Daily Inspiration Roundup 25th February - 1st March 2019

25th February: Soul Union

Integration continues as we move into this week. The current cycle of healing and growth is expanding us beyond our previous limitations, beyond what we have previously experienced and into the pure potential of all Creation. Our core energies are being activated which is moving us into greater union with our soul. Now we must do the work necessary to ensure the harmonious balance of energies needed to maintain our human existence upon this planet.

Immerse yourself in the energy of this time and ensure a balance of energies in and around you. Allow the natural flow of universal energies to move you beyond obstacles and into solutions. Explore the unknown and venture into the deeper mysteries of your life. Reflect on the unlimited possibilities available to you now. Move with the current process and know that the fulfilment of your destiny is assured.

26th February: Universal Field

The more our soul integrates with our human self the better equipped we are to consciously co-create our lives and our world. As this integration process unfolds a profound state of connection is re-established with the universal field of consciousness. This connection moves us into deeper states of awareness, which enables us to embrace the power we hold to manifest a life and a world that is heaven on earth.

The process of integration is an inward journey of inner expansion where you are reminded of the sacred commitment you have made to birth a new destiny for the Earth. There are no more excuses, now is the time to set your priorities straight. Consider every obstacle as an opportunity. Every challenge as a call to heal. Learn to move beyond your personal history and into the enchanted world of your soul.

27th February: Illuminating Storms

Every aspect of who we are is being fully activated as storms, both physical and energetic, sweep the planet dissipating the deeper egoic aspects of our human nature. The light is gathering its power to illuminate and ignite new inspiration, creativity and vision. The unique energy codes within this light are shifting the patterns of subtle energies, which have shaped the structure of our earthly experience. As a result, a firmer connection is developing between the subtle luminous realms of our soul and the tangible material world, which grounds and anchors us to the Earth.

With this shift your energy field is naturally expanding enhancing your ability to see, hear and feel truth. As you allow this new awareness to take root in your being a renewed sense of clarity and vision will emerge. This requires that you be flexible and adaptable in order to maintain your stability. Remember that nature supports this process as it attunes your energy and enables you to assimilate and integrate the shifting energies.

28th February: Embodiment

The purpose of our current evolutionary process is the full embodiment of our soul. The more we awaken, heal and grow the more we are able to consciously participate in this embodying process. The soul is an ever-present, vital, essential aspect of our whole being and as we liberate it from all that keeps it bound, we are able to unfurl its ancient wisdom within our being. Our awareness then expands to show us the way of our soul’s energy and the correct use of its power.

Now you are being urged to direct your soul’s energy and power into your physical manifestations. To direct its wisdom into your daily life. As you do so you will lovingly expand your view of life, which will assist you in reviewing the values, beliefs and patterns that form the foundation of your life. Look at what lies behind your creations and understand that all actions and deeds come full circle as the universal laws of balance are always upheld. Reflect on your daily life choices and see what you are being called to change and transform.

1st March: Healing & Balance

Never before has an evolutionary process required so much from us. The ceaseless flow of evolving energies is pushing us towards rapid healing, growth and evolution. The current energetic climate is particularly heavy as many are moving through a time of profound awakening. Managing ourselves through this time is essential as we have highly sensitive energy systems, which can become adversely affected by the environment around us. We can become unrounded, unhappy, depressed and or angry as our energy system picks up on the negative emotional, mental and environmental energy which surrounds us.

The continued movement of energy is taking its toll and it is essential that you do what you can to support yourself through it. Nature is a balm body, mind and soul. The energetic storms will continue so use nature's sacred spaces to support you. Go to the oceans, the mountains and the forests. Listen to the voice of the Earth and ask for healing and balance.

Much love



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