Daily Inspiration Roundup 11th - 15th March 2019

11th March: Germinating A New Life

We are in the midst of an extensive, complex and demanding evolutionary process. The incoming energies continue to cleanse and clear us from lifetimes of pain, disconnection and imbalance. At times the pace of this transformation seems unbearably slow and never ending as we endure the intensity of these incoming energies. Every layer, every level and every aspect of our existence is shifting as the seeds of a new life and a new era germinate within us.

You are healing and releasing the habitual patterning of your human consciousness to enable the creation of a new heart and soul guided reality. You many know and feel that change is necessary but lack the energy, will or desire to do what is required. The necessary life changing events and transformations have already been initiated and will unfold as you learn to be fully conscious and fully embodied within your physical form. Surrender into this process and slowly sink into your physical form.

12th March: Honest Self Reflection

In the lead up to the Equinox on the 21st the incoming energies are moving us into a period of intense and honest self reflection, which is preparing us for the opening of the Equinox gateway. We are being urged to reflect on how our choices, decisions and actions reveal how we are living, or not living, our soul’s truth. We are being called to take responsibility for our disconnection and disassociation and how this is reflected in our daily life.

You may still be finding it difficult to direct your life, or even understand the purpose or reason behind your life to this point. Moving forward it is important to allow your soul dominion over your human self, which will enable you to make wise, compassionate and effectual choices. This will ensure that in these chaotic and challenging times your actions are grounded, functional and effective.

13th March: Reshape & Redirect

Within the relentlessness of this time some important integrations and adjustments are occurring to expand our awareness. New purpose is being initiated which is rearranging the pathways of our consciousness and expanding our capacity to live fully in the present moment. New energy and new understandings are emerging to teach us how to comfortably flow with the continual shifts and changes in universal consciousness.

The last few years have offered many opportunities to fully embrace your true spirit. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically you have been healed, cleansed, realigned and purged over and over again. It has been a monumental time which has instigated the reconnection of your soul. Do not now allow yourself to be trapped in inertia. Reflect on the possibilities that are available to you now but make a decision and take action. Trust what you are being called to do to reshape and redirect your life.

14th March: The Gathering

The Earth’s current evolutionary process is not an optional experience. No one is immune to the shifts and changes that are occurring. If you are alive and on this planet at this time you are here to heal, grow and evolve. How this unfolds is a uniquely individual process which will involve life changing events and transformations.

Now is the time to gather, gather yourself, gather your energy and ready yourself for what comes next. You are being brought into a profound state of receptivity which will bring deeper healing, expansion and evolutionary growth. As a result, you will gain greater access to the new consciousness that is emerging. It is this consciousness that will enable you to bring peace, harmony and unity to both your internal and external worlds.

15th March: Cosmic Consciousness

Humanity, as a whole, has lost themselves in creating a seemingly secure economic environment which replaced the spiritual environment we experienced many thousands of years ago. The questions of why we are here and what is our divine purpose have been pushed aside and repressed to enable the establishment of a more ‘comfortable’ style of survival. We have used the drive for this comfortable style of survival as a reason to live, to feel complete, gradually forgetting our original and individual purpose for being.

As a result, a profound shift is occurring to change how humanity continues to exist upon this planet. Change cannot be avoided and the transformation of every aspect of human life will occur. As you move through the many vibrational shifts and resulting transformations you will move beyond the patterning held in the collective consciousness and into the vast expanse of your cosmic consciousness.

Much love



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