Energy Report December 2010

December is shaping up to be a key point in our process of ascension and our ability to manifest Unity Consciousness.  December holds links to the energy of the 3:3:3 Stargate of March 2010.  In March we reached a turning point in our journey of healing where it became essential that we construct the concept of Unity Consciousness into something real and solid within our experience.

In March it became crucial to actively begin balancing your hearts and minds, your physical life with your Spiritual life, and to bring this balance into your reality.  The energies supported you in freeing yourself from fear and doubt expanding you into deeper realms of compassion and love, and thus developing Unity Consciousness within.

In December the 3:3:3 Stargate will again be activated igniting those areas within yourself and your life, where you lack unity, compassion and love.  The energy will be released in such a way that the thinking and behaviour of everyone upon the planet will be significantly altered.  You will be compelled to break out of old attitudes and habits.  Difficult situations may unexpectedly shift into crises and fragile circumstances may simply detonate and new crises arise demanding urgent attention.  These rapidly unfolding events and situations will force tough decisions and the determination to move through uncertainly and delays must come from deep within you.

For all its transformative and destructive power, the energy of December will be profoundly Spiritual and psychological.  We will be directly confronted with our limitations and our failures.  Our illusions will collide with harsh realities, motivating us to powerfully change.  The energies will not allow us to return comfortably to our old ways.  This will bring a desire to gain a much deeper understanding of our situations and experiences and a strong determination to make profound and lasting changes.

Personally, for me, the understandings and realisations of this year have been like a breath of fresh air.  For many years (lifetimes) the concept of self-love has eluded me.  What does it actually mean to love yourself?  How do you go about loving yourself?  I have understood the concept on an intellectual level, but have had trouble actualising this within myself.  This year, with the help and support of the energies, I got it!  I was gifted with the capacity to feel compassion for myself.  Compassion for the person I have become, compassion for the child that I was.  I was able to see and understand the reasoning behind the often ‘crap’ choices I have made and felt compassion for the woman that made those choices.  It has been a truly profound realisation for me that self-love comes only when we are able to feel compassion for ourselves.

As we move those these times and the new and increasingly difficult planetary combinations of energy, frustrations will rise and emotional turbulence will intensify.  For us to cope with these powerful energies it is vital that we awaken compassion and love.  We are all moving through our individual processes and it is essential that we realise the benefits of being gentle and kind to ourselves and others.  I encourage you all to take to heart the wisdom of the ‘Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz.  They are:

1.      Be Impeccable with your word

2.      Don’t take anything personally

3.      Don’t make assumptions

4.      Always do your best

New Moon December 5th, 2010

The New Moon in December will be in the astrological sign of Sagittarius.  In Sagittarius the Moon is visionary, optimistic and expansive.  It seeks to satisfy the thirst for knowledge and truth, blending the heart and Soul with reality.  This New Moon does promise a lovely joyful energy.  It seems like a very long time since we have encountered an energy that will encourage us to relax and celebrate instead of undergoing another challenging lesson.

New Moons signify rebirth, new beginning and the start of a new cycle.  During this cycle our belief systems will be highlighted aiding us in transforming our thinking.  A focused and penetrating mind gifts you with the ability to shift through the haze of denial and cut through the fog of confusion enabling you to joyfully delve into the deeper parts of yourself.  Moving into these deeper aspects brings to your awareness hidden motivations and desires revealing that which is consciously or unconsciously driving you forward.

Meditation and any Spiritual practice is about quietening the logical mind so that intuition can flow through.  This New Moon is reminding you about the importance of these practices and the need to observe your life, questioning where you are going and why you are going there.  Use the knowledge you gain towards something productive.  Without deflating the enthusiasm and spontaneity of this New Moon direct its excitement into setting goals and choosing your direction over the coming months.

Mercury retrogrades, again, from December 10th to 30th bringing communication break downs, causing delays.  Expect resolution and closure to be pushed into the indeterminate future.

Winter Solstice Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon in December holds a total eclipse occurring at the time of the Summer / Winter Solstice on the 21st December 2010.  This alignment gives special significance to the Full Moon and indicates that its effects will be far greater than those of an average eclipse.  The eclipse becomes even more significant and powerful due to its location near the Galactic Centre.  The Galactic Centre is the Sun of our Sun.  It is a spectacular source of energy, motivation and purpose.  It is also the source of most of the gravitational energy in our Galaxy.

The Lunar Eclipse occurring so close to the Galactic Centre magnifies and adds power and focus to the energies already being manifested.  The power beaming in from the Galactic Centre via our Sun will open our hearts, minds and bodies in ways that will assist us in aligning with the flow of energy, supporting our ability to fulfil the original intent for our lives.

The original intent for our lives is not characterised by the beliefs and principles of society, but rather by the inherent knowing of our Spirit.  Your original intent may e to simply embody love and compassion and or to channel the accelerating light codes of energy within the world.

The themes of compassion and truth seem to be very much our focus.  This Lunar Eclipse will bring an extraordinary opportunity for us to bring about new ways of being with regards to those with whom we share the Earth Mother.  We are called to keep our mind on the Oneness of all beings and to act in a higher more authentic way.  As 2010 draws to a close this is an opportune time for us to focus on the Spirit of Oneness and to bring to the world a Spirit of living truthful compassion for all beings.


Ron Laswell 6th December 2010 10:17 pm

Excellent explanation, Kate. I myself have been struggling with how to explain this to others. I can 'see' it coming, and I can feel and sense it, but trying to effectively explain it to others eludes me. Thanks for your efforts. Blessings to all. Ron

Olidia 20th December 2010 2:56 pm

Darling Kate,
thank you . . . you have brought me the 2nd time this week the same message as I have received in a reading by Ilona Kolbe.(Gonzales . . )
LOL . .aaahhh life is amazing and actually all these challenges too . .once one has gotten pass them.

Am sending you lots of love
Love light and lightness


Olidia 20th December 2010 3:01 pm

Sorry meant of course Don Miguel Ruiz. . .LOL there you go. Late here in Souht Africa.


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