Energy Report for November 2013

The energies of this year have been intensely powerful, purposeful and seemingly continuous. In these times of exponential change and transformation we have seen more and more turning towards an awakening of the Spiritual aspect of life, as the collective and our personal changes, have become more urgent. With the close of November we will see the waves of energies, generated by the eclipse portal, winding down. But we can expect waves of energy to continue and increase right through to the end of December and beyond, as we witness the end of one climatic year and the beginning of another. 

The planetary energies we’ve experienced, and will continue to experience, are gateways leading us into expanded states of consciousness.  Each gateway offers an initiation into a new way of thinking, feeling and being. Ancient cultures held initiation ceremonies that provided definite rites of passage.  

These rites gave one an opportunity to consciously eradicate outdated aspects of one’s life so that one could begin the new. Through these rites individuals were able to explore the Spiritual meaning of the different phases of their growth and development. As one progressed new initiations were held in order to allow one to recommit to the Spiritual path. Many of these initiations were accompanied by the revelation of Spiritual knowledge, that which takes one to the next level of growth, development and evolution. 

In our modern cultures rites of passage and initiations are not always consciously undertaken and therefore the planetary alignments and gateways are offered as an initiation opportunity for deep growth, healing and Spiritual evolution. The fires of transformation, stoked by the planetary alignments and resulting energies, have called us all to explore the places within ourselves and our lives where we may be stuck, holding onto old dysfunctional patterns, structures and systems. We’ve been urged to eradicate them in order to begin anew.   

The energies of the last six months have catapulted us into reviewing and transforming many of our values, attitudes, relationships and life experiences. Unconsciously (or for some consciously) we have been moving through one initiation after another, being prepared for new ways of thinking, being and living. For many this has been a real challenge as we’ve been called to face and release old patterns, beliefs and structures.

Our personal and collective paradigms have and are being reshaped to support that which feeds our hearts and Souls. In the coming months we will see a quickening of our transformation as the flow of energy strengthens our new energetic structures. A new consciousness is being built, overlighted by the power of Divine love and truth and as we continue, in this process of healing and release, we will move past ancient wounds and into the light of our hearts. 

The awareness achieved thus far brings an inner strength and a deeper understanding of your personal responsibility and the constructive actions needed to build a new foundation for a beautiful life. Your new foundation requires you to shift your centre of gravity into your heart and to reconnect with your heart’s magical core. The power of your heart will be drawn forth to support you in building your world according to your deepest values and guiding principles.

As you make this shift you will perceive and release any remaining emotional patterns that may be influencing your current experience. The energies are supporting a clearing and a releasing of all cellular memories of old patterns and structures. Do not suppress your pain as the deeply entrenched patterns and structures are being wrestled from your consciousness.  Release them to the Divine Creator to be cleared and transformed. 

Over the next few months the guiding energies of Divine love and truth will work to clear the debris of past patterns and aid you in shifting your centre of gravity to your heart. This process will enable you to experience life in the present moment, without the need to play out emotional habits created in the past. Once you are free from these patterns a sense of inner peace will be achieved, which will support full communion with your heart and Soul. Each thought, feeling and action then becomes a manifestation of Divine love and truth, allowing you to create and live through joy. 

In the coming months you will be called to take a closer look at the way in which you use your intentions. Your heart, mind and Soul will be realigned with the Divine Creator’s power to awaken and activate the prayers of your heart. You will be called to look at where your intentions are out of alignment with the Divine energies of love and truth.

You can no longer claim the ignorance of a child and must acknowledge the power you hold and take responsibility in creating the life you are destined for.  It is your heart which holds the power you require for creation and manifestation. By applying the power of your heart towards creating your life experience and aligning that power with the will of the Divine Creator, you are able to manifest easily and exactly the wishes of your Soul.   

It has been a long journey towards rebirth and you have been readied for this new responsibility and heart centred service. Now is the time for you to apply what you have learnt along this journey. Divine love and truth are supporting you in awakening the clarity and understanding you require to bring your hearts true motivations, desires and intentions into form. Concentration, devotion, diligence and responsibility will be called for as you begin the process of manifesting the visions of your heart. 

In this time it is essential to focus on staying centred, grounded, awake and very clear about your choices. Allow yourself time to open to the Spiritual waters of Divine love and healing.  Allow waves of exalted joy to fill your heart and peace to fill your mind. Explore the infinite circle of your expanded consciousness and focus on what you are creating now as you integrate all aspects of the self.


Peter fox 19th November 2013 7:50 am

Wonderful posting,Kate. Thank you. I love the description of us moving
our "centre of gravity" to the heart. This is a great image to hold in our
awareness. Also a perfect "update" as to what we might expect over the
coming months!

Sandra Smyre 19th November 2013 1:47 pm

Thank you Kate--absolutely wonderful report and one to anticipate with eagerness. I am feeling all of the above, so so many things coming to the Light and ways of looking at them differently. It is an exciting time for sure. Love to all :smitten:

keryndawer 19th November 2013 3:40 pm

A wonderful message of hope and a beautiful vision ( and guide) for the future. Thank you so much!!! :)


helenbd 19th November 2013 3:46 pm

This anchoring post is very much appreciated.It is so validating to have the images and ideas of our meditations so eloquently manifested into written form x


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