Be Deeply Present

This year our human collective has been gifted with an intense transformational process. The scale and scope of change is vast and the resulting intensity is creating challenge and difficult in some for or another for almost everyone on the planet. The powerful energies we have encountered month after month are initiating many opportunities for us to awaken, heal and transform. There is now a sense of urgency, which is pushing us to consciously engage with what is unravelling within ourselves and in our world.

Remember that this is a time to shift, change and realign your life. It is a time to face and release your fears and uncertainty. To face and heal the trauma of the past. Keep your focus inward and probe your consciousness to identify where healing is being demanded. Pay attention as you fearlessly examine your emotional and mental blocks. Eliminate the old entrenched patterns and programming and release the energy associated with them. Access your inner wisdom and truth and allow it to empower you to make the necessary changes needed in foundational structures of your life. Be deeply present to what is unfolding.

Much love




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Spirit Pathways has been created to bring awareness of ancient teachings and knowledge for the healing and ascension of Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her. All written information, messages and articles are my own interpretation of the energies that are affecting our world at this time.


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