Energy Report for March 2015

"Now is the time to unite the soul and the world. Now is the time to see the sunlight dancing as one with the shadows." – Rumi

March holds some potent and powerful energy as we enter into the final alignment of this Pluto and Uranus Square cycle on March 16th, a new Moon Solar Eclipse on the 20th and the Spring/Autumn Equinox on the 21st.  This Pluto and Uranus’ cosmic square dance began in June 2012 and has been generating some incredibly volatile energies over the last three years. It has, and continues to, drive and provoke us to move beyond that which we have previously known and accepted, which is resulting in a purging of our deepest wounds and a breakdown of our old realities.  Its gift is the revealing of a new and enchanted self and a breakthrough into a whole new world.

In the years since 2012 we have seen and experienced a massive shift in consciousness, a shift, which culminates in the power and energy of this month.  All of humanity is rapidly awakening, unconscious is becoming conscious and all that we have previously experienced and known is being radically altered and transformed.  The heart and Soul of humanity can no longer be hidden nor denied, which is creating an intense and accelerated transformation.  So much has and is being unearthed, eliminated and transformed.  What has been suppressed, hidden or denied has been exposed to reveal our true and authentic self.  Old energies, patterns, beliefs and understandings are being eliminated.  Thus Divine truth can no longer be contained as the old ways are breaking open to reveal a very new and fertile landscape for the world.  It is time now to find ways of cleaning up, purifying and reforming ourselves and our world so that we may fully align with the governing principles of our Universe, and the higher level of consciousness we now have access to. 

For many the last three years have been a time of reevaluation and rebirth, a time of darkness where we have gone within to face our shadow and to awaken our light.  Inner truth and power have been illuminated by the powerful energies of these times, which has allowed for deep releases and a reorganization of the inner self.  Many have felt alone and abandoned, exhausted and frustrated with the continual processing and releasing.  But permanent changes within have been wrought and will be felt within all directions and dimensions of existence, creating further changes that will free us from the energetic patterns of the past.  With these changes we function and vibrate at a higher level of consciousness, thus enabling the birth of a new state of inner and outer connection.  This level of consciousness is being termed the Diamond Light Consciousness

With the influence of a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 20th and the Equinox on the 21st primal energies will be released driving us into our next phase of growth.  The intensity of these energies will activate a call to your Soul urging you to break out of the artificial world you have created and into the truth of your heart and Spirit.   Vital and natural forces will impel you to awaken from your darkness and thus disconnect from the chain of karmic cycles that have kept you bound to outdated patterns and beliefs.  The fears, beliefs and patterns you accept as real are only a reflection of your shadow.  We all consist of light and dark aspects and it is essential at this time that your perception of your shadow aspect shifts and transforms.  It is important that you recognized that these shadow aspects are not constant, nor are they infinite, they are only illusions that you need to transform within yourself so that you may heal your inner separations and thus reveal the core of Divine consciousness you hold within. 

This time marks the dawn of a new reality and the end of suffering and delusion.  You are being striped of your outer labels and influence so that you may find a new level of inter connectedness.  Ultimately you are being called to let go and to surrender to what is.  To break away from old conditioning and to let go of who you think you are so that you may experience your innate and unique worth.  As you let go and surrender a new anticipation and excitement at what is truly possible will blossom.  As you open to the love you hold within your heart your essential life force will be renewed allowing your wings of light to unfold and the dawn you have been waiting for will finally break.

This month marks a significant ending and a magical new beginning in your journey.  Use its power to finally let the old, tired and obsolete self fall away so that a future of wholeness, compassion, unity and love may be revealed. Take time to rest quietly in the knowing that you are digesting and integrating the completion of a significant cycle and the impact it has had on both your inner and outer worlds.  In the quite and reflective moments wisdom will come and all that you need to know will be revealed.  Allow the Divine Creator to reach out now and guided you home into the sacred space of your heart.  It is essential that you make time to tune in and to listen deeply to the sacred wisdom of your heart, to its subtle knowings, feelings and sensations.  Accordingly you will be presented with renewed clarity and the opportunity to view your life with a fresh perspective, a perspective you may not have previously envisioned.  Following your hearts wisdom and guidance will enable you to reshape your life into something totally new.  Allow time for its new shape to take form as you move into deeper alignment with your Soul and Spirit.  Remember that this is just the beginning phase of the rebuilding of your new foundations and an opportunity to set a new course for your life.  The end result of which is going to be more beautiful than you can every image.  You have the potential now to rise out of the ruble of the past and into a new life of purity, grace and beauty.  May your heart rise up to greet the coming dawn and may the guiding light and love of the Divine steer every step you take.


COBALT 17th March 2015 11:55 am


Peter fox 17th March 2015 2:51 pm

Ditto,Cobalt- Thank you!!

ShelleyT 17th March 2015 3:01 pm

Banking on that....amen...

debs go lightly 17th March 2015 4:37 pm

Kate this is beautiful, thank you.
Much love and light,

Bonnie Waters 18th March 2015 3:14 pm

Thank you for the clarity, Kate...and the encouragement. <3

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