Energy Report for June 2015

May was an interestingly intense month with lots of clearing, releasing, planning and preparation.  June started with a  Full Moon on the 2nd which brought in some pretty unpredictable energy.  Full Moon’s always amplify energies, both positive and negative and its this energy that is supporting us in a powerful way throughout the month.  

We are being energetically and physically realigned with the Earth’s shifting consciousness, which is deepening our connection to both our hearts and our souls.  As the energies move to uncover and unearth all that needs to be rebalanced and realigned, we can expect to be faced with challenges and situations that require a different approach and a different perspective.

The energy of June will bring to the fore some aspects of your life and relationships that are keys to your forward progress.  During this month gifts of truth and wisdom will be uncovered as imbalances are highlighted.  For some the insights are opportunities to review, revise and refocus on what is most important.  For others it is an opportunity to clear the debris of past emotional pain and really connect with the heart.

When you connect with the energy of your heart and work with its power, old emotional trauma and pain can come up to be healed and released.  This revisiting of old pain and trauma can cause you to shut down the heart in fear of being overwhelmed by emotion.  But in these times of heart centred energy, you are being supported and guided through the pain.  By moving into it and allowing it to flow you are able to release it quickly.  Once released you are able to enter into a scared space of healing filled with Divine bliss, peace and love.

June is a powerful time when the energies of the summer / winter solstice gather.  The solstice marks another high point in our energetic cycles.  As the seasons change so too does our inner landscape.  Use this time to become reacquainted with the power of your inner resources.  This will enable you to rebalance your inner and outer realities and refocus your energy.  Take some time to be alone and to nurture your heart and soul.  Create your own sanctuary where the chaos of the external world cannot intrude.  In this space allow yourself to discover the new vibration awakening within, a new vibration that is summoning you forward on your journey.

Your life is a journey along a winding road that stretches before you.  The road isn’t always easy and require strength and stamina to travel.  Yet it does offer you many beautiful views and rewards along the way.  This journey is one of discovery, a discovery of who you are and why you exist.  This is the power of your path.  It is a unique journey where you are shown the power of your physical and spiritual choices.  Each moment, each step gives you the opportunity to review, revise and recreate yourself and to choose a new direction.

The energy of this month will lend you the courage and stamina your require to realign your energies and focus with your heart and thus your destiny.  You are here to awaken the truth of who you are through the power of your heart and soul.  As you walk your path you experience many valuable lessons.  Your ability to perceive the lesson lies at the heart of each experience.  Its important with each experience to acknowledge the lesson and to move on.  This month pause and allow yourself to reflect on your journey and the many lessons you have learnt thus far.  Take stock of where you have been, where your choices have taken you and where you want to go.  What are you creating right now?  Are you moving in a direction you want to go?  Are you travelling a path of heart consciousness?

It is, as always, important to focus your awareness and attention in the present moment, to remain centred within the core of your being so that you may fully experience what is occurring now.  Reviewing your past and your journey thus far is not about reliving the experience, but rather a process of understanding how you have gotten to this point and what choices and decisions you need to make to move forward in balance.  Powerful and unexpected situations and experiences are emerging and you are being called to look carefully and deeply into the purpose of your journey.  Progress will occur as you free yourself to follow the path of your heart.  Allow the Divine to be your guide and you will find a new song of joy in your heart, and a gratitude for the many wonders of your life.


Peter fox 12th June 2015 11:19 am

Thanks,Kate- loving the last three sentences,in particular!

Deeni 12th June 2015 3:30 pm

Thank You, Kate.

This is a truly beautiful message.

I particularly liked the last 3 lines too, Peter.

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

Eyewitness 16th June 2015 1:49 pm

New Age 'teachers' have given me sunshine and hope for decades and... virtually nothing else that I can see. When my body finally begins to heal, as promised. When the migraines and panic disorder stops and the social phobia releases me from my despair. When my finances balance and I realize that I have choices for the very first time in my life. Then we shall see what it is that I 'wish to create'. Im not really sure what there IS to create. I mean, if you have perfect health and your finances are balanced.... what then does one actually DO with every day of their life?? I don't enjoy being around other people. I have no family or friends and have been alone my whole life. Shall I travel and meet people I have nothing in common with? Shall we talk about all the things I have never done? I wonder if I won't end up right where I am. Creating beauty and order all around me. A landscapers paradise, friend to man and beast. All Alone. Praying to die. I wonder what possible purpose can there be if one does not feel the need to be 'loved' by others? Is validation whats its all about?


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