Daily Inspiration Roundup 13th - 17th May 2019

A summary of Kate Spreckley's 'Daily Inspiration' series from the week starting 13th May 2019.

13th May: Letting Go

With the rise of a new Earth reality a new awareness is awakening realigning humanity with the universal principles and values that take into consideration the Earth and all of nature. The incoming flow of cosmic energy is moving very quickly enabling us to transform and shift the negative, destructive or limiting parts of ourselves and our lives. The old patriarchal and matriarchal systems are falling away which is enabling a new perspective to emerge. A perspective that embraces the divine elements need to secure our future upon this planet.

As this week unfolds any remaining blockages that impact connection with your soul will begin to unravel. Attachments and distractions, which have seduced you away from your soul purpose are now being exposed. Work with what arises without the need to control and manipulate. There is no benefit found in hanging onto the old. It is time to honour what has been so that you can move forward unhindered by your past.

14th May: Solar Storm

Over the past few days Solar activity has been increasing with a solar storm heading in our direction. It is predicted to reach the Earth’s atmosphere by the 15th. A solar storm is a massive explosion in the sun’s atmosphere. These storms affect all layers of the suns atmosphere accelerating electrons, protons and heavy ions close to the speed of light. Studies have found a direct connection between solar storms and our human biology. The electromagnetic activity of the sun affects not only our electronic devices but also our electromagnetic energy field.

We are physically, mentally and emotionally altered by the electromagnetic activity of the sun. The physical impact of a solar storm can bring headaches, heart palpitations, fatigue, mood swings and general discomfort. The energy flow in the body can also be altered creating a feeling of being hot or cold. One can also experience the sensation of electricity moving through or into the body with extreme environmental sensitivity. Emotionally solar storms can trigger the awakening of deep seated and hidden emotions which we need to heal and release.

These intense energies are very beneficial and support our healing, growth and evolution. Make it a priority to ground yourself, hydrate and rest as much as possible.

15th May: Awakening Ancient Memories 

Everything we experience has a beginning, a middle and an end followed by a new beginning. As we awaken from our sleep of forgetfulness we become aware of exactly how we determine our own fate and destiny. And of how we have been gifted with the energy of responsibility, practicality and determination, which enables us to work towards achieving our divine purpose. In these profound times of transformation and change we must accept responsibility for our own lives and the choices and decisions we make that affects not only our future, but the future of humankind.

Currently the incoming energy is igniting the parts of your inner nature which are in need of healing and release. As this release happens new levels of awareness will expand your consciousness gifting you with a new understanding of your spiritual energy and power. As a result, ancient memories will awaken showing you how to use your energy in positive ways to make new choices that determine your future from a place of balance, peace and love.

16th May: Pushing

As human beings we have all agreed to transmit a particular energy to assist the world and humanity in shifting into expanded states of consciousness. The key to this transmitting process lies in accessing the full potential of our soul. The shifts and changes occurring now within the consciousness of humanity are supporting and encouraging this process. As a result, our soul energy is being repatterned as a unified force of creation and love.

As you head towards the Full Moon this weekend there will be an increased intensity to the incoming energies. You will feel an urgency building pushing you into the new life you are creating. You are no longer held back by the limitations of the past and everything you are currently experiencing is pushing you to activate crucial aspects of your soul. Aspects that will align you with the flow of divine creative energy needed for your new life. With this energy new levels of intuition and inspiration will come to illuminate your path. Make time to be still. To breathe and allow the integration of this energy.

17th May: Full Moon

Alignment with our soul is key to our current evolutionary process. This alignment brings profound shifts, deep healing, sudden realisations and rapid growth. Old challenges may be reemerging as illusions are shattered and the reality of certain situations and relationships is exposed. This can be a confusing time for many as hidden fears, old beliefs and outdated patterns arise intensifying any turmoil and or chaos. At the same time new experiences will transpire bringing deeper understandings and different perspectives.

Tomorrows Full Moon is generating a powerful surge of cosmic energy promising some impressive shifts and a final release of some old karmic relationships, experiences and situations. Inspiration will flow to ignite greater clarity, direction and focus. Trust the flow and how it is reshaping and redirecting your life. This is a turning point. Observe the space you are in. Travel through this space but do not become attached to the form it is taking. A new life filed with miracles is surfacing. A life you could never have imagined. Let it unfold.


Meg 17th May 2019 12:08 pm

TY for the message ... :smitten:

ShelleyT 20th May 2019 12:35 pm

The energy, past sadness....solar flares... extraordinary..., thank you for your review... spot on...


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