace further stabilizes a reality/projection of just the opposite. The question is what have we defined as peace; people kill everyday in the name of peace. At this point many of us are recruited into supporting this projection of none peace as the media so cleverly provides us with the necessary images. Our energy is unsuspectingly spent supporting the projections of others which we ultimately buy into in subtle ways; hence the power of religion or spiritual organizations.

Focus-Incessant Struggle

For some struggle is all that is known. They do not know what it is to function outside of the realm on incessant struggle. As a matter of fact they will create conditions to ensure that there is struggle involved. This theme can run through an entire race of people. This like all patterns are a challenge to break especially when one is not aware of being caught in a theme; a pattern, the foundation upon which their reality is built.

Focus- Martyr

Self sacrifice or victimization is indeed a theme. There are those who are lifelong martyrs, this is all they know. The payoff for them is the pity received from those around. They are known as a sacrificial lamb. They are generally quite proud of their role… as they should be. This takes tremendous energy to consistently be in this space. 


There are those with endless health issues just one disorder after another. They also do not know how to live without these disorders. Just like the rest of us what would we do when our themes fail us? When this is the role that we are used to playing it causes great confusion when there is no illness lurking around the corner. Everything around the life of the individual is setup to support this theme, so to shift away from these conditions would mean a complete remodeling or demolishing of their reality. A new construct must be built and that can be devastating so at times health issues are resolved and some time down the road a new one will emerge.

Focus-Striving For Recognition

Some literally spend their lives working for recognition. Hoping that the world sees just how “good” they are, just how talented they are, just how worthy they are. We define the results as success. The high derived from this journey to recognition is generally short lived. Shortly after their achievements there is still a sense of deficiency so they must complete yet an even more worthy accomplishment. This is an endless quest for such beings. Like all other themes there is an original imprint or program that initiated this theme. One has set out on a fool’s quest but still yet great learning will come from this when one becomes aware of this vicious cycle.  After which one can begin to live from a space of creating and achieving for the shear conscious pleasure of doing so. Make no mistake that we are enjoying all that we do, there are however many levels of experiencing joy.


Yes there are those who absolutely love misery! These are the complainers. There is never a moment of recognizing the flow within which we all exist. They can be considered the eternal pessimist. There is only doom and gloom and fear. Misery is fear. There is no bright side for such folks and so they will dismiss any such notion when presented to them. They are convinced that this is just the way it is for them and they are correct as they are unable to see outside of what their lifelong theme/experience has been. This is all that they know and anything outside of that only happens to other people. They are committed to their misery just as we all are committed to our themes.

So getting back to those moments when nothing seems to be working, well from the above themes this gives you an idea of the short circuiting that might occur when your game freezes on you. Even if you do not fit into any of the above categories it matters not as we all have a process and procedures by which our model of reality is run. We have routine functions in maneuvering or navigating through our physical life. When any of those patterns are compromised we feel helpless and challenged. Why isn’t anything working! Especially when we have become accustomed to things working in a certain format, we know how to generate the same results over and over again; it has been tried and true. We know how to meet our needs. Well what if the rules of our game is changing or has changed for you personally. This kind of change believe it or not would have been initiated by you of course through your thoughts and desires. The situation however is that you did not expect those changes to bring your life to a screeching halt. Old solutions no longer work old survival strategies no long work, what now. As we stand in the experience all that we can see is a pending potential for chaos and collapse if you don’t get a handle on things. But what does get a handle on things mean, what is it we fear is going to happen and if these fears come to pass what does that mean for you? These are the questions that we must ask ourselves. Remember that whatever the format that you have been living by has simply been another illusionary construct which has supported your game; it has been your dance with the experience we call physical reality. This dance has of course been based on your theme. Our entire concept of producing currency is skewed to begin with especially for those whose entire theme has been cradled by the production of money; financial survival. What do I mean by this; well we have all developed set conditions by which we limit ourselves to cash/currency production. It’s challenging for us to wrap our minds around other possibilities not governed by third dimensional rules, guidelines and limitations.

While to the naked eye and to the physical processing of emotions we are fooled into believing that there is nothing happening but what if your life as you have been living it is simply becoming something else. The struggle and fast paced mind work that you had operated by is in mid transit; you are at the crossroads between worlds making the switch to a more simplified reality. The job that you had no longer exists because for so long you had been wishing for freedom, and a more stress free way of sustaining one’s life. Perhaps this is why your job was terminated, perhaps this is why your marriage/relationship ended, perhaps this is why your house is in foreclosure, perhaps this is why you are moving, perhaps this is why your business is failing; the question is what did you ask for. We quickly forget what we had been asking for over the past several years. It is very common for us to continuously verbalize what we no longer want to deal with or experience but we are not necessarily doing anything about it at least not from a conscious approach. Then suddenly we are hit with change which feels quite disabling.

When nothing seems to be working it is best not to force the issue with old solutions especially if there is resistance coming from within in taking old approaches. We should honor that kind of signaling to simply stop. What is further challenging is the feeling that you should be doing something. A sense of doom becomes overshadowing during those moments. Sometimes there is simply nothing to do but to ride it out. We are so conditioned to run our reality from the autopilot self than to let go and move into a space of inner guidance. We have even learned to manipulate that inner guidance and this has become a familiar mode of comfort experienced by most until we become aware of this action. Understand that one will experience withdrawals when the standard theme is no longer dictating ones movement. We are caught in unpredictability which generates fear; the uncertainty of the next moment. “When nothing seems to be working” this can be a powerful place to be. This is where you completely let go and allow yourself to do nothing, perhaps just sitting and watching a movie or whatever the moment directs you to do. We most often resist engaging in these activities as we feel a sense of betrayal and irresponsibility in not sitting and worrying about our situation. In moments of nothing working this kind of prompting to do nothing with the exception of simple entertainment allows the autopilot self to step out of the way. In stepping away from the auto pilot mind and actions we diminish the interference ran by the mind like ripples in the ocean. We then stop or slow down the mind chatter and speculations of the future which can only serve to slow down the unfolding of change or we can also run the risk of creating disabling outcomes through the sheer activation of our imagination.

It’s great to speak and write about science/quantum physics but this entire process of when nothing seems to be working is indeed science and again we might not see it as that; why? Because we have a standard or set way by which we model everything and with that we shut out any approach that does not seem to resemble the familiar. It also reminds me of stopping to change the tape or the battery in order to continue filming or recording or whatever that moment of transition requires. This article describes a simple yet significant experience that will generally produce profound results and conclusions regardless which direction we swing towards. So when nothing seems to be working remember that silence can be the loudest sound you will ever hear and that the visible world is made up of the invisible world. The particle wave dance is making quite a splash, reforming, reshaping and rebuilding your personal reality which you have desired and imagined into existence. So again the question is what did you ask for; you may never remember the assortment of desires that you have initiated but rest assured that no matter how it unfolds it’s your dream and that moment will pass and activity will resume! 


Tzaddi 23rd August 2010 10:36 am

Delightful, Sonia! Your ability to express "what's happening now" succinctly, in clarity, just gets better and better. Good for you!

Crystal38 23rd August 2010 11:09 pm

Dear Sonia: this is a very helpful message at this time of uncertainty. Thanks a lot, blessings. :)

Firestarter49455 30th August 2010 11:23 am

Finally somebody see's what I am going through. I want my soul mate. I am getting the patience of a little kid. My divorce was finale almost 12 years ago from my ex-wife. How much longer do I have to wait. If I am to start a family as my astrology chart shows this better happen real soon as I turned 51 Saturday. I just want what belongs to me. Thank you for listening and I am happy that somebody finally understands the nightmare I am going through.

tomatosoup 27th January 2015 3:46 pm

Good heavens, was she right about this, or what:

"... I have observed those whose main focal point is to stay focused on maintaining a secure job and paying all their bills. That’s it! There is no peripheral vision or chance taking. There entire experience is about working and paying the bills. Understand that game players like this are unable to relate or understand those who operate outside of this kind of stable zone..."

I have an entire family who sees the world in exactly and only this way, and am slowly disengaging from a significant other who also does. It's suffocating to be around them when we believe in the Law of Attraction and can see a larger world. They'll shoot down your dreams and - I find this is worse - subtly undermine you with small warnings and even dark visualizing, and over time.

Not sure if Sonia will agree, but in my case, I've discovered that if we lightworkers are not careful, our good can be blocked or misdirected by these people. They obsess over our chances of success then visualize our failure. Keep clear, keep your energy high!

Great article!


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