Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Beloved Six Sensories,

Once again, by the loving grace of God, we find ourselves, (at least in America,) given the privilege of sharing another beautiful Thanksgiving holiday this month, hopefully with our dear friends and family. This is my most favorite holiday of the year because it is designed to help us stop our normal and often unconscious routines in order to recognize, acknowledge, and express our gratitude to one another and to the Holy Creator and giver of all things for all the blessings and gifts we have received throughout the year.

So let me begin by sharing with you, my beloved readers, all that I am grateful for this year. I want to start by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to my family, who, throughout the year has been such a tremendous source of joy, laughter, support, comfort, companionship, and friendship that I am filled to the brim of my being with love and appreciation for all they are to me.

I also want to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Miss T, my beloved poodle, for the sixteen years of devoted love and affection she gave to me and my family and who died on Good Friday last spring. She was a gorgeous teacher of unconditional love and the greatest source of endless play and affection for my entire family, and she shared with us her every last ounce of loving spirit before she passed that gray and difficult morning in April.

I am also deeply grateful for the continued presence of her loving spirit, jumping and dancing around me every morning, welcoming me into another day. I feel her subtle presence and welcome the joy that she continues to share from the other side. And to my recently deceased goldfish, who also greeted my family every morning for over sixteen years by coming to the glass and smiling, (yes, smiling) at us each and every time. Though the tank is empty now his spirit also continues to grace our lives and smile upon us.

And speaking of spirit, I am deeply grateful for all the beautiful support I receive from the subtle realm of spirit every single moment of my life. I cannot imagine a day without the help of my angels, teacher guides, helpers, runners, healers, and joy guides to support, guide, teach, and love me through each day. I am so grateful for the inspiration and assistance they tirelessly offer me when I teach workshops, classes, do readings, and write my books. Truly without their loving support I would feel so lost and lonely and couldn't do what I do.

I am grateful for this beautiful planet we live on. I have had the privilege of traveling and experiencing a great deal of her beauty yet again this year and she leaves me in awe of her endlessly loving spirit. She has been actively teaching us to love and appreciate her more this past year, with the shaking and quaking beneath our feet and above our heads, and I am so very, very grateful for the restraint she has shown us given the magnitude of abuse we have showered upon her.

I am grateful for the supportive friends who have listened to me and loved me this year during my times of great heartbreak and loss, and have kept me laughing and believing all the pain I have felt would lead to a greater good in time. They held my faith for me when I felt I had lost it.

I am very grateful to those who have lovingly assisted me at work, starting with Ryan, in the office, Debra, Mara, my daughters, those who have helped me at Hay House, and all the people who have sponsored me in workshops, all over the world. If I didn't have such loving behind the scenes support, I could not have shared my message as I so love to do, and so I thank God again and again for them.

I am grateful for my life, my lessons, my gifts, my losses, my endings, and new beginnings, and everything in between. I am also deeply, deeply grateful to you dear beloved reader. You are the light of my life. You give me a chance to do what I love the most, which is to teach and guide and inspire and love your spirit. So thank you from the very bottom of my heart and to the very edges of my spirit.

In gratitude, I want to give you a gift this Thanksgiving. I want to offer you my online course The Answer Is Simple for absolutely no charge whatsoever.

There are no strings attached. No special offer.
Its absolutely free to you as my way of simply thanking you
for being a part of my life.

Click Here, Begin and Enjoy!

I offer it in appreciation and support of your beautiful, loving spirit. Furthermore, I invite, and encourage you to pass the course along to anyone whom you believe might benefit from it as well. It will strengthen their spirit, increase their love of self, add to their joy, and help develop their intuition, so please pass it along.

I really believe the more love and light we can activate in ourselves, and bring to others, the brighter and more beautiful life will be for all. So please enjoy the course, and know how much I deeply love and honor your spirit and treasure your support in my life, now and always.

Happy Thanksgiving,



bettina 24th November 2011 6:26 am

Thank you, Sonia for all you do and your gift. I look forward to 'working with you' and getting to the heart of the matter. Many Blessings to you and yours, today and always. :smitten:

k 24th November 2011 1:37 pm

When everything in our external world fails us, leaves us, and we stand alone naked in the dark, we find our true selves and most of all we find the Divinity within. It is the only real thing. Letting go of the external world, all the love we hope to have or think we have, everything we think we are and everything we think .... to find everything we are inside independant of the external world, it is a bitch. It is the greatest challenge of the soul. We each ask why me...as we stare at the abyss before us, the scary abyss of the unknown. But, it is an abyss we must cross...it is faith that creats the bridge. We can not see the bridge, but we have to have faith that it is there and each step we take is like a step into the abyss, but the bridge appears and holds our foot with each step. It is the leap of faith. The knowing, that all we hope for and love is there on the other side of that abyss. With each step we grow stronger and we face the fear with nothing left to lose. That hell we have to face alone...except for our invisible guides to hold us when we do not think we can go on.

AnnRussell 24th November 2011 2:05 pm

Dear Sonia,
YOU are such a beautiful gift to us all! I cannot thank you enough for your generosity in sharing this much needed program on learning to love ourselves. It will be used over and over again by myself, my friends, and hopefully travel the world.
With love and many heartfelt thanks.
Ann Russell

LordJesusChrist 24th November 2011 4:21 pm

The Good Force be with you!
You're welcome, Sonia! I really appreciate your kindness. Happy Thanksgiving Day!
Live forever and prosper!
:thumbs: :angel: :coolsmiley :smitten:

MaryO 25th November 2011 5:56 am


Thank you very much.
Bless you and happy Thanksgiving to you too.
Greetings from South Africa


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