Energy Report for May 2011

Looking at the energy of May it seems that we are entering into the final month of a cycle that began with the Solar Eclipse of January 2011.  Whatever issues, challenges and / or experiences have occurred since January will be coming up for completion, resolution and release this month.

In the last two months our process of healing and awakening has been strongly influenced by the revolutionary energies of Uranus in March and the contracting and tightening influence of Saturn in April.  This merry month of May brings a distinctive difference as the energy of Jupiter, planet of gifts, highlights our personal growth, bringing with it the gift of optimism and hope.

Generally during this time of year, with the Sun in the astrological sign of Taurus, we see a prevalence of Taurus’ earthy energy.  However, at the beginning of this month there continues to be a strong influence of firey Aries energy of April that will only begin to dissipate towards the middle of the month.  This fire energy will persist in encouraging us to accept what we cannot change and to change that which we can.  It’s best to move with this flow of energy and gently and patiently releasing all blocks as you move forward.

In April, with Mercury retrograde for much of the month, many of you would have found yourself rethinking and re-looking at situations, circumstances and relationships within your life.  This influence may well continue to be felt for the first half of May so secure your foundations and take your time in implementing any changes.

Relationships will again be a major theme throughout the month.  It’s best to establish a sense of inner security, peace and calm that will enable you to manage whatever is occurring within and around you.  Inner change and outer turmoil does increase our insecurities, creating uncertainty.  Thankfully, at this stage of our evolutionary process, we are shifting and becoming increasingly more flexible and fluid.  As we continue to be willing to change it becomes easier to surrender into the present moment and to accept what is and to implement what needs to be done.

For some the necessary changes are creating difficulty and confusion and they are having to make a serious effort to hold things together, whether it be emotionally, physically or mentally.  As we move into May the energies bring a promise of new possibilities.  The challenge will be to recognise and take advantage of these emerging possibilities despite feelings of insecurity and uncertainty.  The events and situations you find yourself in now are infused with positive synchronicity and good old luck with Jupiter now in the mix.  Do not allow anxiety or despair to keep you from seeing new possibilities.

The last few months the energies have worked to detach us from our past, from old ways of thinking and being.  Deeply buried stresses and old negative patterns have been brought to the fore.  The energies radiating from the celestial bodies are supporting us in healing, release and clearing these patterns and stresses. This month patiently focus on what potentials are budding as you clear the past.  It is vital approach situations, relationships and issues calmly, consciously and with a deep awareness of your intention.  Deal with them sensitively, taking things one-step at a time.  Staying clam and being clear will support you in working through and around any problems.

This is the month to reconnect, restore and redesign your life!

The New Moon on the 3rd of this month is in the sign of Taurus.  With this start at the beginning of the month the emphasis is slightly different from the very powerful New Moon in April.  There may well be a follow up to whatever was initiated during April’s New Moon phase.  With the New Moon phase in May its important to utilise your intuition to separate truth from illusion.  Insecurity and trust issues may arise so be aware of any repeating past negative patterns.

Take an honest, open look at the source of any pain and suffering.  Become conscious of why you are allowing this pain and prepare yourself to change.  Its best to avoid pondering over any negative memories as digging too deep and dwelling upon them during this cycle could very well stir up even more negativity.  The energies are urging us to move beyond our old patterns and fears and gifting us with the courage needed to move forward.  Although there are some painful and challenging aspects to this New Moon phase the outcome will be positive.

The last two weeks of May, with the influence of the Full Moon, will require you to take a good hard look at any resistance you hold to letting go.  This phase is one where the energies will definitely reflect where you may be stuck.  It will be a calmer time that will benefit thoughtful introspection, giving you the ability to make any necessary amendments.

As the sun moves into the astrological sign of Gemini on the 21st our ability to feel optimistic and positive will grow.  As our consciousness continues to expand our ability to trust and have faith in the Divine plan strengthens.  This will serve us well in the coming months as the energies of the middle of this year bring a greater sense of urgency that will lead up to dramatic changes and our ability to truly affect change.


Mailena 9th May 2011 8:46 am

Thank you, that's what I feel :)

COBALT 9th May 2011 9:29 am

I'm in a place where I can just smile in amusement... Oh the drama my brothers and sisters love to create!


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