Breathe & Birthing a New Destiny


In this modern world it is easy to forget the connection we have to nature, to drift away from our primal, instinctual self. We live in an age where we are being called to constantly juggle our appointments, commitments, phone calls, emails and text messages. Even when we do stop and rest there are usually thoughts running through our mind, things to remember, plans to make, goals to achieve, etc.

When you find yourself becoming scattered, stressed or forgetful, focusing on your breath is one of the easiest ways of bringing your awareness back to the present moment. The act of deep breathing can bring instant relief to stress and fatigue, increase mental clarity and energy as your blood becomes super oxygenated.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Relax your shoulders. Soften you stomach. Draw your awareness into your heart and stay there for a moment.

Birthing a New Destiny

We are built to move forwards, to evolve, to grow and to expand. Change must happen for new life to emerge and thrive. Stagnation creates stress, illness, depression and imbalance. Movement creates flow and flow creates passion, excitement and joy. Purposeful action activates new possibilities and naturally initiates harmony and flow.

Today marks a turning point in 11 energy we have been working with since November. The past is being cleared and the old reality is dying. As a result emotional extremes are occurring. It is essential that you flow with what is surfacing but do not linger on the past. Move past the old pain and trust in the rightness of this moment. This is a powerful time when anything is possible. Allow your soul’s voice to emerge within your heart and mind. Trust its calling and as you let go of the past clarity of vision and purpose will arise. Remember that you are birthing a new destiny and beginning an epic new journey.

Much love



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