Energy Report for July 2014

‘When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure’ - Peter Marshall

The last few months have seen a definite increase in the intensity of energy we are working with.  The pressure has been building creating many internal and external shifts and changes.  With major releases of old structures and patterns we are being compelled to re-evaluate our lives and the way in which we live.  Its been a very long, long climb and we are riding this roller coaster of energy whether we want to or not.  Our transformation is no longer a choice as we are in the middle of one of the greatest transformational shifts every known.....and there is certainly no getting off it now!

This transformation is impacting us on every level of our being - physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually.  Changes can be seen in every sphere of our lives as our social, political, financial and environmental systems continue to break down so that we may establish a new way of being in this world.  The changes and transformation are occurring at a very rapid rate and the speed with which we are being faced with old patterns and energetic blocks has increased dramatically.  For many it has been difficult to maintain a feeling of balance and flow as it feels as if we are being thrown from one extreme state and into another without pause for breath!

The intense changes we are experiencing are being intensified by the powerful waves of cosmic energy coming at us through our sun and the many different planetary alignments occurring.  We are all being rebooted in order to align with an advanced way of being, which requires us, as individuals, to live more deeply from our hearts.  The intensity of energy is causing a change within our personal energy fields, a change that needs to occur in order for us to align, access and utilize the highly charged energy coming in now.  

Over the last few months there has been a quickening of energy in our individual energy fields, facilitated by the healing and release of old patterns and structures.  All focus has been on an internal process of awakening and activating the heart and thus a deepening connection to the love and light of the Divine.  As your heart opens and you work with its power and energy, your energy field is being restructured to activate a diamond light grid within your energy field.  This diamond light gird is an essential aspect of your evolutionary process and restructures your energy field to create a matrix of light energy that is important for your evolving Light Body.  Your diamond light grid links you to expanded levels of consciousness and is a tool that will assist you in maintaining balance through the challenges you are faced with.  When perfectly aligned and anchored it connects you with your pure, Divine essence, thus allowing you to attain and contain unconditional love, compassion and unity consciousness.

The diamond is a multi-prism, a reflection of all light and as such allows you access, with clarity, to the pureness and fullness of the light that you are.  The diamond light grid is a specific geometric shape that both surrounds and penetrates your physical body.  It carries higher frequencies of light, which once aligned to its original structure, allows for a greater degree of resonance with your Soul purpose and original blueprints for life.  It is what will enable your physical body to hold and anchor the increased frequencies of light and facilitate massive amounts of energy.

The Earth is being showered, continuously, with cosmic light rays of energy and in order for you to manage and work with these energies your energy field must adapt and change.  As these changes occur and your diamond light grid is fully activated and formed within your energy field, you will be able to move through the intense shifts more easily.  As the energy frequencies increase in and around the Earth, your diamond light grid will expand and fully form within your energy field supporting you in containing these higher energies, reducing any backlash and assisting you in holding a stable and balance core of higher energy.  Activating your diamond light grid within your heart is a profound and beautiful way of opening to your Divine self.  By opening and expanding your awareness to fully activate and anchor your diamond light gird, you will be gifted with greater clarity, more energy and the ability to manifest your hearts desires.

Over the past few years, consciously or unconsciously, you have been building and significantly increasing the energy of your diamond light grid.  You are now at a very important juncture where you are fully grounding this grid within the Earth.  This process will intensify over the next few months as the diamond light grid is fully anchored within your physical form and DNA.  This process will activate your divinity within the cells of your body releasing any remaining fear and limitation.  Your ability to receive many frequencies of light and information will increase and your diamond light grid will harmonise fully with your heart to bring calm, peace and joy into your life.  

As your diamond light grid continues to develop and is fully anchored within your heart, you will connect more strongly with both the grids of the Earth and the Universal grids.  This alignment process will reorganize your energy field adjusting them with your original Soul blueprint and reconnecting you with the Universal grids of expanded awareness.  When your individual light grid is misaligned or not fully anchored the flow of energy is obstructed and impacts your ability to manifest that which you desire.  Your entire being is being restructured to enable a clear flow of light and love between yourself and the Divine to support the manifestation of the path of your heart.  Ultimately all individual diamond light grids will connect of form a network of diamond light around the Earth.  This process of connection will significantly alter human DNA, gifting future generations with the necessary abilities to continue the creation of a new, more balanced and whole world.

In the coming months the flow of energy will begin moving very quickly and your greatest task will be to continue to reconnect with the power and energy of your heart, to fully anchor and stabilise your diamond light grid within your energy field.  This will be a time of long awaited transformation where you are freed from the limits of the past.  You will be reconnected with your true, cosmic self, which will enable you to fully embrace your earthly existence.  There is the real possibility of fully embracing and consciously knowing your innate divinity, which will assist you in creating a new life and thus a new world.  This is a time of great celebration as your life begins a new cycle where you are invited into union with your Divine self and the glowing warmth of your own heart.  All suffering you have carried on your human journey can now be healed as you become more conscious of your destiny.  It is time now to move beyond your wounds and accept this opportunity to transform into a new body of light.  You heart has been granted the birth of a new consciousness, which carries the seeds of emerging wholeness encouraging you to rest peacefully knowing that your shattered soul is healing. 


Peter fox 14th July 2014 8:53 am

Fantastic,Kate- Thank you!

keryndawer 14th July 2014 5:51 pm

WOW WOW WOW!!!Powerful, Amazing, Inspiring message. Thank You So Much Kate!!!
:) :) :)

Deeni 15th July 2014 12:16 pm

Thank You so very much, Kate.

I feel it.

I AM there.

And you're absolutely right, "your greatest task will be to continue to reconnect with the power and energy of your heart" .
The energy is flowing so fast, reconnecting feels like it requires intense repetition.

I welcome the task.

Much Love and Light to All. : )


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