Energy Report for December 2013

It sure has been an epic journey thus far with the spiral dance of life bringing us numerous experiences of up and down.  Many lives lived in just this one, preparing us for a greater, more Spiritual life. During most of this year each experience, challenge, transformation and transition has guided us to penetrate the center of our lives, the space where the pulse of life is strongest, the realms of our heart. Our total existence is being urged to expand and merge in the fields of love, compassion and unity. 

There is now doubt that we are exactly where we need to be… something that we must remind ourselves of often. The last half of 2013 saw much tension and release as the energies worked to cleanse, clear and purge us of our old patterns, limitations and programming. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected in some manner by the changes and transformations in recent months.

Unexpected loss, sudden changes and challenges, shifts and realignments have graced us all with the purpose of launching us forward and into our hearts.  We’ve been stripped of so much, we’ve made great progress, we’ve dug deep and we’ve emerged from our inner darkness and into the light of our hearts.  We are stronger, more connected and more than ready to hold more of the Divine Creator’s love and light.   

November was dominated by the arrival of new blueprints, which birthed a much higher frequency of light within this world. You are still aligning and integrating these blueprints and the intense energies of December will continue to intensify this process. The usual symptoms of fatigue, congestion, digestive problems, joint pain (*hand up*) and feelings of being depleted and drained will be common. Just to top it all off a few feelings of fear, anxiety and panic are thrown in as a response to the intensifying energies.

Amongst all this there are feelings of love, joy, excitement and calm, which can feel a little like you are riding a pendulum swing as you move towards integration and alignment with the incoming energies. Most of these symptoms are due to your process of integration and a reaction to the elimination and release of the old. You are being fine-tuned in preparation for the coming year and will need to find ways of holding these energies with ease and grace. Its important to pay attention to your physical being and get the support you require. Remember that your physical symptoms are only temporary and are a direct result of this powerful cleansing time. 

December is always a month of transition as the energies, shifts and changes of the past year intermingle with the incoming energies of the New Year. At this time you may feel a little more weary as the intense physical, mental and emotional struggles experienced over the past few years seem to have taken their toll. But onward we must all continue with perhaps a few thoughts of ‘when will this ever end!’ 

During this month you have many opportunities to redefine who you are based on the revelations of your heart. The energies of this month will gift you with time to adjust your intentions and dreams as a new awareness of your hearts desires emerges. Your dreams and desires are aligning with your hearts truth and your life is being realigned with that truth.  

Anything that isn’t in alignment with your heart is being transformed, altered and or removed. It’s an important time to connect more deeply with your intuitive nature, which will help you to integrate the wisdom, upgrades, shifts and changes you’ve experienced over the past year.  Many are still reeling from the experiences of the past few months and its important to take time to assimilate and integrate all the major changes that occurred. Continue to focus on your healing by accepting and embracing where you life has taken you. As a new awareness arises its essential to realign yourself with your Spirit and set yourself firmly upon the path of your heart. 

Staying positive will greatly assist you as you move forward. Letting go of attachments to worries, past suffering and drama will release you from the chaos and confusion which makes you feel unsupported and overwhelmed. Deep healing and the elimination of old negative patterns and programming is also part of this months processing agenda….all serving to accelerate your personal growth. Better alignment with your Spiritual nature and the wisdom of your heart will reveal what needs to be changed, shifted or realigned within yourself and your life.  

With the 12:12 Stargate a very noticeable shift in energy occurred which moved us into a fast paced energy of light and heart consciousness.  As we continue to integrate these extremely high frequencies its important to take time out to rest and allow your physical body time to open to this energy with ease. As we move towards the Solstice on the 21st the energy shift may feel confusing.

The Solstice is a powerful time where you are offered an opportunity to shift from your past reality and into a future reality, which is guided by the wisdom of your heart. At this time its important to stay out of negativity and embrace this process with positivity and optimism. Focus on what brings you joy and what feeds you Spiritually. Now is the time to dream big!

If you are still feeling the burden of what you have carried, shifted and released in the last few months now is the time to shift your focus into your heart and let it go. Use the incoming energies to feel your connection to the Divine and utilize your heart as a portal for this connection.  This will sustain your new blueprints and a higher vibration of energy.

As the energies increase in the coming year you will be significantly aligned with your heart, which will open you to even higher frequencies of light and love, inspiration and vision. The experiences you have from now on are very relevant to who you are becoming within this new heart centered reality. Pieces of the puzzle will come together as you move with grace and gentleness into this new time.  

Of course your mind will want to know how and when this will manifest, but your heart knows and feels the resonance of this new space. Practicing total surrender to your heart is key and will allow for deep insights, guidance and wisdom to rise to the surface of your consciousness. Accessing and following the guidance and wisdom of your heart will unlock the puzzle pieces of this new reality.  

A deepening awareness of your heart will significantly raise your vibration enabling you to create and manifest in new and different ways. The seeds of Divine love and light rest within your heart and as these seeds begin to flourish a new sense of creativity and energy are brought into your life. Cultivating this energy and creativity and using it in positive, life affirming ways will become increasingly important for the influences and coming events over the next year. 

As we move towards the end of 2013 do not rush your time of process. Deepen your connection to your heart. Learn to build a new foundation from the awareness of your heart. This is a time of drastic growth and change where all that no longer serves your new heart centered reality is dropping away to clear your path. It is an exciting, cathartic time of Spiritual unfolding.

Your deep personal transformation is allowing the Divine Creator to work great changes and miracles in your life. It’s going to be an exciting ride over the next few months as the energy of your heart intensifies to resonate with the love and light of the Divine Creator. Changes in your relationships, living environments, jobs and the awakening of new gifts and abilities will mark 2014 as a year to remember!  

It is time to begin a new phase where the gentle chorus of your heart carries you forward onto a new shore. All the pieces of the puzzle will soon be in place and you will be guided on what action to take. You are being lead to wonders even more magical than that which you could create for yourself. Accept the bounty that is being offered and know that as a child of the Divine you are worthy of a life of joy, peace, harmony and abundance.


Peter fox 20th December 2013 6:45 am

What a wondrous message, Kate. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful
Christmas and MAGICAL New Year!

Sandra Smyre 20th December 2013 8:35 am

Thank you Kate for this beautiful message. My joints are not happy right now either--am releasing as fast as I can. We are all on the edge of something so magnificent and I have to remember patience. May the Angels shower you with Peace and Love during this joyful time. :angel:

keryndawer 20th December 2013 11:42 pm

Thank you Kate for your beautiful message ~~a gift of Hope for the New Year like no other.

Wishing you and All joy upon joy this Solstice and Holiday Season



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