Daily Inspiration Roundup 4th - 8th March 2019

A summary of Kate Spreckley's 'Daily Inspiration' series from the week starting 3rd March.

4th March: Taking Bold Steps

The divine plan for our life only begins to unfold when we heal and release the old patterns and programs which have restricted our soul. It is only with the unfoldment of this plan that our soul’s journey upon this planet is assured. The more we awaken and heal, the more we illuminate our soul’s path and purpose in this lifetime.

As an incarnation of divinity you hold the power to bring change and transformation to humanity. You have chosen in this life to hold the sacred dream of a new reality and a new world. Embrace this role and humbly learn to walk a path of harmony and balance in all ways. Learn to focus your energy and be receptive to the subtle insights and messages you need to move forward. Gather yourself in preparation for the new experiences to come as you are being called to take bold steps into the unknown.

5th March: Mercury Retrograde

This is a big week as Mercury, the planet ruling technology and communication, goes retrograde and Uranus, the planet which governs discovery, invention, innovation and progression, moves into the astrological sign of Taurus for the next 7 years. The energies are incredibly intense as the cosmic waves flooding the planet are bringing rapid awakening, healing and transformation. As the old world dissolves its energy is released which is creating massive shifts in our collective consciousness.

It can feel like the ground beneath you is sliding away. Surrender into this process. Honor the past and all that has come before but make sure to disconnect from the old world and root yourself in the Earth. Rooting will bring you into full alignment with the ceaseless flow of the natural world. It will help you to embrace the many shifts and changes you are now required to make. Remember to use your intuition to gain clarity when challenged and allow your consciousness to find the path of balance.

6th March: New Moon

In the last few months the constant flood of cosmic energies has been illuminating all that has been fragmented and broken within us and the world. As a result, enormous shifts and changes have occurred working to transform us from the inside out. With today’s New Moon a new wave of cosmic energy lands closing one cycle and birthing a new one. There will be a distinct shift in the energy which will initiate a new journey of creation and manifestation.

Your journey is expanding beyond the bounds of the old world and you have outgrown your old life. Now is the time to open your heart, expand your awareness and view life from a new perspective. Use this Mercury Retrograde period to align your motivations and gain fresh insight. Set your priorities straight and trust that your needs will be met. No more excuses now is the time.

7th March: Cosmic Flow

A distinct shift in the energy of the Earth is bringing to the fore new levels of spiritual insight and creativity, which is helping to swing the planet into a new direction. Our consciousness is being infused with the seeds of new purpose, new perceptions and new understandings. As we cultivate these seeds, we harness the energy of our soul to manifest the new Earth reality.

The changes occurring now require you to stand in the truth of your authenticity, to act with integrity, humility and gratitude. Take considered steps towards the new potentials and opportunities arising now. Work with the flow of cosmic energies and you will find it easier to direct your soul’s essence into your physical manifestations thus create a reality that is peaceful, loving and balanced.

8th March: Cosmic Flow

For too long we have confused the world and the Earth as one when in fact they are completely different. The world is a man-made reality and the Earth is a living, breathing divine being. If humanity are to survive a revolution in how we live on the Earth is required. New social processes and structures are needed to restore the natural environment and teach us how to live in harmony with the Earth.

As a result you are being drive to explore and express the vital part you have to play in changing how humanity exists on the Earth. Your soul is guiding and influencing your life trust its flow and what you are being called to do. Release the repetitive patterns of the past and clear its remaining residue from all aspects of your life. Observe what is currently being revealed and adjust yourself and your life accordingly. Allow your souls truth to support you in becoming a responsible human being.



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