Energy Report for May 2015

At this stage of our continually evolving journey called life, the only certainty we have is that transformation and change are guaranteed and incessant.  The more knowledge and awareness we can gather about the shifting cosmic cycles and seasons, the more comfortable we can become with the energetic shifts and changes occurring within ourselves and our world.  

The changing cosmic cycles and seasons are what grant you access to your inner world and point you towards your central purpose – the quest to fulfil your individual destiny by bravely following the path of your heart.  In being prepared in the coming months, for more transformation experiences, you are supported in releasing any remaining negative attachments, fears, patterns and limitations.  You may find many unexpected events and sudden developments happening in the coming months.  These events and developments are aimed at accentuating your transformation, purification and spiritual awakening.  You will be initiated, or reborn, into the realms of your hearts power and transmutation abilities to invoke the birth of a new heart based consciousness.  

Ultimately what is being truly awoken is the heart of the world. We are experiencing the purification, reformation and transformation from ego consciousness to heart consciousness.  In this, the New Earth, ego consciousness can no longer have any basis in a spiritual life.  Therefore it is important to remember that in order for a new heart conscious life to emerge and prosper much must change internally as well as externally.  As we move through this time of purification, reformation and transformation old fears, desires and resentments, which have kept you chained to old karma and worn out patterns of ego consciousness, will be cut away.  From this process you will emerge into the purity and clarity of heart consciousness, which will bring about a renewal of your energy field and restore the flow of life force energy within your physical life.  

Currently many are feeling blocked, held back, drained, depressed and or exhausted.  Your energy system and the energy system of the Earth is shifting, adjusting and reforming.  The flow of life force within the Earth is changing creating a shift and change within our own life force energy.  This month the incoming cosmic light and energy will aid you in adjusting your life force energy and support the clearing of any remaining blockages.  The energies are moving to purify and strengthen your heart centre, soothe your emotions and support an openhearted attitude so that you may re-invite the spirit of love into your heart.  Rays of cosmic love are pouring directly into your heart offering unconditional love to the wounded healer within so that the suffering you have carried on your human journey can be healed.  

This is an important phase of your growth, a time of reconnecting with the Divine forces of love, which will replenish and restore your connection to the life force of all Creation – Love.  However, if you continue to hold onto old patterns of fear and limitation this process will be painful, both physically and emotionally.  It is essential that you seek to embrace the essence of love within your heart and to reflect this love within your daily life.  Now is the time to heal the cracks in your heart so that you may soothe your soul and revitalize your life.  Consciously working with the incoming energies and focusing their power on your heart centre will support a magical transformation.  By applying the energy in strengthening your connection to the inner sanctuary of your heart, you are able to resurrect the Divine love and compassion you hold therein and bring that forth into your daily life.  You are being offered assurance that you too are a healer and that if you are to walk the path of heart consciousness you must go beyond your wounds and accept this magnificent opportunity to transform into a new body of love.  

Bless and honour you, for your heart is being granted the birth of a new consciousness, which carries the seed of an emerging new life.  By allowing the radiant love of the Divine to pour into your heart you allow its power to lead you through whatever suffering you may currently be experiencing.  As you allow your heart to fill with love you will find yourself bathed in healing and joy.  By expanding the divinity sleeping within your heart, you allow it to flourish and open the doorway to a new heart conscious world.  Recognise that this time in your life is not a struggle but a dance of love and creativity.  Focus on the constructive freedom that is being offered to you now and consider the significance of this beautiful moment.  Every heart is filled with dreams, hopes, prayers and faith.  It is your heart that holds the light of the world.  Become the light bearer who feels compassion for all who share this Earth with you.


Peter fox 21st May 2015 7:21 am

What a profoundly wonderful and inspiring message,Kate- Thank you! I wholeheartedly accept the magnificent opportunity we are being offered. This
may sound odd but I am now more certain than I have ever been that this glorious transformation is ACTUALLY happening. As many as possible
needed on board in the upcoming months! Love to all....Peter.

zorro 21st May 2015 8:50 am

Wow, Kate! May I join in with you? Love your words! And hello, Peter!

cyndy 21st May 2015 11:20 am

Woke up this morning and the first words to run through my mind were: restoring our capacity for nourishment and receptivity.
Your line in your message, "a time of reconnecting with the Divine forces of love, which will replenish and restore your connection to the life force of all Creation – Love" , reminds me of the words I woke up to.
And my perception: as the divine light comes down, new vessels are formed coming up from the Earth Mother with new blood for those that hook up to it.
Peter my perception is that all remaining,with souls embodied at this time are on board. Not all are doing this consciously and I do love to interact with the souls doing this consciously.
All embodied souls on Gaia Terra are on the ship. Feels like the Good Ship Lolli-pop.

hj351 22nd May 2015 6:55 am

I am and have been miserly with my heart. I realize this is a defense mechanism. It has always been my intention to be a willing conduit or anchor for the energy coming in, to assist Gaia in her ascension. In my daily life, I get distracted from this purpose. Thankfully there are constant reminders to pull me back from the web of 3rd dimensional illusion and into my heart center. Working on seeing what is good in this life and not putting the focus on what I think I am lacking is a constant struggle. I am hopeful though.


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