Confronting Truth & True Transformation

Confronting Truth

When each day is sacred; when each hour is sacred; when each instant is sacred; earth and you; -space and you; bearing and sacred through time; you’ll reach the fields of light. -Guillevic

It is important to remember that behind all appearances, regardless of how seemingly brutal or arbitrary, exists a greater truth. It is this truth that we are being called to confront in our current experience of life. The circumstances and conditions which are coming to the fore, both individually and collectively, are revealing just how deep our imbalance has become. As we continue to process and integrate the energies of the past week our deepest truth will begin to emerge affirming the path we are now taking.

Do not allow yourself to get drawn into the drama’s unfolding around you as this will pull you into chaos and confusion. Take responsibility for your own life and the choices and decisions you now need to make. Set aside time each day to contemplate and evaluate the course your life is taking. This will allow you to perceive the true nature of each day and how best to navigate your way forward.

True Transformation

In the past few weeks we have move rapidly through portals of transformation and into the depths of our soul. As a result, all that is no longer required is being dismantled pushing us to accept and release our deepest held beliefs. Great growth and understanding is available to us when we go with the flow instead of pushing ahead.

It is important to remember that you have it within you to bring about profound change. You possess the power to confront and to change what needs to be transformed. By embracing the uncertainty of change you embrace the freedom it offers, setting yourself free from the shackles of that which no longer serves you. There are three steps needed to achieve true transformation. These steps are insight, endurance and action. As much as you may be feeling the need for change the challenge can be the necessary action you need to take to bring about true transformation.

What action do you need to take to free yourself from the confines of the past?

Much love



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