Energy Report for January 2015

This time in our human history contains much power as we are called to create a heart conscious world based on the principles of unity consciousness

Our world is changing at a rapid rate as old structures and patterns continue to break down and we are forced to re-assess our lives and the way in which we choose to live.  The rate at which we are being faced with old patterns and energetic blocks has increased significantly and it can feel like we are being thrown from one extreme and into another without pause.  Our greatest responsibility at this time is to reconnect with our Spiritual power and to become clear channels of Divine love, wisdom and compassion.

Many may wonder at one time or another why they have incarnated here at this time.  What is the purpose?  What are we here to do?  Even more so than ever these questions arise as we move into this New Year and actively begin creating a new Earth.  We can be certain that we are here to take action and to complete certain tasks that are both unique and essential for our individual and collective growth and healing.  The last few years have been a time of massive transformation and awakening where new patterns of energy have been anchored into our planet creating a significant clearing of toxic energy.  This clearing has made space for higher vibrational energies to be anchored within our physical bodies and thus within the Earth.  As these energies are anchored all aspects of our energy fields are unified creating a stable and balanced core that will support us through the continuing shifts. 

With a new year comes a new cycle, pregnant with the possibility of a new life and a new direction.  This year many opportunities will appear for you to integrate higher vibrational energies into your experience.  The integration and unification of higher energies within your energy field will continue into much of this year as waves of incoming light energy continue to move through the collective consciousness. 

These waves of energy will deepen your connection to the Divine and activate your inner Soul wisdom, knowledge and the understandings needed to continue manifesting a new reality.  The energy of 2015 will be focused on activating your dreams, intentions and ideas and as the year unfolds you will come to understand how best to actualize a new life that supports the needs of your heart, Soul and Spirit.

It is essential that you apply the wisdom and knowledge you have gained over the past few years when making choices and taking action.  Avoid falling into the habit of old patterns of fear and limitation.  Remember that fear based programming will keep you stuck within old patterns and beliefs making it impossible for you to create your new reality.  What you create this year must be fuelled by the new awareness and energy you have achieved thus far.  Your choices must empower you to actively create and manifest the path of your Divine nature and the path of your heart. 

The energy in January will both expand your awareness and recharge your energy fields.  You are in the final throes of a great release, which serves to release all that no longer serves you.  With this release you may feel physical symptoms i.e. headaches, chest pains, heart palpitations, cramps, dizziness and more.  You may well find yourself faced with opportunities to clear any remaining debris of the past year and be guided to release that which limits or diminishes your energy in anyway.  For some this may be the ending of a relationship that has outlived its purpose.  For others it could mean a purging of old emotional and mental patterns.  It could be as simple as the need to spring clean your space.  Whatever you are called to release will move you out of your comfort zone to review and reflect on that which has shaped your current reality and discover new ways of living and being that serve the growth of your Soul.  This will shift you into a new space, a space for new opportunities to expand your understanding of creation and the process through which you manifest your life.

The path you have followed thus far has not always been easy.  Following the path of your heart requires strength and courage.  It requires you to move beyond the limitations of fear so that you may open your heart, free your Soul and consciously engage with your Spirit. 

Due to your efforts in the past year 2015 promises to be a very different year, a year where you can fully actualize the fruits of your growth.

The insights you gain during this month will enable you to take action in creating and manifesting necessary change and new beginnings.  For you to fully utilize this energy you must step up, step out and step forward knowing that you are Divinely guided, supported and loved.

This year it is vital that you listen to the intuitive guidance you receive and act on it.  Be will to embrace the new.  Build a deeper inner connection so that you are supported in embracing the unknown and reconnecting with your personal destiny.  Now is the time to fully commit to taking action on creating the life you are destined for.  Set your intentions and reawaken your dreams.  Focus your awareness and allow your heart to guide all your actions.  Tap into the ever-flowing creativity that resides deep within and experience an abundant source of energy and inspiration.

Share your Divine nature in service to this would and you will rediscover the magic held in every moment.


Debra A 6th January 2015 12:58 pm

WONDERFUL ARTICLE! It is so perfect for me at this time. Thank you!

keryndawer 11th January 2015 3:09 pm


Love and Blessings to You and ALL this 2015 xoxo


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