Energy Report for October 2013

You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going.  What you need is to recognise the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope. ~ Thomas Merton 

We are living in epic times, times that are demanding our full attention as the energies work to bring about something totally new and unprecedented within ourselves and our world. The individual shifts and changes occurring are stoking the fires of our collective transformation, awakening us all to a new vision of a new world. We are being incited to move beyond what has previously been known and understood to awaken full consciousness and to alter the view we have of ourselves and our world.   

The next few years will alter how we move and manifest as Spiritual beings experiencing a human existence. The raw energies of this time are fuelling the mission of our Souls and awakening us to the Divine design of energy that exists within each and every human being. Each individual person contains a unique pattern and design of energy that lies at the heart of ones Spiritual power, a pattern of energy which has been hidden and suppressed by past patterning and programming, a design of energy that contains your personal truth and integrity.

The radically shifting energies and emerging truths of this time are guiding you to release and dissolve old patterns and programs. They are guiding you to rediscover who you are, to reinvent yourself, to see exactly what you are made of and what potentials are possible. All that is no longer needed or required is being eliminated and cleared as the old is being cracked open to reveal a new and fertile landscape. 

2013 thus far has been an energetically exhausting year as you are working to heal, clear, release and awaken on all levels of your being. Over the past few months all this internal work has made it difficult to focus and concentrate on even the smallest of tasks. No amount of sleep or rest has alleviated the deep exhaustion that many have felt and continue to feel. A new intensity has been brought to your process of Spiritual growth and development and the energies have been focused on supporting the clearing and cleansing of Soul patterns, the healing of your emotions and the transformation of your thoughts and beliefs.  

The swirling energies over the last few months have been a dance of overwhelm and calm as lifetimes of energetic programming and patterning are being released. A dance that is encouraging you to move inward to experience the intensity of your process and then outward into the calm of integration. The internal shifts and transformations held within this process are currently rippling through the sea of human consciousness to bring a more profound awakening and deeper connection with the Divine. 

With the passing of the Equinox in September a new season of change and transformation is upon us bringing a sense of urgency and an awareness of the importance of this time. The Equinox marked a turning point where you will begin to emerge from the uncertainly and confusion you may have been feeling since the Solstice in December 2012. Everything you are experiencing has been designed to bring up all of your human issues and each shift you experience brings you to a deeper layer of the issues being cleared.

This process is assisting you in clearing and realigning your physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual bodies to facilitate the merging of your physical and Spiritual selves. As these bodies work to realign with the incoming energies you may feel like you are being pulled in different directions. Exaggerated feelings of emotional vulnerability and enhanced awareness will occur as the density of your feelings, emotions, thoughts and beliefs are transformed by the incoming light energies.

Over the coming months as you move deeper into this process of healing there will be an increase in movement of energy which will build to ultimately clear any remaining debris. All the energetic clutter of past patterns and programming will continue to dissolve to allow for an outward manifestation of your inner transformations and change. 

There are many ways in which this process occurs but you can be guaranteed that that which has been denied, pushed down and shadowed is being purged out into the open. This is a golden opportunity to clear, purify and reform yourself and this world. The intensity of the current energies is activating and accelerating this great shift of ages to deeply restore your Spiritual foundation as a co-creator with the Divine and stripping you of anything which may stunt your growth.  

This may feel out of control as life experiences and situations bring you to your knees. All these moments are breaking you open, opening your heart to enable the light to penetrate the deepest, darkest aspects of yourself. The key is in letting go, loosening the grip and surrendering to the will of the Divine.  When you yield to the Divine that is within you, you are able to truly step into your own centre of personal power and truth.

You are able to stop being what someone else needs you to be or says you should be. You stop doing what others expect of you and begin to live the life you were born to live. You stop living in your mind and most importantly you learn to move into the sacredness of your heart, which will enable you to discover the will to truly live life in alignment with your Soul and Spirit. 

October contains several planetary triggers that will accelerate major processes and changes both individually and collectively. The Full Moon Eclipse on the 18th October and the Solar Eclipse on the 3rd November contain the power to awaken new growth and awareness and you may well find yourself in the throes of continued clearing.

Lunar eclipses especially tend to bring up hidden elements that need further examination. It will be essential that you allow yourself to be where you need to be in this space. To give yourself time for processing and integration. Allow the incoming Divine energies to gently assist you. Many will find it necessary to sit and be sit, while others will needs some kind of gentle activity to get the energy moving. Find support through energy clearing and balancing.  

Trust where you need to be and honour this process by facing your fears and your resistance to letting go, surrendering and releasing. Be willing to consciously challenge your old patterns, particularly your fears, as releasing and dissolving these patterns will allow you to move into the new energies and frequencies of this time.   

During this month the energy fields of each living being will be realigned with the new patterns of energy that have been birthed within the Earth. These new energetic structures in place within the Earth are supporting the release of old patterns of imbalance and embedding in the cells of your being new patterns and structures of energy.

On all levels you are transforming the light of the Divine into physical form via your physical body to merge your physical and Spiritual selves. This may not be a pleasant experience as imbalance and feelings of resistance come up to be healed and released. By consciously working to release any resistance you allow for an increase in the flow of Divine energies into your physical form. As the flow increase a process will occur whereby all your Soul experiences are integrated within your physical body.

By integrating all Soul experiences you are able to then release the patterns and energies of those experiences into the light to transform your cellular structure bringing regeneration and deep healing. This healing process brings your physical body into alignment with Divine light energies and brings your life into a higher energetic frequency.  The gifts of this process is a new level of greater alignment, harmony and balance.   

With this process you may find yourself pushed to break free from any self imposed limitations, to break through the mould of your old life and to stand fearlessly in your truth. You may be required to plunge into the depths of the Void to embrace your emotions and your unconscious patterns, to face your fears, to face your shadow and thus enable the birth of an expression of you that comes from the heart.

Deeper levels of awareness will begin to blossom reconnecting you with your Spiritual power to bring healing both collectively and individually. It is important to remind yourself that the physical realm we inhabit is merely a shadow of the greater reality that exists and that by being receptive to this time, and to the love and light of the Divine within the Void, will enable you to grasp your pure potential and effortlessly move through any remaining fears to uncover your true creative essence.   

Blessing of Divine grace are flowing into your life to bring rewards of great wisdom, insight, love and joy. You consciousness is continually expanding beyond the confines of time and space to gift you with an awareness of the Divine abundance that lives within your heart. Your ability to reflect the love the of the Divine in physical form will increase bringing a deeper exchange of energies between the Divine and yourself. By taking time to draw inward and embracing this process you will allow yourself to awaken your potential for great joy and thus rekindle the dreams of your heart, dreams which promote Divine light and love in this world.

Reacquaint yourself with that which sparks a new fire of creative imagination to bring you a vision of beauty within your heart. Embrace the gifts offered and pick the ripe potentials that life reveals to you now and allow them to manifest. Stay connected to the natural wonders of this Earth and all its heavenly beauty and allow the fruition of your change and transformations to reveal the power of your Spirit. Welcome them as you will be able to move into a new and expression of yourself and thus a more fulfilling life on all levels.  


Peter fox 15th October 2013 5:05 am

Wonderful and inspiring message,Kate. Thank you so much.

keryndawer 15th October 2013 2:11 pm

Kate~~Thank you so much for this message. Everything you wrote was so crucial for me to "hear" today as I'm grappling with incredible fears from tremendous changes and "leaps of faith" I am taking (but really have had very little choice but to take). Ive read your words over and over and each time I feel greater calm knowing Life is all unfolding as it is meant to and that I will be ok. Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance :)

Truly and with Love and Gratitude,

Tiff 15th October 2013 9:43 pm

Infinite thanks, Kate :smitten:


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