Energy Report December 2017

It has been an intense year with many sudden changes, transformations and awakenings.  Truth is coming at us from all sides; some of it liberating and empowering and some painful and confusing.  There is purpose in choosing to be on the planet during this powerful time as it offers the opportunity to awaken, heal and embark on an epic journey of soul evolution and co-creation.

Currently, the planet is in a phase of breakdown.  The old destructive patterns of the world are failing and disintegrating.  At the same time new energetic structures, which are in harmony with universal laws and principles, are being established.  As we experience the destruction of the old patriarchal structures the imbalance in ourselves and the world is revealed.  Consequently, many are experiencing a major identity crisis.  This crisis is unravelling the internal and external patterning created by the ego.  The ego is being forced to withdraw and rediscover its appropriate place as servant to divinity.  As a result, the soul is rising to take its rightful place as the guiding force in future growth, development and creation.

The new energetic structures being formed are required to be in balance with the natural forces of the earth.  To fully establish these new structures, it is essential for humanity to reconnect with the earth in a much deeper way. The agricultural and industrial revolutions created a split between the earth and humankind which alienated humanity from nature.  Humans became a threat which forced the earth to withdraw her energy. Thus, the soul of humanity separated and the human ego began its reign of fear.  The need to control dominated the planet and the destruction of the earth ensued.

The mysteries of the earth’s natural cycles of evolution reveal that the earth is a sacred and glorious realm of creation.  It is the womb where spirit and matter merge to provide a vehicle for the soul to complete its ultimate purpose.  In restoring your connection to the earth, you will come to understand that your ultimate role is as steward of the earth.  As such you will be required to come into full alignment with the constant rhythms of the natural world and the forces which govern them.

Reconnecting with the natural world and its elemental forces will allow you to re-establish communication with your soul.  It is in nature where your soul speaks and shares its divine wisdom.  It is in nature that your heart is aroused allowing inspiration to arise.  It is in nature where divine union and harmony exist.  And it is in nature where you can fully attune to the deepest aspects of your soul, a requirement if you are to co-create and construct a new and balanced world.

When you spend time in nature you feel no separation and you are able to see the earth as the sacred and magnificent realm of creation that it is.  In consciously connecting with the elements of creation you are able to connect with your emotions (the water), your physical body (the earth), your mind (the air), and your spirit (the sun).  Igniting these elements within you opens the door to the treasures of your soul and awakens you to higher levels of consciousness.

To rediscover your connection to nature’s elements is to combine them in an alchemy process to create a balanced world.  A world that supports the merging and full integration of your soul within your human form.  As a result, the mysteries, which dwell in the light of your soul, ignite and you become a creative well of eternal rhythms, possibility and vision.

The light of creation is born out of the spark of love which lies embodied in each and every human being.  Its source is the Great Mystery from where power, awareness and creativity stem.  To utilise this source, as the primary energy for your creations and manifestations, your soul must be activated and aligned with it.  Creative movement becomes evident then as the ceaseless interaction of the elemental energies moves you to recreate your life using the infinite power of love.  Thus, a new sacred awareness emerges from the luminous core of your soul to accelerate humanity’s evolution and survival upon this beautiful planet.

At this time, you are being called to find your true home in nature and the all-encompassing radiance that is the creative matrix for your new and renewed self.  You will find yourself becoming increasingly sensitive to the earth’s energy fields, vortexes, ley lines and power centres.  Use this sensitivity to strengthen your connection and your reverence for the natural world.  Work with it to strip away all blocks to harnessing the forces of the earth to stabilise the energetic structures of the new earth.

All the necessary ingredients are available to support you in co-creating a new and balanced world.  Look to nature to teach you how to direct, build, weave and sustain your life.  Learn to work with and combine the natural forces with the solar, planetary and universal energies to sustain your connection.  Use your intuition to gain clarity when challenged to find solutions and allow your consciousness to find the path of balance.  Harvest the power of nature for good purposes and respect the natural world as it will support you in heeding your souls call for transition and transformation.  Become a strong vessel of unlimited love, joy and wisdom and restore hope to this changing world.



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