2011 The Year of Divine Wisdom and Love

2011 will see tremendous shifts and changes.  All that we have healed, released, realised and understood during 2010 will bring a surge of high energy into the first half of 2011.  Shifts will continue to occur within the collective consciousness bringing new beginnings that will become swiftly stable.  This will enable us to effectively cope with the consequences of our past choices, on both a collective and individual level, encouraging us to make the necessary changes and choices that will bring about a new balance.

2011 will see us emerge from our isolated, cocooned state and moving into greater awareness of our potential to grow and develop Spiritually as a human race.  Many more will awaken to the realisation of their Divine Essence and dramatic events and situations will open new Spiritual pathways for individual exploration, allowing completion and resolution to be a theme throughout the year.

As we release and complete the lessons of the past the energy of this year will decode more of the patterns held within our DNA.  As the old patterns of imbalance fall away our hearts will continue to heal creating new patterns of love and compassion.  For many, through this process, you will begin to fully understand and realise the true nature of your physical life.

During 2011 we will come to deeply understand that contained within each and every individual is the unity of the Universe.  This unity is made up of many tiny aspects of Creation and these tiny pieces are continually moving into harmony and balance.  As we move forward in 2011 the ability to unify these aspects will emerge expanding your consciousness and reconnecting your with ever higher realms of Spirit.

As this year unfolds any remaining experiences, challenges and situations that slow your progress towards unity will be exposed.  All energetic and emotional blocks will dissolve encouraging the expression of your true Spiritual essence within your physical life.  Consciously working with the energy of unity within yourself will fulfil the deepest needs of your Soul and Spirit, bringing the concept of Unity Consciousness into physical reality and initiating the required changes within the world.

In 2011 you will be encouraged to see yourself and each human Soul as a vision of Divine wisdom and love.  You will be asked to arise from your apathy and negativity and to unite your body, mind and Spirit through your heart.  To learn to embrace yourself and all others in selfless love and compassion and see the forces of unconditional love that lie beneath the surface of our everyday awareness.  You will come to fully awaken to the truth that you are an inseparable part of the Divine Creator.  There is no separation and no distance between yourself and the Divine Creator.  The same stream of consciousness that flows from the Divine Creator flows through you and each and every living thing.

Following the pathway of your heart will enable you to reach all the mysteries and wonders of happiness, peace, bliss, beauty and love.  Through your heart you have a path that reaches into the very heart of the Divine Creator.  You are beckoned forwards along this path in search of the incalculable riches that are buried within the cave of your heart.  The key is to open to the higher potentials of human and Divine love which will bring you the freedom of unconditional love.  Ally yourself with the fountain of Divinity which lies within your heart and welcome in real joy.  Live and act on the Earth impeccably, do not disturb the harmony, balance and beauty of the environment.  Learn to listen and understand the natural world around you – the sun, the moon, the stars, the wind, the forest, the oceans, rivers and lakes, the animals.  Follow the laws of nature and respect all of life.



k 6th January 2011 4:20 pm

Thank you Kate for focusing on the spiritual and not the physical progression expected in 2011. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, not the other way around. If we focus too much on the physical changes and disasters we tend to forget that our survival in the physical is not as important as our spiritual development as we navigate through our dream we see as physical reality. Yogananda said we are in a dream within a dream. I don't think we should take it too seriously and worry or be fearful of what lays ahead because it is all according to the Divine plan of bring us all Home.

Anne333 7th January 2011 6:19 pm

I agree so much with what K said, "Thank you for focusing on the spiritual." This challenge to understand that the Universe is contained in each of us, I have taken to heart. To remember this in being with others is so beautiful and such a challenge! Thank you for the inspiration!


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