Energy Report for March 2011

The energy of February certainly held its ups and downs and thankfully as we move into March we can start to welcome in a new state of consciousness.  The energy of March is most often passionate and action orientated as we move towards a new astrological year and the Spring/Autumn Equinox.  However the focus of March 2011 will be more about compassion than passion and how we bring that into action.

There is much occurring within the heavens this month and being aware and conscious of what will arise will enable you to take advantage of the coming energies.  We are living in a turbulent time, which we can see with the current movement of political, economic and social changes now occurring.

New Moon 4th March 2011

The energy of the last few months has initiated a release of the shadows of the past and now with the energy of the New Moon on March 4th, you can expand into new understandings and ideas that will reconnect you with the Divine within us all.  This energy will continue to influence you for the next 18 months and it is worthwhile consciously connecting with this supportive energy to initiate your dreams and aspirations.

A New Moon is always the beginning of a new cycle of deeper connections and inner growth within your inner world.  The shifts occurring during this New Moon will demand that you find your own truth and passion.  Many new ideas and the energy of action will drive you forward to uncover those truths and passions.  It is vital in this time to remember to act from the heart, to open to what is true and feel compassion for all.  All are feeling the shifts and changes and individual responses and reactions will vary.  Emotions are still running strong with the Sun in Pisces requiring you to dig deep within and to align your heart and mind to discover direction, guidance and answers.  Remember to maintain a sense of compassion, as it may be more challenging for some than for others.

On March 11th, 2011 Uranus will enter Aries for the first time in 84 years, to stay until May 2018.  The energies of Uranus focus on change, freedom and awareness.  The changes we have experienced thus far are nothing compared to what we shall see in the coming days, months and years.  The energies will urge us to step up and forward, to align with the Spirit and do what needs to be done from the place of our hearts.  For many this month may well be the axis upon which the door finally opens. (Wooohooo….I am working at maintaining a balanced level of excitement at this point J)

With the shift of Uranus the influence of the Spiritual realm will become more pronounced bringing out a higher awareness that will link to the collective desire for political, social and economic changes.  We can already observe this occurring with the recent Arab/African uprisings.  It is this period that may very well reach a turning point within our global culture that will mark the beginning of a new cultural, economic and political era.  This change will be from a material to a Spiritual form of expression.

Full Moon – 19th March 2011

Leading up to the Full Moon on March 19th the energies will direct you to use your intuition as a guide to your healing process.  You are encouraged to uncover the lack of compassion you hold within yourself and you life, which will bring about a healing of the Soul.  As this healing occurs the blocks to compassion will be released, reconnecting you on a deeper level to your centre and thus to the Divine Creator.  The Full Moon period is a time to birth deeper levels of compassion and to utilise that energy as a force for change.

Spring / Autumn Equinox – 20th March 2011

The Equinox and Solstice periods are holding even power and sacred energy as the shift in consciousness continues to grow and expand.  For many the New Year begins on the March Equinox and as such it’s a great time to set intentions for the coming months.  This is an ideal time to release and clear any remaining debris from your life, on all levels of your being – Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

This month may entail some questioning regarding the direction your life is currently taking.  Use the time before the March 20/21st Equinox to clarify your direction.  Gather guidance and insight so that as you enter into the Equinox you are able to use this energy to begin a new beginning.  The Equinox will create a potent and significant time where the incoming energy will directly initiate more transformation and change.

Mercury will retrograde on the 30th March 2011 until the 23rd April 2011 so its important to stay very alert during this time as Mercury governs our thoughts and our speech.  What you think and what you say has power.  In this period its essential to watch your thoughts and your words as any negative thoughts and speech will manifest within your lives bringing chaos and confusion.

This is an exhilarating and action packed energetic month.  We are living in exciting times, which can be viewed as challenging, frustrating and down right exhausting if we resist the changes and the flow of energy.  I recommend that time is taken to consciously connect with the energies during the key periods in this month – New Moon, Full Moon and Equinox.  In connecting with the energies and consciously aligning yourself with them you are able to bring in a measure of calm acceptance and surrender, allowing yourself to ride the waves of love and bliss.


sandrarojo 4th March 2011 10:15 am

Great Info Kate- thanks for the beautiful article!!

xosunshinesoul 7th March 2011 3:00 pm

Thank you for this detailed and promising forecast :)


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