Daily Inspiration Roundup 8th - 12th April 2019

A summary of Kate Spreckley's 'Daily Inspiration' series from the week starting 8th April.

8th April: Integration

The energy of our soul links us to the highlights of every life we have every lived, the major lessons we have learnt and the talents and gifts we have perfected as we have journeyed though the cosmos. In this lifetime we have come to activate the energy of our soul and initiate the unification of all soul fragments within our being. As a result, we are able to allow our soul to determine the direction of our life.

The increase in light energy is accelerating the unfolding of your soul's full potential, which is prompting a greater expansion of your human consciousness. Your progress has brought you to this incredible space where you become a divine instrument able to create space for the reemergence of joy, unconditional love, compassion and empathy. There is no turning back now. As you integrate this expansion you will come to see and understand just how connected, centred and filled with purpose you are.

9th April: Perfect Patterns of Light

The incoming energies are activating our ability to transmit perfect patterns of light into the world. Our duty now is to remember the ancient wisdom of our soul, to uncover its truth and to break through that which continues to cloud our inner divine light. Greater vision its birthed as we expand our awareness and recognise the impact we have on all of life on this planet.

It is essential that you learn to process and release the discordant energetic patterns, which have dominated and defined your life to this point. Hidden fears may still arise and you may still find yourself clinging to old comfort zones before being able to completely let go. Practice emotional and mental discipline and seek to become a master of self. Do not turn your back on the world and life's experiences, face them head on. Learn to view life from a higher perspective and endeavour to see the bigger picture. Become fully engaged in the events of everyday life and take appropriate action.

10th April: Perfect Patterns of Light (contd.)

With the Earth's current cycle of evolution a deeper awareness of our collective unity and oneness with all of life is urging us to create a firm connection between the subtle luminous energy of the soul and the physical, tangible reality of the Earth. As a result our personal evolution is accelerating the dissipation of the deeper egoic aspects of our human nature and revealing our soul's rightful place as the guiding force behind our lives.

As the power of your soul's energy begins to vibrate within your being you will discover a new and deeper understanding of your personal power, authority and integrity. This will bring the requirements of your soul into sharp focus enabling the needs of your ego to fall away. You become fully present and alive in the world of form, while fully immersed in the wisdom of your soul. Clarity, awareness and expansion then arise and you are able to recreate your life accordingly.

11th April: Spiralling Path of Truth

The path of truth is spiralling us into the deepest parts of ourselves where we get to unearth the treasures buried within our soul. That which was once only known in the dark recesses of our soul is being fully integrated into the light of this new day. A profound inner transformation is thus occurring enabling us to rise up and receive the many blessings held within the new Earth reality.

This is a momentous opportunity which will support you in transforming the negative, destructive and limiting parts of yourself and your life. A greater vision is beginning to unfold. A vision that will extend you beyond the boundaries of your individual self and into the realms of service to the world. Allow yourself to be illuminated with the clarity of your soul's truth and let this truth inspire to move forward with compassion, power and grace.

12th April: Pieces of the Puzzle

The purgative effects of this time are leaving many feeling like they have been put through the ringer. The issues coming up to be cleared are deeply rooted and require us to use our intuition and inner wisdom to free ourselves from the past, to rise above our challenges and find the solutions needed to support the creation of a new reality.

It may feel that just as you uncover one truth another emerges shifting your perspective and giving you a different view of yourself, your life and your experiences. This can be confusing as you try to make sense of what you are seeing, feeling and experiencing. Each new perspective is a piece of the puzzle. Don't get stuck trying to work it all out or to understand it. Just allow the picture to present itself and flow with the unfolding process.



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