Energy Report for February 2013

"Know that you are most decidedly on track, despite the sense that life, as you know it, often seems to be derailed. For radical change is the order of the day in these times. This level of change is experienced by everyone and everything in your physical world." -- Oneness through Rasha

In the final days of 2012 a new energetic structure took shape within the planet profoundly changing everything and greatly advancing our evolutionary growth and development.  All of humanity moved through energetic gateways that indicated the final thrust needed to fully disengage from previously established patterns, structures and beliefs.  Our solar system is now pulsing with new light, which is supporting this new planetary structure and creating a new configuration of energies.  This new configuration is bursting with potential and its formation ensures our collective, individual and planetary transformation. 

Humanity has been moving through a seemingly chaotic evolutionary process.  Through this process the human Spirit has been prepared to fully embrace a new level of expanded consciousness.  Much of 2012 prepared you for a new way of thinking and living that integrates your heart, mind, body, Soul and Spirit.  This preparation was designed to support your awakening process and thus enable you to access a new paradigm based in Unity / Christ Consciousness.  This new paradigm is triggering the breakdown and dissolution of the old structures which contained humanity's consciousness for thousands of years.  Everything is changing inspiring an evolutionary leap the likes of which has never been seen before!

A new paradigm is emerging, which advances our individual consciousness beyond the old structures, boundaries and beliefs. This is causing the very fabric of society to crumble as both the collective and individual consciousness of humanity transition into new expanded levels of awareness.  Many are coming home to their true state of consciousness, a consciousness based in compassion and Divine love.  Many more Souls are awakening to remember who they are and why they are here.  Many will begin to re-examine their lives and make life altering choices that reflect these transformative times. 

As you stand within the dust caused by the destruction of the old, new Divine energy is flowing through you to dissolve the walls between you and your true Divine nature.  As this process continues the energetic patterns, beliefs and boundaries that were previously established will dissipate, dissolving the distortions and illusions of the past.  Your energy field will expand beyond the debris to reconnect you with the Divine in a new and different way, which will reunite your Spirit with your Soul, heart, mind and body.  Your DNA will be activated raising your vibration and enabling you to consciously choose the reality in which you wish to exist. 

As you learn to function within the new energetic structure you will be required to focus on gaining self mastery by aligning your open heart with your mind, body, Spirit and Soul.  This alignment will enable you to manifest your Spiritual strength within the physical world thus enabling you to move into Unity Consciousness.  A greater awareness of your true self will emerge to bring to the surface of your consciousness the wisdom of your Spirit.  Parts of your Soul, which have lain dormant for thousands of years will be activated, creating a cleansing and the reconnecting and reconfiguring of your physical body within your Spiritual body.  This will encourage new ways of thinking, being and living which integrates the body, mind, heart, Soul and Spirit. 

Your energy field is opening to a new awareness which is encouraging your energetic system to move and function in a new and different way.  Your energy field will open to this new awareness and the resulting movement will cause a clearing and detoxing process with the usual detox symptoms.  Focus on balancing your ph levels, your energy centres and keep hydrated as water is an essential part of shifting your energy and keeping the flow moving. 

You will most certainly feel different and feelings of being overwhelmed, vulnerable and exposed may be experienced.  Your energetic environment has changed and therefore you are having to adjust to this new environment.  All your energy bodies are altering and expanding and if you are sensitive to energy you may feel lots of energetic movement in and around your physical body. 

The seeds of true Spiritual integration lie in 2013.  You will be initiated into a higher path of Cosmic evolution where you will be required to harness all aspects of yourself.  You can no longer play victim to your fears and must move away from bondage and into balance and communion with the world at large.  As you align with the resonance of your heart, you will cut through the veils of illusion that have masked conventional reality and thus access a new vision from the depths of your heart. 

All situations, experiences and conditions arising now are in need of rapid transformation.  Trust what is being revealed at this time.   Embrace your fears, your doubts and your unintegrated aspects.  Let your Divine light shine into the darker regions of your inner self.  Avoid getting lost in judgement and illusion.  Acknowledge your unseen thoughts and emotions and recognise that they have an affect of the world around you.  Call up your anger, frustration, jealousies and hostility and allow those emotions and feelings to be healed.  Release them and trust that all blocked emotions, pain and old wounds are being transformed into feelings of love, devotion and compassion by the love and light of the Divine Creator.

With this healing a rebalancing will occur enabling you to grow into your wisdom and gain faith and trust in your Spirit.  The wisdom of your Divine essence will invite you inward towards an ever deepening connection with all that is.  The gates to your inner sanctuary will break open to reveal your innate wisdom, intuition, gifts of Spirit and Divine purpose.  As you open your eyes to the wonder around you and see everything as an extension of the Divine, your entire energetic system will flow in harmony with your Divine purpose, allowing your destiny to unfold before you to reveal surprising and unexpected paths to follow. 

Now is the time to actually live from expanded levels of consciousness so that your daily life reflects your increased awareness.  By consciously directing your energies into expressions of creativity and harmony you are putting your truth into practice, walking your talk, which will ultimately change the nature of your Earthly existence. This will afford you a different perspective which will ultimately prevent more suffering.  By building your Spiritual strength within the physical world new ways of being will be revealed that will ask that you know yourself, be clear about who you are and who you want to be so that whatever you wish to create reflects the truth of you.  You will be required to learn to speak and live your truth to the best of your ability.  To recognise now that you have the ability to consciously choose your level of awareness.  Follow what feels most meaningful to you, what makes you feel most alive and connected to the Divine to create a kinder, gentler and more profound world for future generations.


zorro 5th February 2013 8:00 am

“As you stand within the dust caused by the destruction of the old, new Divine energy is flowing through you to dissolve the walls between you and your true Divine nature. As this process continues the energetic patterns, beliefs and boundaries that were previously established will dissipate, dissolving the distortions and illusions of the past. Your energy field will expand beyond the debris to reconnect you with the Divine in a new and different way, which will reunite your Spirit with your Soul, heart, mind and body..."

Doubting this, anyone? Ah, ha… I see your smiling thoughts!!!

"What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty!
In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel!
In apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals!
And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me: no, nor woman neither,
though by your smiling you seem to say so."

Will-I-AM Shakes-Spheres, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Act II, Scene II

Repeat after me, "My Consciousness Is Energy"!

Deeni 5th February 2013 11:28 am



Thank You Kate, and Thank You Zorro!

NM : ))

k 5th February 2013 5:37 pm

Thank you Kate. The phantoms and hallucinations of the astral plane have held me captive these past few weeks. I know I have to have the courage to not let the fear win.

Zorro, I have to disagree. The energy comes from God, but it consciousness that molds it into form. Some worship Baphomet who would like to maintain control of the astral light and this world.Those who worship the Elohim (Baphomet)..the rulers of the astral plane are able to manifest whatever illusions they want in this world, but those who resist and strive for the sun behind the sun, have to deal with the challenges of facing the hallucinations and phantoms of the astral plane.They have to get by the Dweller at the Threshold, Saturn, who rules in Binah, in order to take control of the light from Baphomet. Then as the ancients wrote, darkness flees before you, because the Elohim loses it power to control the astral light, you have that power and the illusions of darkness disappear. Fear and hate are the weapons of Baphomet that the seeker has to face and overcome.
Consciousness is not energy, but it effects it.

k 5th February 2013 6:06 pm

In our battle to get beyond the astral plane of delusions, we have to acknowledge the greater power of God. A man I was talking to was expressing all his fear over the world problems, and I asked him, who had the greater power, man or God, and even though he is a religious man could not answer.
I have learned that the sign of the cross on the body with the words, to God be the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, is a way of bringing the true God's power into this world and recognizing that that Spirit of Light is the true ruler who is behind the black sun of this world.
These past weeks I have been hit with some hard understanding. I open books and internet sites to pages that write about Baphomet,when I am not in the least interested in this topic. I can not disregard what is being presented to me. There are people who worship Baphomet, and the ceremonies indulge in wickedness. Aliester Crowely practiced this. It involves dark tantra where the women are exploited to give men power to manipulate the astral light.Even if it is an illusion, it is still darkness we have to face.

zorro 5th February 2013 6:36 pm

Aha! Consciousness affects energy, yes, this is so.

The idea that consciousness only affects matter is absolutely correct...if you see consciousness as separate from God. I see them as one and the same. Welcome to a new world! Separation consciousness worked after a fashion, but it is now done!

And, it is fearlessly possible for consciousness to let 2 seemingly different thoughts exist together without immediately trying to resolve them! This is key! Let the omniverse resolve any seeming dissidence, and it will show you a creative resolution to it, and thereby the omni-verse makes its quantum leaps and shows its genius.

This is the beginning of experiencing and knowing that consciousness is energy and affects matter. Quantum Physics has shown this, and it is also demonstrated by "The Hundredth Monkey" Theory. If you have experienced this, then you have witnessed coincidences correlating across space and time. Everything is synchronistically orchestrated, and the observer is affecting undefined matter. You've gotta love how it works! Cheers!

k 5th February 2013 7:26 pm

From what I understand, electro-magnetic energy is in particle or wave form. Conscoiusness influences the energy in the wave form and causes it to turn to the partical form that our senses are able to interpret according to our level of perceptional awareness. The level our consciousness is functioning at determines how we interpret the particle energy.
To me the important question is what makes up the consciousness that transforms the wave energy into particle energy? It is not just our consciousness alone because we do not live in a vacuum void of thoughts from others around us. Plus, the ancients have told us that the planets influence what we experience....the Elohim...that decides what experiences we need to have for soul growth. Plus, as in the Emerald Tablet, Thoth tells us the the Brothers of Darkness can enter our dreams and our thoughts...and thus have influence on the consciousness that effects what we experience and percieve. We ARE NOT able to create our own reality, until we become masters of the astral light and the other influences can not effect our consciousness

k 5th February 2013 7:42 pm

Masters who are able to control the astral light are able to perform miracles, like Jesus did. They can be in form or out of form, they can be two places at the same time. They can create whatever material form they want. They are not held in the bondage to the astral plane and subjected to the illusions in that plane. They are free of the matrix. They have the power of Philosipher's Stone, the product of the Great Work. They are energy, but I still think it is their power over the astral light that allows them to manipulate the energy that ultimately comes from the Might Spirit of Light that shines through the cosmos. God is the source of all. To me that means everything created is from that source and the soul which is consciousness with all the other conscious influences create from that energy source. Our consciousness is not the energy source.

betsy. 25th May 2013 5:29 pm

I loved all of this! Thank you, Kate, for the wonderful message. I also enjoyed reading the comments. Much love to you!!!


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