Daily Inspiration Roundup 18th - 22nd February 2019

A summary of Kate Spreckley's 'Daily Inspiration' series from the week starting 18th February.

18th February: Culmination

The Eclipses in January certainly stirred things up. Turmoil and confusion have dominated the last few weeks as an adjustment in the balance of all things on the planet is occuring. The new Earth energetic patterns are rising to form a new matrix through which our new reality is manifesting. To ensure our survival we are required to energetically match this matrix by healing emotionally, physical, mentally and spiritually.

To change the outer manifestation of your life a profound inner transformation must occur. To support this process the incoming energy has been drawing to the surface old, toxic emotions, thoughts and feelings readying them for release. With tomorrow’s Super Full Moon you will see the culmination of this process as the incoming energies move into the depths of your soul to activate your pure potential and expand your perceptions.

The Full Moon energy is felt for three days. Use these three days to become conscious of the thoughts, emotions and feelings you have been carrying for far too long. Are you ready to finally let them go?

19th February: Super Full Moon 

Super Moons occur when the Moon is closest to Earth, and todays Full Moon will be at its closest point all year. As a result, the light of this Full Moon is at its strongest and the pull of its energy is intense. Its power is exposing the fears and untruths which have driven our past choices and decisions. As this fear rises to be cleared and released we are released from old repetitive patterns and programming.

You are being propelled forward by the evolutionary flow of life, which is dissolving the fragmented aspects of this world and your personal perception of reality. All obstacles to expanded consciousness are being removed. Consequently, you will find that old fear based emotional and mental patterns and programs are emerging. Allow them to surface and dissolve. Be receptive and yet deliberate in this process. Do not go into the drama of these old emotions or feelings. Listen to the messages they bring but focus on letting them go. Everything you are currently experiencing is liberating your innate divinity, your authenticity, so that you may hear your true, intuitive voice.

20th February: Delicate Balance

The energy being directed towards the planet is flooding the new Earth’s energetic matrix emphasising the need to for healing, transformation and release. This Full Moon has rapidly accelerated this process as any unhealed or imbalanced aspects have been highlighted and brought to our conscious awareness. Now we have a choice. Do we continue to follow the old or do we embrace the unknown and move into the new.

Destiny is taking its course prodding you along. Allow yourself to flow between the old and the new but keep your focus on the power of your inner wisdom and truth. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into judging what is wrong with you or the world. Look at yourself and the world from a greater perspective and intuitively move towards what is right for you now. As the moon begins to wane the energy will shift and bring relief. Find the delicate balance between your head and your heart and trust that your inner wisdom is guiding you.

21st February: Claim Your Place

The new Earth’s energetic matrix requires us to be in balance with the natural forces of the planet. The agricultural and industrial revolutions created a split between humanity and the Earth. This alienated humanity from nature splitting the soul, which allow the ego its reign of fear, control and domination. As a result, the Earth was forced to withdraw her energy. Now a new sacred awareness is emerging from the luminous core of the Earth to accelerate evolution and survival upon this beautiful planet.

The incoming energies are speeding up your progress by connecting you to the pure, clear consciousness you hold within your soul. The internal and external patterning created by the ego is unravelling forcing the ego to withdraw and find its rightful place as a servant to divinity. It is time to claim your place in the centre of your divine purpose. To detach from the chaos of the world and focus on freeing yourself from anything which keeps you in a state of survival. Become aware of the larger purpose of your life and allow the ancient truth of your soul to guide you in making real and practical changes. Allow nothing to get in your way.

22nd February: Integration

Every layer, every level and every aspect of our existence is being purified, cleansed and released to enable the full realisation of our pure, divine essence. The powerful burst of new energy that has been coursing across the planet since the Full Moon on the 19th, shifted our inner landscape and brought us into greater alignment with our soul.

You may well be feeling exhausted and drained at this time as you process and integrate the inner changes which have occurred this week. All is well. The light is being restored and the end of this particular storm is near. Do not give up hope. Make time for yourself, your feelings and your essential needs. Listen to your body. Take time to rest, restore and replenish yourself. And remember to be kind, gentle and compassionate with yourself.

Much love


Meg 22nd February 2019 2:17 pm

Thank you for sharing.


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