Daily Inspiration Roundup 16th - 20th December 2019 - Solstice

A summary of Kate Spreckley's 'Daily Inspiration' series from the week starting 16th December 2019, including a message about the Solstice.

Monday 16th December: Nurture Your Soul

Humanity currently exists within a healing crisis which is requiring us to take responsibility for the unsustainable ways of living and being we continue to practice. As a result, both our collective and personal realities are dissolving to ultimately teach us how to live authentically and honestly. This is changing the course of our destiny and awakening a deep and profound sense of self. A sense of self that is free from any over identification with our inherited nature.

Currently you are being gifted with the opportunity to follow an internal process of integration and reflection. The incoming energies are increasing and expanding within you to untangle you from your karmic legacy. Do not let your doubts deter you as it is time now to rise above your challenges and to focus on what nurtures your soul. The divine potential of the future is near and as you move closer to 2020 trust in the goodness of what is yet to manifest in your life.

Tuesday 17th December: Profound Inner Transformation

We are in what is being termed the Shift of Ages where the prophecies of the ages find fulfilment, where the cosmic cycles of the universe merge to birth a collective integration of awaken consciousness. As a result, powerful waves of cosmic energy are constantly flooding our planet and colliding with our energy fields to dramatically expand our consciousness. Deeper levels of the illusions and constraints by which we have lived are being swiftly dissolved bringing whatever is in need of healing to the fore of our awareness and human experience.

Remember that you are here at this time to anchor in a new wisdom and a new way of being upon the Earth. You are here to assist in the expansion of consciousness. You have worked long and hard to get to this stage and over the next few weeks you will experience a profound inner transformation that will stimulate your intuition and your creativity. It is essential that you make time to rest and allow your being to fully integrate what is occurring a the core of your being.

Wednesday 18th December: Underlying Excitement

Collectively we are all in the midst of a period of destruction and reconstruction. It is an increasingly intense time of rapid healing, purification and processing where expansion, growth and awakening becomes more and more pronounced. As we move closer to the new year many things in and around us are coming up for completion. Intense struggles may ensue as we are asked to deeply examine our lives.

Huge surges of light energy are bathing the Earth readying you for the upcoming Solstice. You can expect the intensity to increase as the incoming energy moves through you washing away the past and bringing an end to much of the uncertainty of recent times. Feelings of tension, pressure and exhaustion are common symptoms but thankfully there is an underlying excitement brewing beneath the surface. Cultivate a strong and calm perspective as this will help to facilitate your process.

Thursday 19th December: Two Paths

December marks the culmination of a very significant year. It has been a year of intense transformation which has resulted in the choice of very two clear and distinctive paths - the path of the ego or the path of the soul. The powerful energies we have encountered month after month have initiated many opportunities for us to make this choice.

The scale and scope of change has been vast and the resulting intensity and urgency has created challenge and difficulty in some form or another for almost everyone on the planet. There are those who have welcomed in these changes and the choices they have made as it is the culmination of years of hard work and effort. And yet there are others who have resisted their choices with the result that their changes have come as a sudden and swift shock. Wherever you stand embrace the uncertainty of change and ready yourself for the new year. Recognise what is dying away but also recognise that new opportunities await you. You really have nothing left to fear.

Friday 20th December: Solstice

On the 21st / 22nd December 2019 Solstice the sun will once again align with the Galactic Cross. This alignment generates some pretty potent cosmic energy, which rapidly accelerates our awakening, healing and evolutionary processes. Generally, the Solstice is a very powerful time of shifting energies but this year its impact will be far greater as we are called to more fully embody our soul. As a result, we can expect a profound release of what no longer serves us.

The next two weeks promise to hold an abundance of pure healing energy that will move to unveil your Soul potential and assist you in reconnecting with the deepest aspects of yourself. As you move towards the end of 2019 you are entering into a space of pure potential and power where all inner and outer changes and choices are being deeply processed and integrated. This process will strengthen and expand your consciousness to create a force field of light and power around you. By consciously engaging with the cosmic flow of incoming energies you will naturally attune to and flow with the energy of your soul. You will gain the ability to trust your inner vision, instincts and intuition, and the strength you need to courageously take action on the guidance you receive. Remember that this is a time to shift, change and realign your life with your deepest knowing.



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