Energy Report for April 2012

The energies of March birthed a number of planetary shifts and changes, which resulted in a very intense and volatile energy being brought to our process of Spiritual evolution.  We are still currently processing and integrating this energy and will continue to do so for much of April.

With the shifts in March the transmissions of Divine Light into the energetic grids of the Earth was greatly increased, which gifted us with further opportunities to release and heal.  As we move deeper into 2012 the opportunities for release and healing will grow stronger and stronger, as the Light of the Divine continues to increase and expand within us and around us.  This energy is supporting our process of healing and Spiritual evolution and working to better equip us to ride the Light waves of this new and powerful energy surging through our Universe.

We are moving towards a totally new paradigm in human consciousness, one that is governed by the virtues of Unity / Christ Consciousness, and as such we are encountering new and higher vibrations of light energy.  It takes time for our bodies to integrate the new and different energies being created by this new consciousness.  We are being rewired time and time again so that we may hold the experience of our Divine Essence for longer and longer periods.  It will take time for the energetic circuitry of our bodies to comfortably hold the new vibratory rates that contain our Divine Essence, but as our energy bodies gradually reweave into their Divine pattern, we will be able to experience more of our wholeness and the perfection of our Divinity. 

If you are to advance towards the perfection of your Divinity you must forgive yourself and others.  Through the act of forgiveness you are giving your wishes, desires and purpose a clear and unobstructed path to your Soul, your heart and your life. 

The energy of April is supporting us in healing that which has been holding us captive so that we may move into total surrender.   For you to move into a place of surrender you must address your unconscious issues, destructive beliefs and negative emotions, with the intention of dissolving them and moving your awareness into your heart.  This will enable you to learn to live in complete integrity with your inner truth and with the world around you.  As you allow the indwelling spark within your heart to guide you, you will develop the virtues of Christ Consciousness – Forgiveness, Compassion and Love. 

Current energies and events are pressing all of humanity towards a new awareness, one that reclaims truth and the virtues of forgiveness, love and compassion.  Actions during this time must be done with care and an awareness of how they will affect not only the self but all of life.  As we release and eradicate the unnecessary aspects of both our personal and collective consciousness we will emerge into a climate of consciousness in which we can intentionally create a world that benefits all living things. 

Full Moon 6th April 2012 

This time of year always holds many sacred holy days and the Full Moon on the 6th April is significant as the Christian Easter weekend starts, the Jewish Passover commences and it is the beginning of the Buddhist New Year.

This Full Moon we see the Moon in the astrological sign of Libra, and the Sun in Aries.  The Moon in Libra sees the desire for harmony, justice and balance increase.  Some may have found this Full Moon weekend rather confusing with a curious mix of energies leaving many with feelings of being burned out and exhausted and wanting to escape. 

New Moon 21st April 2012

This New Moon we will see the Sun and the Moon both in the sign of Taurus, the most fertile of all the astrological signs.  This New Moon heralds a time of radical transformation.  When the Moon moves through the sign of Taurus the characteristics of practicality and endurance are key.  During this New Moon phase its good to spend some time in nature and to reconnect to the nurturing power of the Earth, which will sustain you and support you during the up coming shifts and changes we will see in May and June.



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