Energy Report for November 2011

October was unquestionably a month of change, transformation and deep inner growth.  Openings to greater amounts of Divine love, power and energy broadened our horizons, which has established within us a profound inner strength and power.  The energies of October created a vibratory dynamic that will continue to infuse our entire existence and empower us to actively live our truth.  This will awaken a greater feeling and sense of who you are and what you are here to do, which will enable you to recreate your world utilising, with consciousness, the Divine virtues of forgiveness, love and compassion.

You may feel a deeper, more internal peace as many fears, limiting patterns and beliefs were released in October. This release has made room for many new inspirations and potentials to be revealed in November, which will continue to support the feelings of inner peace and tranquillity.  November does however promise to be one of the most transformational months of 2011.  The combined energies of the Full Moon, 11:11:11 Stargate and the New Moon partial Solar Eclipse will clear your energies and bring us all to the point of perfect balance.  This balance will allow for a rebirth to occur, which will initiate you into the deeper mysteries of your existence.  Thus a new direction will emerge through which you can explore your new, expanded levels of awareness and consciousness.

In November new and exciting ways of processing and assimilating energy will be experienced as powerful new streams of Spiritual energy flow through humanity’s consciousness.  Any remaining structures of separation will be transformed into the grace of unified light, which will radiate from your core aligning your Spiritual and physical bodies in perfect balance.  As this alignment intensifies you will develop the ability to effortlessly maintain inner harmony and balance amidst any continuing stresses and strains.

Full Moon and 11:11:11 Stargate

On the 10th / 11th November the Full Moon is in the astrological sign of Taurus.  With the Sun still in the sign of Scorpio these combined energies will support our process of illuminating the shadow and surpassing the limitations of suffering and fear.  The energies of the Full Moon will spark action and the drive needed to move forward upon our paths.  There will be a strong urge to review your life, your options and your ability to work at manifesting your dreams into this reality.  You will be required to look at and eliminate anything that you may be currently holding onto that is continuing to create pain and suffering in your life.   Supportive solutions will be revealed as you continue to consciously connect with the Divine and take action on the guidance and inspiration thus received.  We are co-creators with the Divine and while Divine inspiration and impetus is key to our ability to create change on the physical plane, it will get us nowhere if we do not take the initiative and act upon said guidance.  The energy of the Full Moon and this Stargate will gift you with the inspiration and the impulse to free yourself from the old and embrace the new.

The 11:11:11 Stargate is the doorway through which the fullest potential of your Spirit may be awakened within this physical reality.  It holds the holy trinity of Spirit, heart and body and encourages us to learn to play with and blend these aspects to create a beautiful symphony of light, love and energy.

With this Stargate the energy of our evolutionary process becomes more obvious within the world around and an all-encompassing rebirth will occur encouraging a new more Spiritual reign.  The barriers that exist between the Spiritual and the physical are breaking apart impelling humanity into an exhilarating new journey.

The number 11 is intimately tied to Divine revelation and insists that we live our light and our truth.  To do otherwise is to make life more difficult and more challenging than necessary.  As we move through this powerful 11:11:11 Stargate the enormous potential of humanity will be unlocked as the heart and the mind fuse in Divine union.  This will awaken within you the ability to effortlessly channel the energy of Christ Consciousness to affect transformation and change within the Earth plane.  A more compassionate perspective will thus emerge allowing you to effectively expand your vision beyond your individual self and fulfil your earthly mission.

As the month of November continues we will be asked to move deeply within the cave of our hearts. The mind may seem a bit fuzzy and you may find your emotions, feelings and intuition much stronger and easier to follow.  How you encounter the energy of this month will guide your future creations.  When you operate from your heart centre Divine inspiration becomes clearer, your abilities more enhanced gifting you with a new focus and a committed willingness to fully engage with your healing and awakening processes.

New Moon Solar Eclipse

On the 24th of November we also have a partial Solar Eclipse with both the Moon and Sun in the astrological sign of Sagittarius.  Eclipses mark a moment of truth, which is often missed at the time, but the effects of which will be felt for the next 6 months.  With the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius, a fire sign, we can be certain that the desire for action and change will be strong.  The energy of this New Moon Eclipse will be clear and balanced and will further advance our ability to be clear and pure vessels for the love and light of the Divine.

The energy of the New Moon will be amplified by the Eclipse, which will enable us to connect more fully with our Spirit.   As the physical and Spiritual aspects move closer and closer to unity your inner healing will gift you with a clearer understanding of your path.  Your ability to consciously adjust to life situations by paying attention to the calling of your Soul will strengthen.  Maintaining heart centred focus will make your choices clear and enable your actions to courageously reflect the needs of the whole.  Collectively we are all healing our duality and as you continue upon this sacred journey you shall restore your Divine wisdom, reshape your destiny and recreate this world.

The energy of November will require you to ask some hard questions of yourself and face any remaining fears.  Gift yourself with the inner space needed to really break free from any limiting and repressive patterns.  Resisting the disintegration of the old will only intensify any pain, loneliness and emptiness that you may be feeling.  Open yourself to the powerful flood of Divine love and healing and use kindness, compassion and understanding during this month, and you will be able to influence the energy for the awakening of love, joy and hope.


spring 12th November 2011 8:48 am

Beautiful inspiring message Kate, thank you so much for sharing :smitten:

queens4freedom 12th November 2011 8:53 am

THANK YOU. i pray ALL OF EARTH will realize that everything is LOVE and we are the essence of LOVE! see everything through the eyes of love and you will see heaven. bask in your divine inheritance. PEACE, LOVE, AND JOY!!!

Ron Laswell 12th November 2011 11:34 am

Gift yourself with the inner space needed to really break free from any limiting and repressive patterns.

This quote was in the last paragraph, but has summarized very well exactly what I'm going through. During the past month or so, I have been very aware of all the negative thoughts that hold me back from becoming the "me" that I've always envisioned myself to be.

Thanks, Kate. Ron

zorro 13th November 2011 9:10 pm

I certainly agree with you on the peace and ease being felt at this time.

The 11-11-11 has more to do with a subconscious and conscious agreement that it is time for a major shift in the human paradigm. It is a handle that we can all grasp, in a perceptual way. It is an "Avatar", a graphical represenation, for our expectations of what we hope to now experience.

Behind the scenes the planets tell the real energy story. Two Grand Trines, Mars/Jupiter/Pluto, and Moon/Neptune/ChironSaturn, (Moon will leave the dance of influence by evening tomorrow), make a "slightly" out-of-kilter Star of David. Indomitable Strength/Energy overlayed with grounded, deep, emotions/intuition. The Lion & the Lamb are here. 11-11-11. Please take note. This is now.

zorro 13th November 2011 9:47 pm

Enlightened consciousness =

The Lion conscious/subconsciouss in peaceful agreement, Maleness = (11:11) Mars, Pluto, Jupiter Grand Trine.

The Lamb, conscious/subconscious in peaceful agreement, Femaleness =(11:11)Moon, Neptune/Chiron, Saturn Grand Trine

I AM consciousness in powerful-peaceful agreement, fusion of male/female, lion/lamb Dual Grand Trines into self = 11:11:11

Two Grand Trines overlaid = Star of David

One Grand Trine = Lion
One Grand Trine = Lamb
Combined = Star of David = The heart of Lightworker

FUSE this powerfully into your Heart!

Love and all wonderful blessings be yours now...


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