Alignment & Illusions Falling

Tuesday 14th January 2020: Alignment

On January 12th we experienced the long awaited Pluto Saturn conjunction. This particular alignment of these two powerful planets is a rarity which made it an incredibly powerful event. The energy and impact from this event will be deeply transformative and life changing as it works to awaken, expand and evolve us both individually and collectively.

As this alignment occurred so close to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse you can expect to feel some heaviness as your subconscious releases some deep seated emotions, patterns and programs. Profound truths are emerging with this release and you will come to understand and know yourself on a very deep and fundamental level. It is important that you do not shy away from what you are feeling. Make time to unpack what is coming up for you. Feel your emotions and you will find the necessary healing and balance you need to move forward stronger than ever before.

Wednesday 15th January 2020: Illusions Falling

In these first few weeks of January the cosmic shifts and incoming energies seem to be leaving us feeling anxious, heavy and agitated as the illusions under which we have lived continue to dissolve and disintegrate. Waves of powerful energy are flooding the planet and dramatically revealing the constraints by which we have lived. Whatever is in need of healing is being brought to the fore of our awareness and our experience.

As you adapt to the influx of incoming energies you will be faced with numerous awakening and healing opportunities which may create a time of inner conflict and chaos. This may be unsettling as the incoming energies trigger your unresolved heartache, sadness, pain, anger and deep disappointment. You may feel like your place within your family, culture and society is shifting as truths emerge igniting deep-seated anger and fear. Allow it all to emerge. Embrace what is coming up and rest assured that you are being aligned with exactly where you need to be.



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