Contemplate & Re-Evaluate

In this time of rapid awakening and transformation it is becoming abundantly clear that we have to stop expecting someone else to make our lives better, the world healthier or the environment cleaner. We need to stop looking to governments, politicians and so called leaders to change our reality. It is up to us as individuals to make the necessary and vital changes needed. If we want a better life, a better world it is our individual responsibility to create that. World events and personal experiences are revealing how the old reality does not work, does not serve us and is most definitely out of alignment with universal law.

The purgative effects of this month may have you feeling like you are being put through the ringer as your energy bodies are being purged and cleared of the old. Your energy is being strengthend and the energetic forces within you rebalanced. This process will birth an abundance of source energy and the necessary inspiration you need to move forward. This may not be an easy time but do your best to surrender into it as it can be a cathartic, liberating and exhilarating period of growth. Move with what is coming up and the changes you are being called to make. Set aside time each day to contemplate and re-evaluate the course of your life. Remember that you must transform yourself internally before you can manifest anything new externally.

Much love




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